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OSRS Gold Guide: 3 Quick and Easy Daily Money Making Methods

In this video guide, there are 3 easy dailies you can do to earn over 300K OSRS Gold easily every single day with very little effort. This guide contains what minigame you should do, and which kind of items you should target for profit in the game of Old School RuneScape.

Please click for more information about Youtuber Link'sOcarina who made this guide, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video. You can follow him to do the 3 dailies and earn your OSRS Gold easily every single day. 



1. Battlestaves 

To start off, you are going to do Battlestaves. This is accessible to everyone, and low levels can go and get the Varrock achievement diaries done with very little effort.


You go over to Zaff’s Staff shop which is located in the north-west of the Varrock center. Zaff sells noted battlestaves for 7,000 OSRS GP each, in the barrel found in the corner of his shop. Depending on the tier of Varrock Diary you have completed, you can buy battlestaves from his barrel daily.

· Easy: 15 battlestaves for a total of 105,000 OSRS GP

· Medium: 30 battlestaves for a total of 210,000 OSRS GP

· Hard: 60 battlestaves for a total of 420,000 OSRS GP

· Elite: 120 battlestaves for a total of 840,000 OSRS GP


You run up to the Grand Exchange (GE) and sell each battlestaff at a profit of 1K+ OSRS Gold. So if you’ve got the Elite done, you are going to make 120K a day.



2. Herb boxes

Next is Herb box at the Nightmare Zone (NMZ). NMZ minigame is an instance minigame where you kill the bosses and get points. With the points, you can buy Herb boxes from Dom Onion’s Reward Shop. You can only buy 15 Herb boxes per day, and each Herb box costs 9,500 points. You can right-click a Herb box to place all the herbs into a Bank. Herb box contains an assortment of 10 random herbs which are grimy. By opening these boxes later, you will get 11-12K GP for each box, so you will get at least 150K RS07 Gold per day. The Nightmare Zone is such a good AFK experience which is worth of doing.


3. Overnight Flipping

This is what you can do before you go to bed. You can go and put some offers into the Grand Exchange, and when you wake up next morning, they should have been bought.


The things that you need to target should be like Food, Arrows, or Darts which are used very often in Old School RuneScape life, and your Flipping will be more profitable when an item can be bought and sold within a large price range. The more money you invest in, the more profit you will make next morning.


You can also buy OSRS Gold at MmoGah, which saves you a lot of playing time on grinding. Please keep checking back for more information related to OSRS Gold or RuneScape Gold on our RuneScape news page including How to Avoid Scamming When Buying RuneScape Gold, and 5 AFK F2P Low Requirement Money Making Methods.




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