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WotLK Classic Phase 2 Preparation and Investment Guide

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WotLK Classic Phase 2 will most likely revolve around a large Ulduar raid. Phase 2's release date is unknown at this time but based on the release timetable of Warcraft Classic, it might begin around the middle of December. Like the previous season, this season, everything in Ulduar is fantastic, from the architecture to the voice acting to the hysterically enjoyable interactions.


WLK Phase 2-1


Several of the battles included challenging "Hard Modes," and an additional monster named Algalon limited players to a certain number of pulls before they were locked out. The value of purchasing WotLK boost is most apparent in the game's second phase, whereupon a halfway-leveled character's initial outfit and inventory are sent to the character's virtual mailbox.


When Will WotLK Phase 2 Come?

This is the optimum time to start saving and making preparations since WotLK Classic Phase 2 will likely kick off around mid-December. There will be a stampede to follow suit as soon as the news is made, so it's in your best interest to get a head start. Although supplies for leveling your profession may become costlier after our announcement, everyone may still prepare their twinks and professions.


If you are having difficulties farming gold, you may buy some WotLK Classic gold to improve your twinks and professions. Buying extra gold is an option for those who are having trouble farming gold. These items will increase and may be used, much like getting ready for those Achievements that are already being recorded.


Still, putting your wealth to work as soon as possible is crucial. The next expansion's price will increase as soon as there is any hint of it in the air.


Where to Invest and Why?

Which items should you buy in preparation for the launch of WotLK Classic Phase 2? A new profession, Inscription, will be introduced to the game as it was in TBC. This new profession has excellent earning potential, so many individuals will want to level up in it. Like gold-crafting, we should start purchasing all the necessary supplies now in the hopes that Blizzard will allow players to level it two weeks before the release.


WLK Phase 2-2


I am now stocking up on the following low-level herbs whenever I can get them for less than one gold in each stack:

Khadgar's Whisker



Ancient Lichen



Rthas' Tears





Wild Steelbloom






As more and more individuals invest time and effort into improving their twinks and careers, the demand for the resources required to do so will increase costs for everyone. I wouldn't recommend purchasing any of them because of how erratic the market can be. Rather than having to cope with the increased charges, later on, get your own profession up and running as soon as possible.


Reckoning Your Server Population

You may return to find that your favorite Wrath Classic server has undergone significant population and faction shifts since your last visit. Furthermore, you don't want to waste time preparing for WotLK Classic Phase 2 on a server where the group content and economy are subpar.


At the beginning of WotLK Classic, players on larger servers will face increased competition for available resources and wait times on the mega servers. The inaugural release of WotLK Classic Phase 1 saw the most players in the game at once, but it also marked the beginning of subscription decreases. Due to a lack of players and raiding guilds, the auction house economy is unstable, and organizing dungeon and heroic groups are difficult on smaller servers.


Think about the expenses of remaining on your current server vs. the costs of relocating a character or starting over on another server if the population or faction balance is unbalanced. If you're planning on returning to WoW Classic for WotLK Classic Phase 2 a few months early, you may reroll and start over now.


Preparing Professions and Twinks

Professions should be selected with the main character and spec in Wrath Classic. Once you've made that decision, you should aim to have their skills at least at level 350 before starting WotLK Classic Phase 2. While more players are obtaining items while doing daily missions or leveling Alts, fewer are learning whole new professions. It's time to stock up on materials; Purchase boosts for leveling your own professions in preparation for WotLK Classic Phase 2 and consider the following in light of the upcoming WotLK Classic Phase 2 release.


You will need to be level 65 in order to reach the maximum skill level in any profession in WotLK.

Get them up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit as quickly as you can for the greatest possible preparation.

For various recipes in certain professions, such as gold-crafting, players need to have a minimum level of 77.

Keeping this in mind, there is a good chance that the process of leveling from 60 to 70 will be sped up once the pre-patch is implemented. No matter what interpretation you give it, the fact remains that the pre-patch period of two to three weeks only allows you to level a certain amount.


Preparing Achievements

The Achievement System is one of the game-changing additions coming in WotLK Classic Phase 2. The Last Kingdom. It's a safe bet that everyone will start farming achievements soon. Currently, you may accomplish the following Achievements:

Comprehensible Research of All Zone Quests - To get the Loremaster achievement, you must (essentially) earn Exalted Reputations in every zone.

