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A Complete Guide to WotLK Classic Professions – Which to Choose & Profit

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Since the Wrath of the Lich King Classic Beta started, many players have been eager to prepare for the upcoming expansion. Today, will review pre-release advice and a checklist of tasks to accomplish. Wrath of the Lich King Classic is set to debut on April 16.


Wrath of the Lich King is the most popular WOW WOTLK CLASSIC PROFESSIONS expansion, with the player base reaching its highest ever. With news of the Wrath of the Lich King Classic and 12 million subscribers in October 2010, you are undoubtedly considering how to get ready because the next expansion will bring about new features. The profession has changed in a big way in Wrath, which may make you wonder which profession is best for you with the addition of passive and active bonuses, profession linking, and a ton of new recipes unlocked through professional daily quests. Choosing your profession is a big decision in terms of time investment and  WotLK Classic gold WoW. You also won't want to unlearn a profession and start over.


A Complete Guide to WotLK Classic Professions


This article will explain each profession's passive and active professional bonuses, how each profession stacks up against the others, which class should choose which career, and how much gold each profession can produce.


There is also a new profession added in Warth called inscription, and you'll want to know what it brings to the game. With the help of this article, hopefully, you'll know which profession you want to pursue in Wrath.



Engineering is similar to vanilla engineering in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. It's simply the strongest profession. Engineering in Wrath has so many powerful items that can enhance your character in both PvP and PvE situations that you are just at a disadvantage if you are not an engineer. This time it comes in the flavor of tinkers to your item, which is like enchantments. This is a great change because in the past, if you wanted a fun engineering item, you usually sacrificed stats. Now in Wrath, you can keep the high stat best in slot item but still have a fun Engineering tinker attached to it. If you were wondering, you can't have both a tinker and an enchantment on an item; it's one or the other. 


But if you go engineering, you'll feel like an inspector gadget in no time. First off, the runic Manaq Injector and Runic Healing injector grant an increased effect for engineers. If you are playing a mana-hungry class using these runic Mana Injectors, an engineer can be a great reason to go engineering. There are also fun things like the end Amplification Dish, a tinker to your helm. This allows you to engage in a mental battle with your enemies, attempting to mind control them. This can be pretty nifty if you are standing on a high ledge and decide. 


If you want your new pet to jump, the Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket is best in slot four PvP, offering a 45-second file damage attack often used as additional bursts to get a kill in the arena. Since it's not on the GCD, you can just macro it in, and certainly, a nice DPS boost if enchantment or tinkers on this; you'll have to pick the Pyro Rocket, for example, not both; this is best in the slot used on cool down. There is also hyper-speed Accelerators, a glove tinker that increases your haste by 340 for 12 seconds with a minute cool down. Since this is also a glove tinker, so you can't have other enchantments or tinkers on this. You'll have to pick this or the Pyro Rocket, for example, not both. This is the best in the slot for PvE for many classes, while the Pyro Rocket is mainly used for burst damage. This is more overall powerful because your haste will benefit you more your gear improves, whereas the rocket will always do that 2K fire damage. 


This increased haste can make your gargoyle much stronger as a death night, make divine police shorter, and give you mana back faster, and anything else where haste would be helpful. Another powerful tinker and best-in-slot item in PvE for some classes are the Frag Belt, which attaches as an enchantment to your belt, allowing you to throw a Cobalt Frag Bomb every six minutes. The frag Bomb does about one K fire damage and incapacitates for three seconds in a three-yard radius.


This is great for air wing encounters and even be very helpful in some PvP scenarios. Nitro Boosts is another engineering-only tinker, this time for your boots. It grants 24 Chit ratings and activation grants, a large run speed increase for five seconds. You remember these Goblin Rocket Boots, but they don't break. It is nice to have a reliable speed increase on a three-minute cool-down. These boots are paired nicely with the Flex weave Underlay tinker. 


Instead of having a weak parachute cloak with no stats, you can now attach the Flex weave Underlay to your stat-filled cloak, and it will increase agility by 23 and allow you to activate slow fall for 30 seconds with only a minute cool down. This is beneficial in a variety of circumstances. A welcome site for anyone in Wrath is Jeeves. The gentlemen robot butler, which can craft and summon grants bank access to the engineer and serves as a vendor with repairs for everyone else. Engineers are also the only profession with access to an auction house in Dalaran. Inside the engineering building, a robot called Brassbolt Mechawrench acts as a steam-powered Auctioneer for engineers. All others must go to a different major city to access the auction house. This could be a selling point for you, but many people just mail their stuff to a bank alt to pit up on the auction house. Engineers can also make the Mechano-Hog if you are a horde or the Mekgineers Chopper if you are Alliance, a two-person ground epic mount. 


