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Top FAQ by First-Time RuneScape Account Buyers

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MmoGah is a reliable website covering OSRS accounts, OSRS coins, RS3 gold, and Fire cape OSRS services. Here are answers to first-time RuneScape account buyers’ most frequently asked questions. For those who have questions when buying OSRS accounts at MmoGah, this article should help.



Q: Can I change the username?

A: No, you CAN NOT. You should always use the username (also known as account name or login name) we sent you to log in the game and the RS official website. Note that the username we sent you is not a real email



Q: What should I do after I buy an OSRS account?

A: We will register your email to the account for you, all you need to do is to confirm your registered email address in the RS official mail and reset the password ASAP. To avoid getting locked, make sure you register your own email to the account before log in the game.

Q: Can I buy RS gold with the account I bought?

A: We don't recommend using Macro or doing Real World Trading with a newly bought account. We don't compensate for any loss if you get banned for those reasons. 

Q: How to unlock my RuneScape account?

A: If you have registered your own email to the account, you can reset the password to unlock the account easily. That is why we asked you to register first before you log in the game.


Q: Why can’t I log in?

A: It is most probably that you didn’t input the account name or password correctly. For example, some customers usually mistake the upper-case I to lower-case L or numeral 1. To log in the RS official website, you can copy and paste the username and password. But for logging in the game, you have to pay attention to the upper/lower case and input the letters one by one carefully. 


Q: How to differentiate an uppercase I, a lowercase L, and a number 1?

A: If you compare upper-case I and lower-case L side by side, L is taller and I is shorter. You can also paste them into something like MS Word and then change the font to Baskerville.






In Baskerville, it’s easy to see that the fourth character is a capital I. The next character is not so clear but the next one is definitely the numeral 1, which makes the character after the capital I a lowercase L. You can tell that the next two characters are not the same – one is a zero, one is a capital O.



Q: Why is it a level 1 account after I log in the game?

A: It is most probably that you didn’t use the username we sent you to log in. Keep in mind that the username can't be changed. Please DO NOT use your registered email to log in. Your registered email is only used for resetting the password.



Q: Do the OSRS accounts work on Mobile?

A: Of course they do. The RuneScape mobile version offers cross-platform support so you can login to your existing account. That means our RuneScape accounts work on both PC and Mobile. 


Q: Are the accounts handmade?

A: Yes. We only sell OSRS accounts that are 100% handmade with no real-world trading history.

Q: What if I got banned?

A: We’ll resend you a similar account for free if you get permanently banned within 24 hours after the delivery. (Account banned for Macroing or Real world trading is not included) So, please allow us to login your RuneScape account and check the account status if you are claiming compensation.


Should you need other information related to OSRS accounts, OSRS gold, and OSRS Fire cape, be sure to bookmark our RS news page on MmoGah.




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