Increases in Tertiary Occupations (Fishing, Cooking, First Aid)

The Yearly Festivities (Collect consumables like pets and in-game currency for use in subsequent games)

Acquiring Competence with Arms

Those Who Die with Honor


Preparing for WotLK Ulduar Boost

With the release of WotLK's Classic Phase 2, a massive new raid, Ulduar, became available to players. Ulduar has been praised by many seasoned World of Warcraft players as the most remarkable raid in the game because of its compelling narrative, memorable soundtrack, and satisfying gameplay.


The WotLK Ulduar raid is a great place to find uncommon accomplishments with valuable prizes and high-quality items. WotLK Classic gives players the opportunity to experience Ulduar as it was intended initially, complete with all of the rewards that came with it, including the possibility to acquire a legendary weapon and a number of other prestigious items and accomplishments.


Hard Mode

The WotLK Ulduar raid's Hard mode is a one-of-a-kind mechanism that allows for more challenging encounters and higher treasure payouts. Loot levels range from level 219–232 in 10-man mode and ilvl 226-239 in 25-man mode. The complexity of Yogg-hard mode Saron's varies significantly from one attempt to the next.


All four Keepers will provide buffs to help you in the bare-bones version of the battle. You will not benefit from a Keeper's boost if you do not talk to them before drawing Yogg. You may get the Mimiron's Head, the rarest WotLK PvE mount, and the coveted Alone in the Darkness achievement by defeating Yogg-Saron in hard mode.


Runed Orbs

Runed Orbs are a rare component required to build high-level gear, and they may be dropped by all monsters in the WotLK Ulduar raid. In addition, Val'anyr, the Hammer of Ancient Kings, may be reconstructed from pieces dropped by each WotLK Ulduar raid monster. It was possible to get the legendary weapon Val'anyr for any class that could wield a one-handed mace. If you're looking for a powerful weapon in WotLK's Classic Phase 2, go no further than this mythical item.


WLK Phase 2-3


If you play a Druid, Paladin, Priest, or Shaman and want to increase your gear score and become an indispensable component of every raid and other activity in the game, you should equip this legendary weapon. Although Val'anyr was designed with healing classes in mind, its severe damage makes it useful for other specializations as well. It is widely agreed upon among shadow priest players that this weapon is the best in its class at delivering damage.


Do Your Investments Worth in Phase 2?

It is difficult to make educated guesses about the expenditures that will be incurred in the WotLK Classic Phase 2 expansion. If there is one thing that we have taken away from our experiences with private servers, it is that the cost of flasks, potions, and elixirs will remain relatively unchanged.


Because of this, it is even more essential that you sell the things you have invested in at the appropriate moment to acquire gold, or you can buy gold from any trusted online seller. When Inscription is first implemented in the game is likely the most incredible time to sell the herbs. There is a good chance that the items for Insane in the Membrane won't retail until much later in the course of the expansion.


General Tips

Having cleared up the more specific things to prepare, it's time to talk about some more generic tips that will make your leveling of WotLK Classic Phase 2 a lot easier:

Manage your breaks: The time it takes to level from 70 to 80 is lengthy, even though it just seems like a few minutes each time you log in and out. Taking breaks is inevitable, but you may aim to schedule them well. Long flights on an unpredictable course may need you to take periodic rests.

Take the Right Gear: Faster leveling is possible if you kill foes quickly. Do your utmost to get the finest equipment available. This is crucial for melee DPS characters in particular due to the importance of weapon impact on damage dealt.

Do not Forget About Consumables: You won't be able to stock up on consumables from the late game, but having food and drink to replenish health and mana will help a lot.

Mount:  Having an Epic mount before venturing into Northrend is ideal, but if you're leveling a new character, you should save money as you go so you may purchase one as soon as possible.

Level up Professions: In the midst of climbing the ranks, Despite the fact that professions may temporarily stall your progress, they will become crucial at max level. Even while you may level up a wide variety of crafting skills while adventuring, some, like skinning, mining, and herbalism, are particularly convenient due to the fact that you will inevitably travel across the globe anyhow.

Focus more on AoE if you can: It's nice to do damage to a single target, but if you want to finish tasks fast, you should strive to aggro many enemies at once. Some classes, like the Feral Druid, Mage, or Warlock, find it simpler to deal AoE damage than others, like the Warrior or Rogue, but having access to effective AoE damage is often crucial, especially when dozens of players are attempting to complete the same quest at once.



In conclusion, if you want the greatest potential chance of being able to play WotLK Classic Phase 2, you should start saving and preparing as soon as possible. Expected to drop in 2022; fans have plenty of lead time. Take care of your finances and stock up on the essentials before diving into this upcoming classic.

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