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Latest Update for Making Gold in World of Warcraft

In world of Warcraft, every player knows that wow gold is very important. You can have nothing but a skill bar and another name with no mount. You need money to buy skills, items, armor, and so much more. No matter if you are a new or seasoned player in World of Warcraft, you need to buy wow gold to stay at the top of your game.


Go To the Outlands/Northrend

Blizzard designed this Burning Crusade world to make you a lot more gold than you can get from Azeroth due to the enormous costs for flying mounts. However, until you hit level 60 at this point it may be better to simply stay in Azeroth because Blizzard recently upgraded quest money and exp rewards in Azeroth. Once in the Outlands, make sure to begin farming elemental motes. These are used to create primal which are required for Burning Crusade crafting and people pay enormous sums for them on the auction house. Rather than spending your money on new items at the AH (auction house), you will get new gear, complete quests, go run an instance, and save plenty of gold.


Be a Better World of Warcraft Player

You won't be wasting time. The faster you progress through content, the more money and items you will earn. It will save you money in repair costs, but more importantly, if you wipe on a raid boss over and over, you will just be losing money and time. The point of earning all of this gold is to get what you want. Being a good player is the best way to do that and the biggest piece of advice I can give. Do what you can to learn the content, master your class, and be a better player. You will also make friends and get yourself into a good guild, thus helping you save more gold.


Choose Gathering Professions

The best professions to harvest these mats are skinning, herbalism, mining and enchanting (for disenchanting). These allow you to collect the materials ("mats") that other players use to make items. Make sure to also pick up fishing and cooking which do not count against your two-profession limit. However, Gathering Professions rule all, although a lot of money can be made through trade professions, gathering Profs. Still remain the key to many of the rich players' success. Maybe once you level up your skills, drop a profession and take up blacksmithing, leatherworking, or jewel crafting and create some stuff.


Be a Tank

The best way to earn a lot of gold is being a tank. In Warcraft the grouping landscape is controlled by Tanks currently. Doing random instances for earning the extra rewards when tanks are needed, which is a great way to earn unexpected, and sometimes random, amounts of gold. The reward bag can contain gold and other items, besides getting in an instance right away. One of the items that always sell well are the companions. I was given the Firefly pet from my bag at one point, which sells for thousands of gold for the server I am on.


The other advantage is that players will actually pay tanks to queue in a group with them just so they can get in instances much faster. You can also use this to charge people to tank in their raid, which could net thousands of gold. Lastly, you can even have your guild charge players to run them through the harder raids. It could still net your guild gear while you get a good amount of gold.


Get better gear

You can while in Outlands/Northrend/Cataclysm/Pandaria leveling up Instead of completing every quest, run instances to get better gear, a decent amount of money and save the quests for. When you are at level 90 and when most quests instead of giving a 2 gold reward will give as much as 23 gold per quest. If you have not completed quests in the higher level zones this is very profitable as you can make close to 3,000 gold per zone.


Sell high level gear

Max level players are always in the market to improve their item level through the use of crafted gear, which is sometimes easier to get, and has better stats than those of raid gear (especially LFR). Advertising in trade can give you quick money.


In the game now Rares are very plentiful. Not only can they drop gear, they can drop bags that have various resources in them that you can sell on the auction house. Rare hunting is a challenge but is a lot of fun to do. For example, Pandaria has many rares, including rares that must be defeated using multiple players. Even though it's old content, it still can prove to be profitable. Many more benefits await if you pursue the full opportunities that rare spawns provide.


Hunt for Rare Mobs

Also you can do some of the older dungeons and raids to pick up rare items to sell on the auction house. With transmogrification, older gear can usually sell for a lot of gold. Plus there are pets, mounts, and other goodies to be had in the older dungeons and raids. Just make sure to read up on them to ensure you can solo them. Some of them are still hard, even for the most advance players.


At level 80 a good way of making money is getting a character to go to Wintergrasp and farm 2x eternal earth eternal fire and eternal shadow. Then buy some Saronite bars off the auction house and get an alchemist to transmute them into titanium bars, now you have the mats for 2x titan steel bars, these sell for 150g up. So go to Dalaran and /2 "want to buy titan steel CD for mats + 20g" there you have it. Also if you can, take a miner to farm the eternals in wintergrasp because you can find some nice deposits there.



In WoW, the auction house is one of those hidden gems that can help you earn lots of gold. The basic premise is buying low and selling high. The other thing to do is to corner the market. Buy up all of an item (usually a trade skill item - herbs, metal, etc.) and resell them at a much higher price. It requires some constant commitment though.


In your new enterprise one of the best mods out there to help is Auctioneer. Get the add-on "Auctioneer" which can automatically tell you the best price to sell anything at the auction house. Then run instances, collecting greed loot and sell them at the auction house. You will find that things like shadow gem and malachite can sell for up to 3 gold each for rich characters who need items quickly. That mod has many options so you can tailor it to what you plan to buy and sell. It's also fun when you see yourself buying an item dirt cheap, and turn around and selling it for thousands of gold.


You will have to let your items expire and re-list them immediately if you want to get the flow of gold going. You have to find new items to buy depending on what is the demand at the time, so ensure you keep up with the trends of what item is needed at any given time. A new patch can throw the market in chaos, which is the best time to pick up a lot of gold or a lot of items cheaply.


Level mining

Then jewel crafting. Then Fishing. JC isn't that profitable at first, but once you have a ton of JC cuts from doing JC dailies or prospecting titanium ore the money just rolls in, cutting for tips in trade or buying uncut gems from excess triumphs or since 4.0.1 justice points, the cash just rolls in. Fishing- once you have leveled fishing to 450, find a secluded spot in wintergrasp, and just fish away, all the fish you get, is used for Fish Feast. Sometimes sculpin, and salmon sell for up to 70g a stack at times. Another great way to make dough off fish is dragonfin, those almost always sell at 50g a stack too depending on your server.


Max out Trade skills

As risky and costly as it might sound, having two crafting skills will pay off in the long run. Besides the fact that you have two trade skills to upgrade your gear, you will have two skills to choose from to make gold with. In every expansion, or even patch, some trade skills swing from being stagnant to in-demand. Having two crafting skills will let you take advantage of the situation. You may pay a lot for materials, but you could also craft items using supplies provided by people, which people tip plenty for.


On the flip-side, having two gathering skills is virtually all profit with no loss. With a lot effort and time, you can have a lot of resources to sell off on the auction house. Just ensure you follow tip one so you get as much money as possible. It's debatable on what those skills should be, but Mining should be one of them. Ore has always proven to be one of the most valuable resources to sell. With a lot of hard work you can become rich in no time.


Above is the guide for making wow gold, for every player reference. Have you ever heard which company would like to give compensation for wow gold. However I know Mmogah is a trustworthy wow gold selling company, which can solve this problem. At the same time, if you need a reliable wow power leveling website, Mmogah.com is also a good choice.


Note: You will receive an Email from Mmogah once your WoW Gold Order being delivered, which remind you to use your World of Warcraft gold ASAP to avoid removal by Blizzard.


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