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Soul Worker Progression Guide Part 1: Leveling Guide

Dear Soul Worker players, today, MmoGah will show you a part of Soul Worker Progression Guide. Firstly, I will share the Leveling Guide with you in this gaming news, and I really hope this guide can help you a lot.



First thing I'll have to mention is the fatigue system. The game has a built in system preventing you from grinding 24/7 called the FP system. You have 200 FP daily and you can gain extra fatigue from vitamin juice bought from the s-coin shop(s-coins being gained in various ways). If you don't spend all your fatigue one day, then half of the remaining FP will be carried unto the next day. Example: you have 80 fatigue left at reset time, you'll end up with 240 FP the next day. Make sure to use up all your fatigue points daily so they don't go to waste.


Don't bother with side-quests which force you to run older dungeons, because they're simply not experienced worth for the fatigue you're using. Focus on your main quest and grab the side-quests which lead you to the same dungeon as your main quest.


At some point you'll hit a wall where your main quest require a higher level. Those walls always happen at the episode 3-4 of an instance. During those just grind the last episode 3-4 you can and suicide at the boss.


Dungeons consume half of your FP cost on entrance and the other half on boss killing, but you gain much more XP from using your FP in the first half. Also make sure to always party up when you can with people of your level, so you can gain extra XP for each party member running with you. Don't group with higher level people though as it'll have the reverse effect. There are also multiple ways of boosting your Exp gaining which I'll list below.


Exp Buffs

Gear Stat: Every gear but normal grades has random stats applied to it, one of which is EXP bonus. Those can help for leveling but don't waste too much time trying to find them, just use whatever you can.


Party Buff: You'll gain extra XP from each member of your party. So if you're able to find a full party of people at your level running the same instance as you, it can be helpful.


EXP Book Buff: There are items allowing you to boost your EXP by 50%/100% for 1 hour. You can gain them in various ways like daily login and battle point shop.


Guild Buff: Guild Leaders can buy a buff boosting guild members EXP by 5/10/15/20/25% with guild funds.


Grade Buff: Once you hit level cap you gain a different kind of level called grades. There are 20 different grades and 5 divisions in total. 5 divisions: Recruit, Junior, Senior, Veteran, Master and they are all split in 4 different sub-divisions: D, C, B, A. As you level those grades, you gain a global EXP buff applied to all your characters going up to 100% with mastering a rank.


Title Buff: Similar to gear stats, some titles gained from achievements can give you extra experience.


That’s all my introduction about the leveling guide, and I will share the part 2 Gearing Guide in next Soul Worker News. If you want to Buy Soul Worker Dzenai, you can visit the Best Gaming Store MmoGah, which owns a lot of positive Reviews. If you want to know more Soul Worker Leveling Guide, you can click the following links to get more details.


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