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RuneScape Gold Guide: Superglass Money Making Guide

This video guide shows you how to make 3.5M RuneScape Gold an hour in RS3 with Superglass Make. This is a mid/high-level money making guide that is non-combat (despite Magic being a combat skill). Superglass Make has been profitable for years, but it's even more profitable now with Invention perks.

Please click for more information about Youtuber puretppc who made this guide, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:




This requires 77 Magic and completing the Lunar Diplomacy quest, in which case you must be on Lunar Spellbook.


You can start at any Bank. Here is the Equipment Setup:

• Elemental Battlestaff: This supplies the holder with an unlimited supply of all elemental runes (air, water, earth, and fire). Otherwise, you can use a Fire staff.

• Large Rune Pouch: It contains Astral Runes. If you are not using Elemental Battlestaff, you'll need Air Runes as well.

• Full Artisan's outfit: This is optional, but it gives you +6% Crafting XP.



Inventory Setup

You are going to create a Bank preset which contains 14 Buckets of Sand and 14 Soda Ash.

The Soda Ash is a lot easier and cheaper to buy because the Corrupted Workers drop them in bulk. Otherwise, Seaweed works fine as well. 


Here is how the Spell works: The Superglass Make Lunar Spell will turn all buckets of Sand and Soda Ash in your inventory into 30% more Molten Glass.



You are going to start by Keybinding Superglass Make to the action bar. When loading the preset, press “ESC” key to close the bank interface faster, and finally, press the Superglass Make keybind.


The other strategy is you can try to position the action bar so that the Bank interface doesn't block it. So when you are loading the Bank preset, just click the icon from the action bar, then you'll immediately start casting it.


It's up to you to decide which one is right for you. You will notice this is quite click-intensive as a whole, and there is also a delay after casting the spell, which can be annoying. It causes you to misclick a lot because the bank interface doesn't open up right away.



You'll create about 16.7K Molten Glass in 1 hour, then you can sell them for 306 RSGP each, and that will be 5.1M GP in total. Your profit is about 3.8M GP/H assuming that you use the Elemental Battlestaff item.


Note that the profitability of Superglass making can vary greatly. The Grand Exchange prices on sand/seaweed/astral runes fluctuate quite frequently. So you should study the market beforehand if you want to maximize profit.


As for the XP, you will get 128K Crafting XP per hour without the Artisan's Outfit and 71.4K Magic XP/H.



This method is very click-intensive, but Superglass Make is a pretty profitable Crafting method because the Molten glass is in fairly good demand for Invention, and it doesn't require too much upfront cash. If you don't want to spend too much time on grinding, you can also buy RS3 Gold at MmoGah, since we always provide cheap RS Gold for a fairly low price.


Keep checking back for more RS guides and news. We have 2018 Top 10 skilling money-making methods and three quick and easy daily money-making methods for people who want to earn more OSRS Gold without spending money.




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