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Order Hall Champions in World of Warcraft

There are 8 champions in total for each class, but only 5 can be active. As with the garrison followers in Warlords of Draenor, you must deactivate your excess champions if you wish to start a mission and you have over 5 active champions. If you wish to reactivate them, you can do pay 250 World of Warcraft gold to activate one per day. Every class has their own separate set of champions, since they are all related to lore.


The best way to get My Champions

As soon as you complete the first set of quests after gaining 325 artifact power, you will receive your first set of champions. All the champions will come from the order hall campaign, after you reach level 103, you will be able to return to your order hall and complete a second quest chain for the campaign, which will allow you to unlock two more champions. The rest of your champions will come from naturally completing the order hall campaign.


The Data

Total Missions: 52 (I condensed all the "Investigate X Dungeon" down to one, as they're all the same and you can only have one up at a time).

AoE Counters: 40

Interrupt Counters: 28

Dodge Counters: 23


As a side note, you probably want to avoid having the solo-spec be the same character as the solo-counter as using that one in a mission greatly reduces your options for other missions. Therefore, you want 2 of your champions to be AoE counters, then a 2/1 split of the others. Since the spec is completely random, you just want to go 2/2/1 however is best.


If you're using one, it's because you want the 50 Gold and 100 Resources you get per world quest - it's a massive liability to mission success rate to only have 4 real champions. I'll note the grouping for 4 if you need the resources anyway.


The best way to gear my champions

The second slot is unlocked as soon as they hit epic quality. Champions have the option to unlock equipment slots as they level and grow in rarity (in the same way followers did in garrisons), once a champion hits rare quality, they will unlock their first equipment slot.


In order to prepare them for battle, you will need to find some champion equipment to arm them with. You can find it through the following means:

Missions in your order hall


World quests

Emissary quest rewards

Class Order Hall advancements.


The items that are available in-game fall under a number of categories, they each have a different impact on a different part of the mission process.



There are only 14 missions that are 4 or 5 hours base, which gives her the bonus with a Carrot item, and of those only 9 have her interrupt counter as well. The first thing we notice is that both Survival champions are bad for missions. Going Solo (Rexxar) is rare (4 solo AoE, and it has to hit Surv as well), and the reduced mission time for Addie is surprisingly bad as well.


Emmarel's ability is pretty poor - she counters Dodge, and has a bonus vs Interrupt. There are only 4 missions with both. Hemet is great (probably the best champ in the game, 15% extra at all times and counters AoE), Hilaire for the second AoE (because Rexxar is bad), Addie as SV, then Blake and Halduron are both solid.


Success Chance Equipment

The first category is equipment that impacts the success chance of missions, depending on their duration. There are three types in this category:

The equipment increases the success chance of all missions by a set amount;

The equipment increases the success chance of missions that are shorter than 4 hours;

The equipment increases the success chance of missions that are longer than 8 hours.



We also only want one Resto as neither one helps completion rate. Roll may be NATURE'S RAGE, but his ability doesn't help mission completion rate at all. Therefore we have to take Mylune (the only other Dodge).


The rest are really flexible and there are two ways to go: Remulos/Brightwing/Zen'tabra/Hamuul, or Naralex/Sylendra/Hamuul/Zen'tabra - both meet the requirements and both have benefits. Brightwing as the solo-Resto with AoE is nice, but Sylendra's hearts work better with the Ancient of War as you can keep a Resto AoW up forever.


Combat Ally: Broll (CA), then Mylune/Naralex/Hamuul/Sylendra.



Man the Warrior champs are bad. Not just one but TWO solo-champions (Svergan and Thorim), and Finna as the only other Prot with the awful INT/Dge combination. On top of that, the Shieldmaidens get the extra bonus on Dge, not AoE. We're basically forced to take Finna (only Prot), Hymdall (only Dge), Ragnvald/Hodor (2 AoEs), then Ymiron (not good, but Dvalen is the only other option and that'd be 3 Fury).


A quick note on Hymdall: 15% bonus on long missions is GREAT - 27 meet that requirement (about half), and you get both equipment slots dedicated to it as well for a massive 85% bonus on long missions. With Addie, you lose one slot for the Carrot. Combat Ally: Dvalen or Thorim in Ymiron's spot.


The best way to get a combat ally

In order to select a combat ally, you need to find a champion that has a specific combat ally ability. You can see who can function as a combat ally or bodyguard in our table of all champions above. Once you have obtained one of the marked champions, head top your scouting map. You can then access the combat ally section via the mission UI. It will cost you 50 Order Resources to assign your champion to become a combat ally.


They cannot go on any missions while assigned as a combat ally, nor can they have any equipment added to them. They do, however, gain experience with each world quest you complete when using them as a combat ally.



Combat Ally: Rehgar (CA) in Avalanchon's spot. As a combat ally due to his ability, it’s probably good to reserve Rehgar. I go with Mylra/Celestos/Avalanchon/Hydraxis/Nobundo - the Broken is a little weak but it sets the solo-ENH as an AoE counter, putting Muln in Nobundo's spot is totally fine too.


Only 2 AoEs, so take them (even though Mylra is bad). It's actually pretty hard to go wrong with the rest, and any combination that meets the basic rules is going to be fine here.



Combat Ally: Alonsus in Mariella's slot. Priest is easy. Only 2 AoEs, take them (Sol/Calla). Take both Shadow champions due to Shadow Heresy (Natalie/Zabra). All four of the others actually work as the 5th - Mariella or Alonsus have the best abilities (and I like having Alonsus as the combat ally slot, so I go with Mariella).


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