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World of Warcraft Mythic from a Healer

It’s not because we don't have the DPS, most of the time when we fail the timer, we didn't buy flask or food, and we simply screwed up in World of Warcraft. Most groups don't die at bosses, we almost always die at trash mobs. Most people don't seem to understand that dying is always worse than a little delay.


Raw DPS is secondary to actually achieving the objective which in most cases means surviving the encounter without constant wipes. Your meter is irrelevant if you're causing wipes, standing in puddles, being a constant mana drain on your healer, or simply not playing your class effectively. Got this from a nice DPS guide. Use your damage mitigation skills. Every class has some kind of damage reduction ability. Please use them when you are in trouble.


While not super helpful on a single tank, the difference is noticeable when other DPS are getting hit by aoe dmg or unable to dodge. Efflorescence is a ground targeted aoe heal (up to 3 people) that lasts for 30s. Druid can almost passively heal multiple people and more easily focus on the people who need heals with it down.


We won't be able to heal you up, let the tank do its job. Let the tank pull and try to focus the tank's target. If you see that the tank and the group is focusing the wrong target, please say it or mark the correct target. If you are more experienced than us it can help us a lot, so please just speak up.


Using Chi-Ji proactively rather than in a reactive way can give you time to get some DPS in on pulls and bosses which can really speed up the run. Sure, 50k DPS isn't going to make or break your group in most cases, but it certainly doesn't hurt and the faster things die the less chances there are for a player to make a mistake that may hurt your group, like a tank standing in something they should have avoided and causing a wipe or a random DPS getting killed by a one shot mechanic and costing the group 5 seconds from the death plus the valuable time lost where there's one less DPS.


Absolutely cannot overstate how important using your short cooldown CC's are. Demon Hunters and Monks are absolutely wonderful to have in groups because of Chaos Nova and Leg Sweep being available on almost every trash pull for massive AoE stuns.


I think you really should add tips for healers as well though. Healers need to know that they should be using their CC as well (Leg Sweep for Mistweaver for example) and should not be afraid to get in DPS while the group is topped off or, more specifically, on bosses where you can use a cooldown to do the work for you while you add in some damage. I've healed up through +6 so far on an alt Mistweaver monk because I'm not afraid to roll in and Leg Sweep a pack of mobs or use Paralysis to interrupt a cast, and then spin in circles like a maniac and contribute 100k+ DPS on trash pulls.


Basically, without it, a druid has to focus more on healing the dps who are getting hit by aoe or unable to dodge instead of healing the tank. I wouldn't argue it's an amazing spell, but certainly worth using in many situations.


I know he will CC if needed and keep an eye on all our health before making those pulls so it's not really a big deal when time is of the essence. However, this is not what I meant. What my friend will usually do is cast a spell that allows him to move while casting and starts his rotation on the way to the next pack. Since I presumed he would do this, I have already positioned and cast Infernal Strike (the AoE Jump pull) to land on where the pack will be as they head towards him / the group.



Please know the group and your gear's limit I know tanking is hard and a lot depends on you, and you feel the pressure to pull everything to save time, but as I mentioned dying is always worse. So don't pull 2-3 groups. It's OK to go for the next group if only 1-2 mobs left at very low hp, but don't go full rambo on us.


Don't leave your healer behind I think you don't have to watch your healer's mana. It's our job to say when we are OOM, but it's a common mistake, that you leave your healer behind and rush ahead to pull more mobs. Mainly fast tanks (yes DH, I'm talking about you!) do that. It seems that we are managing it, but if I arrive to a fight 3-5 seconds late, I need to use one of my CD-s, so in case of an emergency I won't be able to heal up someone. Also, when the group is at 50% hp, wait a bit till the next pull so we can heal up everybody.


Know which groups to kill and which ones to avoid I know mythic+ is a pretty new thing and you don't have that kind of experience in a couple of days in every instances, but it's a must. It's better to avoid hard trash groups and catch up later with easier ones. Also it's not cool to overkill trash mobs and it's even worse when we are done with all bosses and there is still 5-10% left.


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