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Warrior DPS in World of Warcraft

Leo Jiang December 09th, 2016 World of Warcraft    WoW Gold US/Oce    WoW Gold EU    WoW Power Leveling    WoW Help   

It is difficult to master your Warrior as you thought in World of Warcraft. If you’ve come to the right place, Warriors are a very simple and complex class, maybe the point is that we do not know how to use them correctly. It is well known Warriors are best for their tanking abilities, but should not be underestimated, for in a few powerful strikes they can destroy their enemies easily when you know what you're doing especially in PvP.


Always carry a Shield, and a 1h weapon. These can come in handy for hard-to-solo quests where you need to stay alive longer than if you had 2 1-handed weapons or a 2-handed weapon


Choose a race. Honestly it doesn't matter much in the long run unless you are very serious about PvP/PvE, but there are some few abilities that aid warriors.

In PvP Humans are excellent. Not only they can get a 10% to reputation gain but also they have a 3+ Expertise Rating for Swords and Maces, which helps you keep ahead of the gang, they have a passive ability called Perception that you will be given a better chance of seeing hidden targets. Before they attack you it allows you to see the pesky rogues and druids. Also they have one of the best racial abilities for PvP, every man for Himself. This move is identical to end game trinkets people use to get out of every crowd control move in the game.



Avatar for much higher single target damage and AOE burst.

Bounding stride for more mobility, and with the changes to enrage only increasing damage taken by 20%, it’s no longer necessary to take war paint.

Double time for more mobility in fights and also rage generation if needed.

Inner Rage is very important as Raging Blow will be the biggest part of our rotation before execute phase.

Endless Rage for more rage generation.

Dragon Roar to make your Battle Cries even more powerful and the cool downs line up perfectly, with Dragon Roar being on a 25 second cool down and Battle Cry being on a 50 second cool down.

Massacre so you are actually able to press execute. Because without this talent, you do not have the rage to use both execute and rampage.



Your goal is to get enraged and use your hardest hitting ability which would be Raging Blow above 20% and Execute sub 20%. Basic Rotation/Priority without cool downs:


Enraged Raging Blow


Non-Enraged Raging Blow

Furious Slash

Wait for GCD


Opener and cool downs:

Charge plus Dragon Roar

Pop DPS macro (should have Avatar, Battle Cry, Racial DPS ability, active trinkets) and Bloodthirsty

Raging Blow

Odyn's Fury


Raging Blow


You can use all offensive (damage causing) abilities to gain rage, as well as Charge at the beginning of a fight to generate a good amount of rage to start off with. Keep that rage up! All a warrior needs is health and he's good-to-go. You build rage by taking Damage, giving damage, and using rage-giving abilities such as Blood rage.


Execute phase (sub 20%hp):

Enraged Execute

Massacre proceed Rampage (you only use Rampage if it's free from Massacre during execute phase)

Enraged Raging Blow (no rage for Execute)

Non-enraged Execute

Also Bloodthirsty, during Execute phase, pop your cool downs whenever they’re up and follow the Execute priority, and place Odyn’s fury to be below Enraged Execute.

Stat Weights 

It is more important than ever to simulate your own gear to find the stat weights that works best with what you have, but at the absolute minimum, you should be reaching 24% haste. This will allow you to fit 5 global cool downs within the window of your Battle Cry. And as a general guide line, haste is our best stat, followed by mastery, and then by crit and versatility.


Artifact traits. 

To reduce the CD of Battle Cry to 50 seconds is the most important for Heyla's Wrath so it lines up with every other Dragon Roar (25 sec CD).



Cloak Enchant - 200 Strength

Neck Enchant - Mark of the Hidden Satyr

Ring Enchants - 200 Haste



200 Strength in one and 150 Haste in the rest



Strength Flasks

Fishbrul food unless you will hit a breakpoint with Haste food buff, like 24% Haste (or if you're a Panda). Potion of Old War (there can be some cases made for Potion of Prolonged Power, mainly if you're holding your cool downs for the first 30 seconds for some reason).


Legendaries (best to worst):

Execute Ring



Belt (can move up on AOE heavy fights if you want to pad the meters)


Above is the guide for World of Warcraft Warrior, and hope some tips can help you. For more information of World and Warcraft, welcome you to visit Also if you have requirement in power leveling and wow gold, Mmogah will be your best choice, as they have more than 10 years gaming industry experience and professional customer service staffs, you don’t worry about cheating after making orders.


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