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Wrath of the Lich King Classic Guide: Top 8 Gold Farms You Should Know

By Richard Kayode2022-08-24

With Wrath of the Lich King Classic on the horizon and high prized items available for purchase, you probably will be wondering what the best ways to make lots of WoW WotLK gold are. You'll want to get your hands on numerous highly prized items in Wrath to improve your gameplay and quality of life or gear up your spec.


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There's the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth which cost a whooping 20,000 gold, along with all the argent tournament mounts that add up to another 2,000 gold. The Mekgineer Chopper will cost about 10 to 15 thousand gold to craft, and this is just for mounts. We also have important ones like the Cold Weather Flying for 1000 gold, the very handy Dalaran Teleport Ring for 8000 gold, Dual Spec for 1000 gold, and much more. Also, to power level up your profession will be very expensive. That said, you'll need to know more ways to get gold. 


In this guide, our goal is to give you a few lists of farming methods for you to choose the ones that'll be the most fun for you and your gameplay. 



Because Inscription is a newly added class, herbs will be much more valuable than ever before, especially since scribes create Darkmoon Cards, which are Best in Slot for phase 1. Scribes will be very hungry for those herbs because to create the Ink needed to create the Darkmoon Cards, they need to mill herbs. Interestingly, they are not guaranteed to get the Inks they are after, so they keep returning for more herbs. The new Northrend herbs are Dead nettle, Gold Clover, Fire Leaf, Talandra's Rose, Adder's Tongue, Icethorn, Lichbloom, Tiger Lily, and the very important Frost Lotus. Each herb will have different prices and chances of giving the scribes the pigment they need to mill. 


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According to the table above, Icethorn, Adder's Tongue, and Lichbloom have the best chances of producing a great milling result. Another important herb is the Frost Lotus, which is crucial in Flask making. 



When Wrath Classic launches, ores and bars will really sell. You'll need to be mining Cobalt, the new Northrend ore, and you'll need at least 350 skills to do that. 


Since it's a fresh expansion, the three ores, Cobalt, Saronite, and Titanium, will be available. But the most valuable of the bars will be the Titan Steel. To smelt the Titan Steel, you'll need 3 Titanium bars, 1 Eternal fire, 1 Eternal earth, and 1 Eternal shadow. Eternals are important, just like Primals in TBC. You will make a lot of gold selling these bars as they are needed to craft lots of Pre-raid Bis and all sort-after items such as the Makgineer Chopper etc. 


Also another edge Miners have is that you can sell gems you find from mining, such as Autumn's Glow, King's Amber, Scarlet Ruby, Dreadstone, etc. These reagents are also massively useful to other professions like blacksmithing, engineering, Jewelcrafting, etc. Which makes mining a really appealing profession when gold making is concerned. 


Eternal Farming

Eternals will be high value, just like Primals in TBC. This is because they are used in almost every high-end crafting profession. Also, a lot of recipes across many professions need them.


Just like the Elemental Plateau in TBC, Wintergrasp has every Eternal available, making it hugely contested. 


Eternal Shadow


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This can be found in Shadow Revenant and Wandering Shadows when your faction owns Wintergrasp. They have excellent drop rates, and you'll also find a lot of Crystallized shadows in Shadow Revenant. 


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You can also farm Deathbringer Revenant in Dragonblight, but the drop rate here is less than in Wandering Shadow. 


Eternal Life


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This is best gathered as a herbalist, but if you're not one, you can get it from Living Lashers in Wintergrasp or the Mossy Rampagers around Zul'Drak. 


Eternal Water


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Get this from fishing, also mining Cobalt and Titanium Nodes as a Miner. You can also get this from Glacier Spirits and Water Revenants in Wintergrasp or Icebound Revenant of Stormpeaks. The Aqueous Spirit of Sholazar Basin is also great for farming crystallized water and air. 


Eternal Air


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Crystallized air can be found in a lot of spots. Tempest Revenants and Whispering winds are great spots in Wintergrasp. We mentioned above that Sholazar Basin is a great spot for Crystallized air; you can find that at Storm Revenants. And if all these spots are contested, you can check out the Scions of Storm in Storm Peak.


Eternal Fire


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This can be farmed from Flame Revenants and Raging Flames in Wintergrasp. We did mention that you'll find all the Eternals in Wintergrasp. StormPeak is also a great spot at the Seething Revenants. Wailing winds is a spot without much competition. 


Eternal Earth


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Find this within Earthbound Revenants in Wintergrasp as it contains all the Eternals. It might be a waste of time farming Crystallized Earth as they sell really low at the auction house. You can spend that time farming the more important Eternals.


