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Soul Worker Progression Guide Part 3: Enhancing/ Upgrading Guide

Nancy G April 13th, 2018 Soul Worker    Soul Worker Dzenai   

Dear Soul Worker players, let’s continue the Soul Worker Progression Guide. Today, I will show you the last part Enhancing/ Upgrading Guide. In this gaming news, I will talk about Enhancing, Stat Reset, Grade Refining and Socketing, and I really hope this guide can help you a lot.




There are 9 levels of enhancements. The higher the enhancement the more you gain from it. To show how enhancement affects gears: a +0 aureate scythe has about 2000 damage (dmg) while a +9 aureate scythe has 10K. Enhancement costs you Soul Worker Dz, ether, ether light, and weapon extension devices starting from +4.

Starting from +4 your gear will have been increasing chances to break, so you'll have to use QBD enhancement protector to prevent it from breaking. In the case where you don't use them and your gear breaks, you can fix it using a 10$ worth cash item. Your gear also has an enhancement limit of twenty five tries, once you hit the limit you'll have to use an anti-limiter to extend the limit. At specific enhancements levels on armors you'll gain extra stats and your enhance level will never decrease on failure.


Stat Reset

Depending on your gear grade (including magic, rare, unique, legendary), your gear will have a number of random stats added to them. The lowest grade (magic) will give 1 stat whereas the highest (legendary) will give 4 stats. You can reset those stats with a stat resetting which is bought for 28,000 battle points at the battle points shop. You can gain those points in various ways but the most useful way is killing the world boss which gives you 3000 points per kill. 

You should be searching for specific stats on your gear: crit rate, crit dmg, dmg on boss, HP attack and so on. You can protect one of your actual random stats by using an extra stat reset and safeguard 2 stats with 2 extra stat resets.


Grade Refining

Another way to enhance your gear is refining. Every gear has a grade from low to highest, basically being the potential of the gear. Higher the grade, higher the main stat. You can try resetting the grade using refining stones gained from dismantling rare and above lvl 55 gears. There are kinds of different grades of refining stones and higher is the refining stone grade, the higher chance you have of gaining a decent graded gear.



Armors and weapons have slots in which you can socket attribute soul stones and familiars. Familiars can pretty much give you any raw stats in low amount, but what is considered the best is crit dmg.

You can gain them from the battle point shop. Attribute soul stones give you extra dmg/defense (depending if socketed on weapon or armor) of a specific attribute (brilliance, evil, serenity, hatred, healing, agony).


You can craft them from soul stone fragments gained from running attribute raid runs. Soul stone won’t be out at release, same for armor slots so you'll just fill your weapon slots with crit dmg familiar (2 soul stones and 2 familiars later on as you can’t use 3 of the same soul stone).



That’s all my introduction about the enhancing guide. If you want to Buy Soul Worker Dzenai, you can visit Safe Soul Worker Gold Store MmoGah, which owns cheap prices and Ultrafast Delivery. If you want to know more Soul Worker Leveling Guide, you can click the following links to get more details.


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