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Guide to Achievements in WotLK Classic

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Achievements are typically one of the main aspects of a game that drive players to continuously run after some crazy mission. Well, WotLK Classic isn't that different, and it isn't a secret that WoW always had a strong achievement mechanism. Therefore, to help you out in your achievements in WotLK Expansion, we have here a guide to achievements in WotLK Classic.


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There are quite a lot of Achievements in WOTLK Classic. Therefore, to help you understand them, we compiled them in Quests, Basics/General, Exploration, Dungeons/Raids, Professions, and Events.


WoW WotLK is in the Beta Phase and opted for further changes in the future. For that, you can check out WOTLK Classic Reddit.


Quest Achievements


Lore Master

In this achievement, you have to travel the whole world of WOTLK Classic and complete the quests you will find. A simple trick is to primarily track the quests with low level, then never let the log get full, never skip quests, go to WoWhead to Show Horde Quest-givers in case you did all the quests in the old world, and finally look at the item lists that give quests.



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Bombs Away

A relatively simpler Quest Achievement in which you have to take into account various random factors. For Kaliris, you will have to save yourself from getting hamstrung, dazed, or aggro because you will lose.


For Eggs Respawn, wait alongside the giver of the quest for a few minutes. Wait some more minutes when you see someone take the quest.


Blade's Edge Bomber Man

Here, you have to take into account your time. At the North of O'grila at Burning Legion Camp, you have to make sure that there isn't a second wasted for the bomb uptime. Failing is common here, and you have to reset after a throw fails and never avoid others.


When you reach your 15th bomb, you will have to throw it at the most southern cannon, fly back and turn it in as soon as possible. Don't be lazy and never waste time at the time of turning in the quest. In the Quest segment, it is amongst the hardest achievements.


Basic/General Achievements


25 Tabards

Using Reputations, the Tabards you got from NPC, you can buy back. At that time, the quests you deleted will come back to you. Some of them are not restorable like the Horde, but you can gain them back from other methods like destroying them.


Tastes Like Chicken

In the Capital Cities and Shattrath, you can do most of this. The technique here is to talk with various vendors like Mushrooms, Meat, and Fish. In case this isn't enough for you, then you can simply take a route of AH, get yourself some food, or you can also do some cooking yourself.


The best thing here is that Mega Food counts, and you will always find more than enough to complete it.


Leading the Cavalry

Exalt yourself with the horde races, around five of them, then go for the Skyguard or Netherwing. With all of these reputations, you can gain around 25 mounts, or you can gain the Horde Flying Mounts.


Always go for the one you think works best in your scenario. Just keep in mind that the AQ mounts are not included here. Various Mounts that you can learn are;


Two Talbuk (Halla)

Five Kodos (TB)

Three PvP Mounts

Six Wolves (Org)

Eight Talbuk (Mughar)

Six Netherwing Drakes (Netherwing)

One Wolf (Alterac Valley)

Five Netherrays (Skyguard)

Four Ahn'Qiraj Bug Mounts

Seven Wind Riders (Shadowmoon)

Cenarion Expedition Mount


All around, they make up around 48 mounts, but to complete it pre-TBC, you will have to get rare mounts. But, you can do this without taking the separate route by going for an Engineer.


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The Keymaster

For the Auchenai Key, you will have to be honored by the Lower City.

For the Crescent Key, you will have to go DM east and get from a small imp Pusilin that drops it.

For the Key of Time, you will have to be honored by the Keeper of Time.

The Stratholme Key is dropped by Magistrate Barthilas, but the limitation is only one person looting it.

The Shadowforge Key can be gained from Dark Iron Legacy, which is a streak of quests starting from the Franclorn Forgewright (only the dead can see) in the Blackrock Mountains.

Killing the Talon King Ikiss, who is the final boss of Sethekk Halls, will give you the Shadow Labyrinth Key.

The Shattered Halls Key can be gained as a reward of the Four Quest from the last part that starts with you killing Smith Gorlunk and looting the Key Mold. In the end, you will have to kill Fel Reaver.

For the Scarlet Key, you will have to open the small Chest on the room's back at SM Library. The Chest belongs to the Arcanist Doan.

The Skeleton Key is also a reward from the chain of quests around six of them, starting from the Executor Darrington in the Tirisfal Glades, Bulwarks.

Violet Hold Key is an item that can be gained from Dalaran after doing the first quest of Violet Hold.

Finally, the Workshop Key can be gained from the Electrocutioner 6k as a drop. He is found in the Gnomeregan area.


Friend or Fowl

You can find this at Borean Tundra, Human Keep



Exodar (Sixx)

Elwynn Forest (Donni Anthania)

Stormwind Rare (Lil Timmy)

Darnassus (Shylenai)

Dun Morogh (Yarlyn Amberstill)



Orgrimmar (Xantish)

Eversong Woods (Jilane)

Thunder Bluff (Halpa)


Both Factions

Darkmoon Faire (Flik)

One Thousand Needles (Magus Tirth)

Stormspire (Dealer Rashaad)

Booty Bay (Narkk)

Enable the usable items only in the pets tab, and make sure you check both the neutral Ah and the Horde.


To All the Squirrels I've Loved Before

The only issue people mostly face is finding a critter. You can simply take a look at WoW head and target macro that you can effortlessly spam at the time of zone run.