Alchemy - Flasks, Transmutes, and Elixirs


Flasks, Transmutes, and Elixirs will be huge gold makers. Alchemy has a bunch of them for which people will pay a lot of gold. The Flask of Frost Wyrm, Flask of Endless Rage, Flask of Pure Mojo, Elixirs of might, agility, and strength, Transmute Eternal Might, and so much more. There are a lot of gold makers here that are really valuable. And when combined with the Jewelcrafting profession, there's a source of gen for transmuting, which is valuable. 


Daily Quests

You can find a lot of daily quests in Northrend. There's a bunch in Storm Peaks, Sons of Hodir, Brunnhildar Village dailies, Oracles in Sholazar Basin, Argent Tournament of Icecrown, daily quests for professions, and so many more. 


It can be boring doing some of these quests as they are repetitive, but they are a consistent method of making gold. There are cooking, fishing, dungeon, heroic, and battleground dailies. Like TBC, Wrath Classic also has a lot of daily quests that will give a decent amount of gold if you do them. Agreed, they are not the fastest method of gaining gold, unlike just buying WotLK classic gold from a trusted third party. However, doing them can be fun and rewarding too. 


Max Level Questing 

When you're at max level 80, Questing gives you extra gold instead of XP. For fresher realms, it's a decent way to make gold. It's a great way to enjoy the game and farm gold, even though it does not get you gold faster than some of the methods we listed. 



In Wrath, Gems are needed for socket gears. You can make a lot of gold as a Jewelcrafter by buying uncut gems from the auction house, cutting them, and then relisting them, especially when the expansion has just launched. Players are still leveling their Jewelcrafting skill to the max. 


Also, all the recipes gated for Dalaran Jewelcrafting tokens haven't been acquired. So if you learn to cut a gem that no one or not a lot of people has yet to, you can make a lot of gold. It's not only a lucrative method of making gold but also easy to do. Of course, it's going to be a limited time-gated opportunity. This means that as more people learn the Jewelcrafting cuts, prices will fall. You can also cut the gears and craft gears with them. For uncut gems, you can prospect them and transmute them into Meta gems if you are also an Alchemist and make a boatload of gold. 


This process is known as the Saronite shuffle, a nice gold-making process that involves carrying out the process with Saronite Ore.



Skinning is a profession that guarantees you free extra gold while you level. If you are in a fresh server, you might as well choose the Skinning profession while you level. While leveling, you'll, at some point, kill beasts that you can skin, which makes the profession integrate seamlessly with Gold-making while leveling. 


There are many reasons to choose Skinning as a profession, even if you're just looking to level fast. However, since many people choose Skinning, it drives down the price of leather at the auction house. So instead of just 'vendoring' the leather while you level, there are some useful addons that can make the whole process worth it. First is the Trade Skill Master (TSM) addon, which will help you compare the vendor price with the auction house price to make a more informed decision on what to do with your leather.


It might be better to sell your leather on an established server in the auction house to make more gold. Another useful addon along with TSM is the Pawn addon that will show you item upgrades, and if no upgrade is available, it shows you which of your item will vendor for the most gold when turning in quests. Leatrix addon is another that auto sells all the vendor trash in your bag. 


There are 5 important items for leatherworkers in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Arctic Fur, Icy Dragon Scale, Heavy Borean Leather, Nerubian Chitin, and Jormungar Scale. These are super valuable in crafting leg armors. Arctic Furs are also used as currencies to purchase epic recipes, and Heavy Borean Leather as currency for the Icy and Polar pattern set, which have frost resistance to help in Naxxramas against Saffron. 


If you have Skinning, sell your Arctic Fur in auction for profit. It has a 1% chance of being dropped when you skin a beast in Northrend. So it's wise to always list all Northrend leather in the auction house for gold. 


One of the best places to get those 5 materials is the Oculus. The farm is basically to solo the dragons on the way to the first boss. However, you need to gear up nicely to be able to solo this region. When you skin the dragons there, they drop Borean leather, Icy Dragon Scale, and Arctic Fur. 


Pairing this with leatherworking is a fantastic combination because the Frosthide leg armor is the Best in Slot leg slot enchant for Tanks. Also, the Icy Scale leg armor is BiS leg armor for physical damage dealing DPS class like the Feral Druids, Warriors, Rogues, Hunters, etc. This leg will go for a lot of gold at the auction house. So if you're gathering Icy Dragon Scale, Nerubian Chitin, or any of the others for Skinner, having a leatherworker craft will tie together your gold-making profession. 


Wrapping Up

So there you go. These are just some of the multiple ways to make gold in the Wrath of the Lich King Classic. There are other ways, such as farming old dungeons, mote extractor farming for engineers, and even items you get from fishing and cooking that can get you valuable items for your gold making. However, if you're looking for gold faster without having to level or grind, you can buy Classic WotLK gold easily from a reliable site -



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