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Soul Worker Progression Guide Part 2: Gearing Guide

Nancy G April 12th, 2018 Soul Worker    Soul Worker Dzenai   

Dear Soul Worker players, let’s continue the Soul Worker Progression Guide. Today, A Professional Gaming Site MmoGah will show you the second part Gearing Guide. In this gaming news, I will divide it into two parts including Lvl 1-54 and Level Cap to discuss, and I hope this guide can help you a lot.



Lvl 1-54

Don’t waste time and fatigue trying to hoard materials to craft stronger weapons until level 35. Just grab the strongest weapon you loot, enhance it to +4 and change it each 5-10 levels else you'll be wasting too much Soul Worker Gold on enhancing. Also make sure to grind Steel Grave, a special instance you can do limited times daily, to grind Fantasy Metals/Life Fiber/GK codes.


Once you hit level 35, you should have enough steel grave to craft a grave guard weapon if you properly farmed it. You need a blueprint which you'll find easily in chapter 5 to craft it, 32 meteor fragments obtained through dungeons of your level, 90 fantasy metal obtained in any steel grave chapter, 9 GK codes also obtained through every steel grave chapter and 35 low grade weapon cores obtained through dungeons of your level. Once you have it you should enhance it to +4 and it should last you until leveling cap. This weapon will also be used to craft an lvl 45 version used to craft an lvl 55 version as strong as the casual raid weapon. You can find the blueprint for each version on chapter 10/15 and you'll need same materials of higher level to craft them.


Level Cap

Once you hit level 55 finish your lvl 55 grave guard weapon. Then you should start farming casual raids for materials to craft casual raid armors as it's, in my opinion, better with it’ s set effect than the grave guard armors. There are 4 different casual raids that you can run thrice daily, one for each town, all sharing the same set/materials. You can get the blueprint through the same raid with RNG.


Once you're fully geared with grave guard Mk3/casual raid gears, your next objective is Golden Citadel. It's where you'll craft your MK3/casual raid set into the aureate set, which will allow you to survive the upcoming 8-man raid 'The Primal'. Enhance those gears as much as possible. If we get the buffed version of the raid right away then running without a carry is going to be hell.


Once at primes there's not much left to be said. Just try not to die as you're limited to 3 lives in there and the boss pretty much shots you unless you have OP gears. Pray to Nessus for not looting you when you don't craft the primal set, and only in this way will you loot it with a chance.


That’s all my introduction about the gearing guide, and I will share the part 3 Enhancing/ Upgrading Guide in next Soul Worker News. If you want to Buy Soul Worker Dz, you can visit the Safe Soul Worker Dzenai Store MmoGah, where you can Get Large Coupons. If you want to know more Soul Worker Leveling Guide, you can click the following links to get more details.


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