The mount is BoE and not exclusive to engineers. So it could be another way to make some extra wotlk classic gold as an engineer, and then there's the portable mailbox you can create, called Moll-E Mobile oversized Letter and Literary Extractor. This can be used every two hours and can be convenient if you are out in the world expecting mail without a mailbox in sight or if you want to try and attract a Night Elf to dance on top of it; whatever, it's your mailbox. The Gnomish X-Ray Specs allow you to see players without their clothing and armor?



The continent of North rend holds many gems; with it, many do opportunities for jewel crafting. Like in TBC Classic, there are three new qualities of gems, the green un common gems, which are pretty common, the blue Rar gems, which can sell for quite a bit of coin and the purple epic gems, which like in TBC, were added not in release bit in patch 3.20 and are the best in slot gems and accordingly the most expensive. Like cooking, you'll need to collect tokens on daily bases to purchase Jewel crafting designs; these tokens are called Dalaran Jewel crafting tokens. It's important to do your daily quest by exchanging Dalaran Jewel crafting. 


Tokens are the only way to get many of the best in slot design. There's also a cool new edition Wrath called the nightmare Tear, which matches any socket and adds a plus 10 to all stats. Most serious players will want one for their BiS gear because it's unique-equipped. This means you can only equip one and usually are using it to take the place of a blue socket since that socket typically is just used for half stamina and the stat you want. With new or North rend brings new Prospecting, this time even uncommon or green quality Titanium Ore can prospect. In addition to Cobalt and Saronite Ore, prospecting Titanium Ore has a bonus though the Titanium powder from Prospecting can be exchanged in stacks of 10 for a single Dalaran Jewel crafting Token. 


This can be exchanged again for those new designs we discussed earlier as an alternative to grinding dailies. The Jewel crafting-specific bonus is the same as in TBC; there are Jewelcrafting-only gems, which are a step above anything other players can get. These gems are better by a factor slightly above what other professions bonuses in terms of raw states. However, it's worth noting that the bonuses from most professions come from Spell Power or Attack Power. Still, with Jewel crafting only gems, you get to choose the raw stat you want, like agility, which grants an increased chance to Dodge, critical strike rating, and attack power, which is better than just attack power alone. For example, for some classes, this is an often-overlooked advantage of Jewel crafting. Many men mixers will argue Jewel crafting is the second-best profession in the game, right behind Engineering. Jewel crafting is great when it comes to making gold with the increased exclusivity of the designs gated behind Dalaran Tokens. If you have a design that not many other people have, you can make some serious gold. And along with Prospecting or for gems, you can be prospecting our way two tons of gold using a process called the Saronite shuffle. This is just a fancy name for buying or mining Saronite or prospecting it and then either cutting the gems you get or selling them, using them to craft an item which you then disenchant or, if you are also an Alchemist, transmitting the gem into meta gems, which you can then cut. The profit made from the Saronite shuffle will allow you to buy more Saronite, and you continue the process. Your service prices will ultimately determine if this will work out, so your mileage may vary.



Herbalism is the ideal partner for alchemy. It involves producing consumables frequently used during raids or battles with extremely challenging foes. You need the correct herbs to brew the potions, so learning herbalism with alchemy is a smart idea.


Flasks like the 2-hour-long Flask of Supreme Power, which increases magic caster damage, can be made by alchemy. Potions that increase resistance stats may be made, which are excellent for raids. Others include defensive upgrades, healing potions, and DPS stat enhancements.


Due to the scarcity of some essential herbs, it might become a pricey profession later on, but it's a pretty important one if you intend to raid frequently.


No race has a bonus associated with alchemy; however, Taurens gain a 15-point boost to their Herbalism stat, which is quite helpful early on.


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Blacksmithing allows you to produce powerful weapons and armor; thus, classes that wear plate armor, like Paladins or Warriors, tend to prioritize it. It also works nicely with mining because you need a lot of ore to make things you can smith.


Every item must be made at an anvil, normally found in large cities, and you require a blacksmith hammer to do the job. Another job that can become highly expensive is Blacksmithing, but early on, advancement is rather simple. You can choose to specialize as an Armor smith or Weapon smith if you reach levels 40 and 200 of your skills. Such specializations bring up new recipes that can be helpful if you intend to outfit yourself with new equipment.


It is also possible to create helpful equipment for characters who do not wear plate armor, such as the Arcanite Skeleton Key, which unlocks doors without needing rogues.



Skinning and leather working are frequently combined because the development of scales and leather is labor-intensive. You may create a variety of gear through leatherworking, including Dragon scale armor for mail users and leather armor that is perfect for leather users like hunters.


