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WotLK Classic Guide: Best Gold Farming Class

By abubakarawanb4d2022-07-12

Wrath of the Lich King is undoubtedly massive, coming up with many classes to choose from. Every class has separate usability in the game, while some of them can make you get rich fast. To help you make a good start and pick a class that can help you in farming gold, we have a WotLK Classic best gold farming class guide here.


Surely, there isn't a single class that can work perfectly with the playstyle of every person. Instead, every class has a separate style along with its pros/cons that attract players. So, without any further ado, let us hop into the details where we will discuss every class of gold farming, telling why you should go for it.


If you want to get rich fast in WOTLK Classic without having to go deep into farming, wasting your time-fighting enemies again and again while neglecting the beauty of the game itself. In that case, you can buy WotLK Classic gold at a reasonable price from a reliable site like



For the most part, Paladins is the Godfather of WOTLK Gold Farming in Wrath of the Lich King. There are surely specific ways in which you can farm gold, but with Paladins, you don’t have to worry about anything. Not only does Paladin do best in Gold Farming, but they are also considered Jack of all trades.


WotLK Classic class-1


There are three types of Paladins; the Retribution Paladins have an improvement in their DPS, the Holy Paladins have an improvement in their Healing, and the Protection Paladins have everything enhanced altogether. Paladins are incredible when talking about Phase 1, coming with insane Open World AOE Farming like;

Retribution Paladins doing burst or smaller pulls for farming while doing DPS damage.

Protection Paladin pulls large quality of mobs in each pull with a slow and steady AoE damage while absorbing damage from enemies.


Herbalism and Mining

Paladins are best known for their Herbalism and Mining in the Open World for Farming Gold. A new talent by the name of Pursuit of Justice allows you to have increased movement speed to around 15 percent more, and then there is Crusader Aura as well, which enhances the mounted speed to around 20 percent. You have to choose between these two depending on your situation.


When you are out there farming solo, with no one around to aid you in your journey, you can choose the Instant Flight that allows you to explore the Mining Veins and Herbalism Nodes all by yourself.


Paladin Boosting

For Phase 2 and onwards, Paladins is boosting that works flawlessly for long-term gold making in WotLK Classic. If you don’t want that boosting, you can solo the TBC Dungeons, and as a result, you will get a lot of raw Wrath of the Lich King Classic gold in an hour.


Paladin Boosting is mainly used when you want to boost the Alts in WOTLK Classic. You will have more output on your damage, more gear, more dodge, more block, more avoidance, and much more at level 70.


When you reach level 80, you will have a better chance of dodging and blocking the mobs that you were struggling with. There is Essence of Gossamer to make it more useful in Paladin Boosting. But, as of now, Paladin Boosting depends on your gear mostly.


Finally, when you are doing the Paladins WotLK gold farming by either boosting or AoE farming, make sure to get the Figurine of the Colossus. You can also get WotLK Classic boost effortlessly through the third party.



After Paladins, your best bet is none other than the Mage Class in Wraith of the Lich King Classic. Unlike the previous, now Eternal Farming is overpower in WotLK as it has more locations for gold per hour.


The reason for Mage being good with WOTLK Gold Farming is their Massive Pull of Eternals or Elementals in one pull. In farming locations where there are no disruptions, you can pretty much dominate your enemies in bulk and gain massive amounts of gold per hour.


WotLK Classic class-2


There is Mage Boosting in Wrath Dungeons that makes them even more special. Mage Boosting will become a real thing after the gamer’s theory-craft it more and then check out different techniques alongside it.


When the Mage Boosting does become a real thing, you can do level boosting from level 68 to 80, as it will be the most exceptional path to farming gold in Wrath Classic.


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Druid is a versatile class, especially when we are talking about WOTLK Gold Farming. With Herbalism and Mining, they outshine all other builds except Paladins, as you can mount up instantly with the flight form.


You can do the Stealth Farm inside Dungeons with Druid, and in case Open World Farming becomes competitive enough, your best Farming Bet would be Druid Class.


There is also an improvement in the Boomkins in WOTLK Classic and have enhanced damage of AOE, as well as Single Target. Whereas their Mana Regeneration is enhanced, allowing for fewer breaks in Mana while you are Farming out there. When you are Farming Eternals in WOTLK, Druids can become efficient and compete with the likes of mages because of their AOE enhancements.



Talking about the Instanced Content, you can’t go wrong with Rogue Class. They are truly the matter of it. Ranging from Stealth Dungeon Running with Herbalism and Mining to Chest Scouting in the Dungeons while Pickpocketing for gold is pretty much your play with Rogue Class in Wraith of the Lich King Classic.


Picking Rogue for the sole purpose of WotLK Gold Farming is reasonably profitable and especially when you are going for the Open World Farming


Death Knight

If you like Death Knight in WotLK, you can pretty much do effortless farming with them and get instantly rich. With their Pale Horse Talent, the movement speed can be enhanced, even challenging the likes of Paladins for Herbalism and Mining Farming.


A Death Knight with Herbalism running around and picking flowers is a real thing now. Like the other Classes for WOTLK Gold Farming, Death Knight can AOE Farm or single target farm at enhanced efficiency.


WotLK Classic class-3


You can also go for the Frost Death Knight after picking the Death Knight Class and do both types of farming pretty efficiently. For survivability, you can go for the path of Blood Death Knight which is a notch-down type of Paladin Build aiming for WotLK gold farming. For more on Wrath of the Lich King Classic and various changes to classes, you can visit WotLK Classic official website.


Hunter and Warlock

Both of these classes are alike when talking about WotLK gold farming. You can go for the 24/7 farming with these classes, as with the chain pulling, you can take down mob after mob without taking any break at all here.


You also have those adorable pets beside you, which you can use as tanks and enhance your survivability for a long period of farming. There is no effort with these classes, as you can send your pet to take the beating while you deal the damage.


In the Pyramid of Best Gold Farming Classes, Hunters and Warlocks are at the bottom. They are surely not the greatest, but they are amongst the easiest, without any risk, while being great classes to play in WOTLK Classic.



When people talk about gold farming in Classic WotLK, you don't imagine a Warrior going out to get rich. The only reason for putting the Warriors on the list is their boost, which is similar to the Paladins. At lower levels, you can utilize these boosts to do gold farming quite easily.


It is important to mention that the Warriors also have Blade storm, making them incredible at AoE damage in short bursts. Now that you have all the classes that work like a charm for gold farming, you might be looking for an incredible farming gold guide. Don't worry. MmoGah has you covered with its WOTLK Classic Gold Farming Guide.


Final Verdict

Gold Farming is without a doubt essential in Classic WotLK to enhance your character, but it mostly depends on the class you are choosing to begin with. Every class has a certain play style that makes you either love it or hate it, depending on your own choice. Therefore, we think Paladin is the best gold farming class along with some others, in case you don’t want to go for Paladin.


Now you can buy WoW Classic TBC Gold at lower rates, and when WoW WotLK Classic releases, you can transfer TBC Classic gold to new expansion without having to start everything from the absolute beginning.



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