Borean Frog in the Borean Tundra

Squirrel in Magistrates Terrace, Darnassus, Dire Maul, Zul Aman, and Ashenvale

Cat in Silvermoon City, Elwynn Forest and Eversong Woods

Stream Frog in the Borean Tundra

Chicken in Duskwood, Hillsbrad foothills, Westfall, Tirisfal Glades, Arathi Basin, Dustwallow Marsh, The Barrens, Shattrath City, Redridge Mountains, Azuremyst Isle, and Duskwood

Cow in Westfall, Elwynn Forest, Arathi Highlands, and Hillsbrad Foothills

Crab in the SteamVault

Ewe in Shattrath City

Frog in The Steam Vault, Maraudon, and The Slave Pens

Fawn in the Elwynn Forest

Deer in Darnassus, Ashenvale, Alterac Mountains, Blade's Edge Mountains, Elwynn Forest, Teldrassil, Moonglade, Azuremyst Isle, Westfall, Stonetalon Mountains, Darkshore, and Western Plaguelands.

Hare in Durotar

Gazelle in The Barrens

Rabbit in Scarlet Monastery, Dun Morogh, and Elwynn Forest

Parrot in Un'Goro Crater

Hare in Durotar

Sheep in Alterac Mountains, Westfalls, Elwynn Forest, Loch Modan, Redridge Mountains, and Hillsbrad Foothills.

Ram in Wetlands and Loch Modan.

Prairie Dog in Westfall, Nagrand, Arathi Highlands, The Barrens, and Mulgore

Swine in The Barrens and Durotar

Skunk in Azuremyst Isle, Terokkar Forest, and Bloodmyst Isle

Toad in The Underdog, The Steam Vault, and the Black Temple.


Dungeon and Raids


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Heroic Dungeons

For the Normal and the Heroic Achievement, you will have to complete a Heroic. The credit you get will open the achievements.



For this, you will have to take some friends around with you, around six of them or a few with AoE, to the Blackrock Mountains. Just keep in mind that one of your friends or you have the key for UBRS.


Rush towards the Emberseer and make everyone ready for the next room. Start making your AoE attacks which run over the Eggs.




Cooking WotLK Achievement

Chef De Cuisine: If you don't have a recipe, you can check AH and click the checkbox by the name of Usable Items Only. Every Cooking Master will teach you Every Recipe for Cooking, or you learn from specific objects or even the Bermaid of Shattrath Inn.


You can get your hands on the Addon Ackis Recipe List to get a know-how of what you have and what you are missing or where to get it.


The Outland Gourmet: For this Cooking WOTLK Achievement, you will have to know the Outland Recipes. While most of them can be bought, there are three which can be learned from Shattrath Main Inn. After you reach Level 70 Cooking Dailies, you will learn all others.


Fishing WotLK Achievement

The Lurker Above: For this, you need to be a Skyguard Reavered Class or an Engineer. You can also be a Priest or a Mage to do this. Go to SSC with Raid, dive in the water, utilize a cloak like a parachute or Skyguard, and finally use the water walking elixir or use the shaman water walking cast. With a Priest, you can simply levitate and walk to the cavern mid, then fist, die, and win the achievement.


Suffering from Boosting your Mage, Priest, or any other class? You can simply buy fast WotLK Classic Boost to give you a head start.


Fish Don't Leave Footprints: It is a random change in which you can book fish, teaching you fishing skills and earning you this achievement.


Old Crafty and Old Iron Jaw: It is also a random achievement in which you can expect nearly 600 random useless fish before you find each of them


Deadliest Catch: For this, you will have to complete the Nat's Measuring Tape Quest, which can be found in the area of ZG for the final fish boss summon. You also have to purchase the Lure of Mudskunk in the area of Dustwallow Marsh from Nat Pagle. After that, in the area of ZG, fish five Mudskunk and utilize them at the camp.


Mister Pinchy Magical Crawdad Box: In High Places like West of Garadar, Skettis, or East of Alliance Keep, you will find this very low drop. It is also exceptionally low that Mister Pinchy gives you a box after three summons.


The Fishing Diplomat: When you are entering Stormwind, just jump into the water if you are Horde. Right there, you can simply go fishing at the banks. In case you are Alliance, Enter Orgrimmar from the West and fish in the Valley of Spirits.


World Events


Check Your Head

Goody Bags you gained from Trick or Treating in the Inns and also the Jack o Lanterns Headless Horseman Drop.


Same, you can get them from the killing of Headless Horseman or Goody Backs from Trick or Treating Inns.


Rotten Hallow

On the West of Undercity, you will find a quest. You can complete them at the area of South shore requiring rotten eggs drop, going into the inn and barrel taint.


The Masquerade

When you do Trick or Treat in the inns and gain Goody Bags, there is a chance of Wands in them. You can further use them on the raid members or party members, but you can never use them on yourself. Simply pay for it to happen, and you will have this WOTLK Achievement.


Out With it

The treats you gain should be eaten by you until the Upset Tummy Debuff appears on you. When you are near Headless Horseman at the time of his death in the SM graveyard, the Tricky Treats start to appear in your bags.


The Savior of Hallow's End

For this, you will have to complete the Faction's Starting Village Dailies, and the event has a time of 15 minutes. After that, it restarts.


The Mask Task

In the Goody Backs, after doing Trick or Treats in the Inns, you will find these Masks.


After you kill the summoned Headless Horseman found in the SM Graveyard, do the daily quest you find to get this WOTLK Achievement.


Trick or Treat 

Interact with the Inner Keeper, and you can select the Trick or Treat to get this Achievement in WOTLK Classic.


Sparkling Smile

In the Trick or Treat Goody Bags, after going to every Inn, you will have a high chance of getting the Toothpick. Using this will unlock the achievement in WOTLK Classic.


Final Verdict

WoW, WotLK Classic brings a lot of achievements for you to strive for. Without any doubt, some of them are truly great and sensible, while some aren't so well thought out. Well, that is what achievements are meant for, something crazy to strive for. In this Guide to Achievements in WOTLK Classic, we have nearly all the major achievements you can go for, helping you do them effortlessly.


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