You can specialize in Blacksmithing at level 40 once you have 225 skills. You can concentrate on Elemental Leatherworking if you utilize agility or Dragon scale Leatherworking if you use mail. Devil Saur Armor, another potent armor, is excellent for DPS classes.


Players can also create armor kits, which slightly increase the armor rating of every piece of equipment. Because ammunition pouches can also be manufactured, leatherworking appeals to hunters.



From a roleplaying standpoint, mining seems like a profession that Dwarves would excel in, but there are several reasons why it's a good one to pursue. It's quite lucrative, much like Herbalism, but you have to travel the world to find the best ore, and you might even have to smelt it in an anvil to make bars for recipes.


Mining works nicely with Engineering and Blacksmithing if you're eager to be self-sufficient because the ore is needed to produce several products for both. You may also uncover unique stones and gems along the route, which you can easily sell for a lot of gold.


Mining is a tempting concept for traveling adventurers eager to stuff their packs with loot.



Do you have any equipment that feels like it could be improved? That is the purpose of enchanting. It can be used to upgrade numerous equip slots permanently, gradually improving your stats.


Additionally, enchanters can disenchant other equipment into dust to use the dust for improved enchantments. It's a fulfilling vocation that calls for unique Rods to enchant gear. Naturally, the costs can be high, but the advantages are substantial.


Enchanting and tailoring typically go well together because you can quickly create some wonderful pieces of gear, especially for classes like casters that benefit greatly from enchantments.


Additionally, wands and weapon oils that temporarily increase stats are craftable.


Herbalism :

If you rolled a Tauren, Herbalism is the best option because it has a 15-skill benefit. It's also ideal if you want to dabble in alchemy because you need a lot of plants to make potions. If you're eager to generate money, Herbalism also works nicely. Alchemists who don't want to spend the time gathering the herbs are eager to purchase the items from the Auction House, making it a wonderful opportunity to gain quick cash.


You can also grow your bank account by using certain unusual plants, but you'll have to work for it. Herbalism is simple to maintain if you're the type of player that enjoys wandering and exploring without getting too caught up in vocations.



Cooking is a supplementary career you can study without influencing your major options. It serves a far greater purpose in World of Warcraft Classic gold than in later editions. That's because having a constant supply of food that can improve your health and mana is practical. To make the dish, you'll need a cooking fire, which is quite common.


Some dishes are more enjoyable than others, but Nightfin Soup, for example, is excellent for regenerating mana, and thistle tea gives rogues a 100 percent energy boost. You'll be astounded by the variety of recipes available. The very best? Since you can make stuff using the items you obtain from defeating foes, it's a rather affordable career.


First Aid:

Most people find first aid to be a supplementary vocation that is helpful. You may make bandages out of various cloth types that are simple to obtain as you advance in level in WotLK Classic. Then, over seconds, the bandages restore your health. Given their lack of intrinsic healing powers, Warriors and Rogues can benefit the most from some additional healing, although anyone can.


In addition to using traditional treatments, you can employ First Aid to make anti-venom bandages to treat the effects of poisoning.


There is just no justification for not trying First Aid. It is quite helpful, especially if you want to solo a lot.



Even though it takes a lot of time, fishing is somehow calming and pleasant. Additionally, because it's a second career, you may easily add it to your existing skill set. See what you can catch by simply using a fishing pole and bait near a body of water. You can use the fish you locate in other occupations to prepare particular dishes.


But in the end, it's all about the enjoyment that comes from taking a break from leveling or dueling. In World of Warcraft WotLK Classic, there are numerous fishing tournaments that you can participate in. 



Since you require a lot of skins to make leather-based armor, skinning is the ideal complement to leatherworking. Skinning knives are necessary, although they are inexpensive to purchase. Skinning and leveling up go hand in hand since you'll frequently be killing creatures that can be skinned later.


If you have the extra space in your baggage, it's one of the most lucrative professions. Some of the skins you collect can be sold for a significant sum of gold later on in the game. If you're more interested in profit than craftsmanship, it's worthwhile to maintain it current.


We're partial to a Leatherworking/Skinning Hunter as the combo works well, given you can craft your gear.



Tailoring works well for casters, especially when paired with Enchanting. Tailoring is used to create cloth armor and cloaks, making it a very valuable profession for cloth-only classes such as Mages and Warlocks.


Tailors can also create bags that are hugely helpful to gatherers and hoarders alike, as it's useful to carry a lot of gear at once.


In the early days of World of Warcraft Classic, in particular, expect bags to sell on the Auction House for a lot, making a Tailor a valuable choice. For the roleplaying enthusiast, they can also construct shirts and wedding dresses for added style.


For the Enchanter? They can use Tailoring to convert cloth into tailored items before disenchanting them for extra dust and skills, so it's a potent mix.

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