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The Experience of Playing Soul Worker

This gaming news introduces Soul Worker, a new online RPG game on opening beta. There are four kinds of characters including a boy and three girls to show you the story about saving humanity of Soul Worker. If you want to level like a game master, you can buy power packs in the in-game shop or Soul Worker Dzenai in out-game shops like MmoGah. Now let’s enter the world of Soul Worker.





Erwin Arclight is the only male lead who knows no fear in this game. His natural charms let Erwin spin his admirers' hearts into a tizzy. He faces danger with an over-confident grin painted on his face, and his two Gun Jazz in his hands.


Haru Estia is a warm-hearted girl, who lost everything she held dear.  Don’t be fooled by her shy and timid exterior since deep inside her burns a flame fueled by her lust for revenge. Her dutiful soul forged the noble yet deadly Soulum Sword that has become her one true companion.


Lilly Bloommerchen is a mad girl, because the demons killed her only friend when they descended upon the world. This event loose Lilly’s madness and her soul manifested as the deadly Mist Scythe.


Stella Unibell is a baby, whose soul screams through her Howling Guitar. The heart-wrenching chords that this girl plays sound out the end for many a foe. The playing method of Stella is the most difficult in Soul Worker, and now I will show you the experience of using Stella.



The scenery in the game is very real and clear. We can see the sky is true to nature, and the animation is greatly smooth.




Non-player characters (NPC) are as vivid as characters, and there is a dog coming up to Stella touching her knee with its head softly as you see.




Stella is a jumpy girl who can be controlled to jump ahead, which makes her look cute.



Find main quests. You (Stella) should talk to a ministrant NPC, and he will let you find the other NPC to obtain the next task from him, then you will get the second and the third skill. The third skill of you is “trick” which can be used to add potions by clicking on “Q”. You can revive freely for one time in the process of fighting boss, and then you will jump happily when kill the boss.


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