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An In-depth Soul Worker Leveling Guide

Nancy G April 03rd, 2018 Soul Worker    Soul Worker Dzenai   

Today, MmoGah will show you an in-depth Soul Worker Leveling Guide. In this gaming news, I will talk about the following things: Gear, Title, Leveling, Consumables and Energy Mitigation. I hope this News will give you a hand.


1. Title & Gear & Leveling:

From this title, you gain additional 10.50% EXP through killing mobs. To earn this title, all you have to do is repairing your gear for the cost of 300k Soul Worker Dzenai.


The easiest way to do that: go to district 6, then go down and die until your gear’s durability drops to zero. Go back to town, and repair your gear. Repeat.


As far as I know there is one “leveling weapon” for every class. It will give you an additional 10% EXP through killing mobs.


The Soul Weapon level requirement is level 16. You can farm the blueprint from Mad Edgar in Best Showtime, Maniac difficulty.


Beside of your Soul Weapon, you can get Gears with additional EXP gain stat. These random stat gears come from every dungeon.


2. Energy Mitigation:

Your Energy is basically the entry fee to a dungeon and every dungeon has its own energy cost. If you run out of energy, you cannot enter dungeons until next day reset. What most of you don’t know is that when you enter a dungeon, it only costs half of the amount of the required energy. The other half will only be spent after you completing the dungeon.


Always do the story quest dungeon if it’s available. If your level is too low for the story quest dungeon, you can consider the following methods:

♦ Go to the last dungeon you have completed.

♦ Enter the EP4 Maniac difficulty.

♦ Kill everything inside of the dungeon except the boss.


If you leave the dungeon, it will cost the other half of the enter fee. If you close your game client or force disconnect, it will cost the other half of the enter fee. The only way to save the other half is to die on the boss and press Abandon. You will be teleported out of the dungeon and you can keep the EXP from the mobs. No backtracking allowed for low level quests, because it’s really not worth the time and energy.


Another method for regenerating your energy is a community item called Mat. Five players can sit on it and it regenerates 1 energy every minute up to 30 minutes.


The Mat comes from special events or from the Premium Shop where you can find various useful items.


3. Consumables:

There are a few ways to restore your energy. Consumables, such as various Power Vitamins. Rocco Town offers one type of power vitamin. Candus City offers 2, and Grace City offers 3 different types. You can buy each of these Power Vitamins from Grutin Gold, which is a special currency, once per day. Gruitin Gold can not only be earned through the leveling box by completing achievements but also through a special reward box by completing dungeons with a high rank.


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