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  • OSRS Gold Guide: 3 Low Requirement Money Making Methods
    By Michel Z2018-03-21 00:00:00

    This video guide contains three money-making methods by which you can make 1M+ OSRS GP an hour with no requirements from level 3 in Old School RuneScape. All you need is level 7 Magic, level 7 Cooking, and a little OSRS Gold as starting cash.

    Please click for more information about Youtuber Link'sOcarina who made this guide, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video.



    1. First, you need:

    •   A Ring of Dueling

    •   100 Maple Shortbow

    •   100 Gold bar

    •   100 Unblessed symbol

    •   100 Maple logs

    •   100 Willow logs

    •   100 Gold amulet

    •   100 Rune arrow

    •   100 Rune javelin heads

    •   100 Gold ring

    •   100 Gold bracelet

    •   2K OSRS GP


    There are more items you can use to maximize profit. You can teleport to the Clan Wars with a Ring of dueling, and then you go to the Shantay Pass, where you can buy a Shantay pass.


    You go through the Shantay pass from Al Kharid into the desert and travel with Rug merchant, and then you will be taken to Pollnivneach.


    When you arrive in Pollnivneach, you head over to the Pollnivneach general store and sell 10 of every single item you've bought, then you change another world and keep doing this. Don't sell any more than 10. Otherwise, you'll lose profit. 

    spent 130K GP on all the materials he bought and sold them for 194K GP, so the profit is 64K GP in 3.5 minutes. If you buy thousands of items, you can do that 17 times an hour, which gives you 1M+ profit an hour.


    2. Enchanting Sapphire Rings

    Doing this requires level 7 Magic, and you can earn about 2K gold per inventory, which only takes you 1 minute. 


    This is an excellent method to get your Magic up if you are a low-level player. So get your Magic up and make some good money! 


    3. Cooking Potatoes

    You are going to Catherby, which is a good place to cook food. You'll get yourself an inventory of potatoes, then go and use them on the range.


    Cooking potatoes requires level 7 Cooking. The XP per potato you'll get is 15, and you will earn 100 gold for each potato.


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