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WoW Classic WotLK: Fast Inscription Leveling Guide 1 – 450

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This article will explain why you should choose the inscription in Wrath of the Lich King classic, what you can expect to get from it, how to level up from 1 to 450, and the materials and boats to rely on to get there.


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Making glyphs in Wrath of the Lich King is a great way to level your inscription profession and earn gold through the Auction House. Glyphs will be required for all classes because they significantly boost your character's abilities, and if you discover a new glyph that no one else can craft on your server, you can keep it all to yourself.


The greatness card is the most valuable trinket on a brand-new server. To gain even more money, you may try crafting Darkmoon cards, which will enable you to create a card of a completely random design. These cards may sell for anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 gold on the first day of the server's release.


These hilton offhand items may be crafted to advance in the inscription, and they're good enough for the initial phase to use with the Willem armor and weapon. This will enable you to retain the enchants until you reach level 400; you may either sell them in the auction house or save them for later use.


Level 1-20

Now that you are ready to level your inscription, you will need to transform your pigments into ink; however, be careful not to do this with all of your stains; at this point, you need to achieve level 20.


Level 20-35

You are now prepared to create the scroll of stamina; however, you will need to continue doing this until you reach level 35. You should see the trainer after you have achieved level 20 to study the stamina scroll. If you were wondering where to get it, you might acquire the parchment from the same window from which you just purchased the inkset.


Level 35-55

Moonglow ink is a type of ink that glows in the dark. Moonglow ink is converted by the ella blaster pigments you used initially. Because of this, it was essential that you did not convert all of the ella blaster pigments into ivory ink. You learn moonglow ink at level 35 by speaking to the trainer. 


You have reached the stage where you may relax for a little while, but you must now transform the leftover pigment into moon glow ink. You may anticipate reaching about level 55 after you have completed this task. It is not essential that you level up to level 55 as long as you do level up to level 50 at the very least.


Level 55-75

Next, you will need to create Armorville using every last drop of moonshine ink you have. If you have already studied German inscription, you may skip this step. This activity is required for you to advance to level 75. When you reach level 75, if you haven't previously learnt German inscription, you need to make sure that you do so now; otherwise, you won't be able to continue levelling up your inscription beyond that point.


Level 75-85

You must transform your pigments into midnight ink for the following five levels; however, after you reach level 80, you need not bother further changing your pigments. Transform all of it into ink since you'll need this to advance to the next level.


Level 85-100

You'll need to learn glyphs from the trainer and make them from level 80 to 100. Turn pigments into midnight ink for the following five levels, but don't stop at level 80. Convert it all to ink since you'll need it to continue leveling. Craft five glyphs at a time and visit the auction house to see which is the costliest since you can resell them.


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Craft five at a time or grant five levels at a time because for every five levels, you can learn a new glyph from the trainer, and the old skill might be yellow at this point and not grant you 100 chances to give a skill. In other words, make sure the glyphs you craft from 80 to 100 are always orange skills.


Level 100-105

You have to convert all of your golden pigment into lions inc between levels 100 and 105, but you only need to convert 65 of them before you can go AFK for a while while you go through the following 45 levels.


Level 105-150

Crafting glyphs is required from level 1 to 150; note that you can only work on five at a time, and your active skill should always be orange if you want to maximize your earnings. The most expensive cliff you learn is the one you should try to sell on the auction house for a 5-10x profit. 


You should also note that when you reach level 145, you will be unable to learn a new glyph for the following five levels, forcing you to engage in various yellow crafts as a means of advancement.


Level 150-200

At level 150, you'll need to start jade burning all your pigments to make the ink you'll need to manufacture various glyphs, and you'll have to keep doing this for quite a while. You may then create the arcane turret using all of the converted materials; this should be sufficient up to level 185; after there, you can go directly to level 200. At level 200, you'll discover a new set of symbols that require you to convert all of your pigments to something called "celestial ink."


Level 200-250

From level 205 to 210, you'll be responsible for crafting the armor vellum; from level 210 up to 225, you'll craft different glyphs; from 225 onward, you'll learn the theory inc converting everything and see how far you get; typically, this is around level 229. It doesn't matter what level you reach at this point, so long as you convert all the pigments; from 229 onward, you'll have to craft glyphs.


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Level 250-350

For the following 15 levels, you will be crafting various glyphs, beginning at level 250 when you transform your pigments into shimmer ring ink and ending at level 255 when you start constructing the scroll of spirit, which should take you up to level 260.


No matter your Grand Mastery tenth level, between 275 and 285, you will learn how to transform your sapphire pigment into the ink of the sky, and between 285 and 290, you will develop a total of five distinct glyphs. To manufacture the evil ink, you'll need to switch to TBC herbs at level 290. For the following 45 levels, all the way to level 350, you'll be required to craft various glyphs.


Level 350-400

At 350, speak to the trainer to understand ink after sea. At 375, you learn snowfall ink, which requires icy pigment. This pigment is made by converting sewage pigment. To keep an orange craft, you must use the ink to construct various scrolls for every 5 levels. You can no longer utilize your TBC herbs after you've converted them all. 


If you didn't get any skill-ups during the snowfall, don't worry; you can catch up by making glyphs until you reach 385. At 385, talk to the trainer and learn about northern inscription research. Every 20 hours, you can learn a new glyph by doing this, and you'll continue to level with an orange skill. By doing this, you save the north-front inscription research for later. The glyph you just learned must be crafted to 400.


Level 400-450

At level 400, speak to the trainer to study the school of stamina. You must complete the following 30 levels of spirit, intelligence, strength, and agility scrolls. You'll learn a new kind of scroll every five levels, so always see the trainer.


The materials are costly, and you also need a lot of them. At level 430, it gets tricky for the following 20 levels. You can level fast, but that is expensive, and you might also make some profit, or you can level slow and spend next to no materials. The slow way of leveling is to do the northern inscription research every 20 hours. This is cheap but slow; the expensive way to craft the Darkmoon cards is too slow.


Some Darkmoon cards are expensive, so you could earn a profit if you're fortunate. The good news is that this talent will remain orange up to 450. So, it's a guaranteed level every time you build a Darkmoon card. If you're also attempting to obtain a Darkman card, you could exchange some of them for other inscriptions to make your deck speedier at 440. 


Learn the fortitude rune scroll from the trainer. This skill will only be yellow for a few levels, but it's inexpensive for the level, so it's worth it. The latter ten levels are cheaper. Wait for northern inscription research to level cheaply.

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