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WotLK Gold Making Guide

By Shirley Huang
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Welcome to our WotLK gold farming guide. I will show you how I have casually made 69,000 gold since the launch of WotLK. I might have more in my bags right now because I keep on collecting WoW WotLK gold from the mailbox every day. There are some efficient ways you can learn. Once you understand the core methods, you will get rich without even trying too hard.


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Mining: 40,000+ Gold

After Wrath Classic launched, I did mining on three characters. I leveled my Mage first, stopped at level 77, went around the Icecrown and for a whole day instead of going to level 80. I kept mining and managed to sell the Saturday Nethercite Ore for about 120 to 150 gold. That got me about 20,000 gold, and then I went back to my Mage to get level 80.


As soon as I got to level 80, I got the Cold Weather Flying book for two of my outs. I managed to level in Icecrown with the Cold Weather Flying on a level 70. The other two characters allowed me to start pumping cooldowns for Titanium Bar.


Now Titanium Bar price is kind of low right now. It's about 120 to 150 gold on most servers. I've done that consistently on three characters every day since launch, and that made me probably like 15,000 to 20,000 gold. There were days even when I sold for 1,000 gold. People were desperate to get their Best in Slot and so on. Overall, mining made me about 40,000 gold since the Lich King Classic launched.


Jewelcrafting: 30,000+ Gold

Jewelcrafting made me about 30,000 gold. Keep in mind that I had Jewelcrafting only on one single character. The cooldowns in the daily quests from Jewelcrafting were so good early on. I remember that selling a Dragon's Eye for 500 gold consistently, and you were able to get one from the daily quest and one from the Icy Prism. I got so many of them, but it's not a 100% guaranteed chance, and you can get a Scarlet Ruby and Monarch Topaz earlier on.


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The gems were selling for a lot. I sold Scarlet Ruby for 250 gold and the Dragon's Eye for anywhere from 350 to 500 gold. They're still valuable right now, Cardinal Ruby went down all the way to 70 gold, but now I noticed a trend that starts to go back up again, and maybe eventually the market was stabilized, and the prices will go back. Dragon's Eye is currently on the market for about 150 gold, and the Scarlet Ruby is about 120 gold.


When you buy a lot of Saronite Shuffle and prospect it, then convert everything you have into something that you can sell at the Auction House. I was selling raw gems and green gems, making rings, and then disenchanting them with my alt, and so on. This made a lot of gold, especially when the prices were high early on.


The last way I made the gold with Jewelcrafting was by crafting and selling basic gems like everyone needed gems as soon as they started raiding. I sold everything I could.


Everybody was selling red gems, yellow gems, and blue gems. It just made me a lot of money, and it's still making me. I think Jewelcrafting is not something that will soon disappear, and it's just that the amount of gold that you can make is lower compared to before.


Questing at Level 80: 10,000 Gold

Questing is a way of gold making, which is one of the most underrated things.


I managed to get a level 80 on my Mage, and I had 2 or 3 zones left: Solas Albertson, Storm Peaks, and Icecrown Citadel. The questing was about 500 gold per hour. If you had professions like Engineering to suck clouds, Mining, or Herbalism, you could pick so many things. I have gotten 500 gold per hour just from questing at max level and another 500 gold per hour from picking various stuff. On top of that, you can get Badges and a lot of other rewards that might be useful for you.


Farming Raw Gold: 10,000+ Gold

Well, I did it well. I leveled my characters and DK for 2 levels and Paladin for about 7 levels from 70 to 77 in Botanica. I managed to make a lot of Scroll of Enchant Weapons - Mongoose and sell them at the Auction House.


WotLK gold making-3


At one point, a Greater Eternal Essence was about 24 gold, and I was selling Mongoose Crawl for about 420 to 450 gold. I sold a lot of them, and I was making consistent 500 gold per hour while leveling, which was great.


Now there are other grinds for raw gold farming. There are Mana-Tombs, static holes, and Karazhan. It was efficient as I could level up and gold making at the same time, saving a lot of time.


Selling Expensive Items: 15,000+ Gold

This made me about 15,000 gold. There are a couple of ways you can sell expensive items.


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The first thing is selling the bracers. The valid braces sold for 4,000 gold in the first week since WotLK launched, and I sold one pair. They went for 2,000 gold in the second week, and I sold one pair as well, which made me 6,000 gold.


Another way to make gold was joining Goldie KPS early on, which means you sell your right to get loot. Under my first NAXX 25 Gold DKP, I made about 6,000 gold. I only joined one, though, as I prefer the Soft Reserve runs, and I also have a guild, so I need to run with my guild, but maybe in the future, I'll run more of them.


I've heard people made even more in another way. You can sell the items that you win in a Soft Reserve Run to people in the group. Eventually, you'll probably get them back your choice on how much to sell them. I bought some of them, like Surplus Limb for 2,000 gold. It's free trade, and you can do whatever you want.


Another way I made gold was by getting a jersey belt to drop in a World Tour Heroic. I won the roll and agreed to sell it for 5,000 gold. It was pretty awesome because it's a world drop, and not everyone can get it.


Cooking Northern Spices

Cooking can be easily learned in all of your Alts. It's a thing that they haven't done from the beginning, but I started doing it. Now you can do a daily quest that takes literally three minutes on all of your Alts and get Northern spices, which you can sell at the Auction House.


For more details, you can click Frostadamus' video. You can also check our video about How to Solo Farm Gold 900G Per Hour in Zul'farrk. 





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