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RuneScape: Deep Sea Fishing Guide

Deep Sea Fishing update of RuneScape 3 is now live. Today MmoGah shares with you a Deep Sea Fishing Guide. This guide has some amazing new ways to train the Fishing skill. You will get +300K XP per hour when fishing at the new offshore hub. Let’s dive in!



Please click for more information about Youtuber Taki Maki who made this guide, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video.



To get started, you are going to talk to Goomah in the fishing guild and select “Travel”.


Magnetic Minnows (level 68)

Magnetic Minnows can be turned into Manta Ray, Sea turtle, or Great White Shark bait. The fish can be eaten without cooking to heal 100 life points each. They are stackable, so you don’t have to worry about banking too often. When you click it, you have the option of making three types of bait. The XP per hour you’ll get on this spot is 60-100K.




Sea Turtles/Great White Sharks/Manta Rays (levels 79-81)

They are fished in the same manner once you have 300 Minnows, or you can buy the bait from the GE with your RS Gold. You make Minnows into the bait you need and then put the bait into the fishing spot. Once you activate the fishing spot, you will see all the fish in the four corners around you. You will be able to fish at least 50 fish from the fishing spot, and the XP you’ll get is about 100K/H, but you can only do this when you have bait.


Green/Blue Blubber Jellyfish (level 68, 91)

When you get here, you’ll see some of the Jellyfish are electrified, and you are going to prioritize catching the electrified ones because they give you a higher catch rate. But fishing at an electrified spot causes a debuff stack to accumulate with each catch. When it gets to 10 stacks, continuing to fish at an electrified spot will cause you to be stunned for about 10 seconds upon a successful catch. You can clear this by quickly switching to a different Jellyfish that is not electrified, and then go back to the electrified one. The XP for Green/Blue Blubber Jellyfish is about 100-120K an hour.


Swarm Fishing (levels 68+)

You can find the Swarm Fishing area in the southwest portion of the platform. The best thing about this is that it works in the same way as the ZMI altar does. You can catch a fish that is around your level, so if you are level 80, you can get a fish that has a tier above 80; if you are level 99, you can get the best tier fish, so you’ll be getting a lot of Blue Jellyfish, Sailfish, and Rocktails. 


The XP per hour you’ll get will fluctuate drastically, but you can get about 60-120K, depending on your level.


This is super AFK, and the bank deposit box is directly north of this spot, so you can quickly run there and return. You will make a lot of RS3 Gold from the fish, especially from the blue fish.


Fishing Frenzy (level 94)

The crown jewel of this update is Fishing Frenzy, and the XP/H at this place is ridiculous. You must continually click the constantly changing fishing spots. Continuously using the active spot gives a "streak" bonus, which awards up to 20% bonus XP with a soft cap of 200 streak. You can easily lose your modifier by being AFK for even 2 seconds or accidentally clicking somewhere on the dock. 


The best XP you’ll get from this will be more than 320K, assuming that you’re level 99 and you’ve got all the bonuses available to you. 


The last thing you’ll want to look out for is the Calm Fish pool. This pool allows you to AFK here for a considerable amount of time, which is a nice break from the monotony of continuously clicking over and over again. However, it doesn’t increase your frenzy streak, but you'll have 10-15 seconds of not having to worry about clicking on a fish for any period of time.


You can follow YouTuber puretppc’s guide and do the Fishing Frenzy:



Sailfish (level 97)

Sailfish is the best fish for Healing in this game. It can be caught in the north-eastern corner of the Deep Sea Fishing area, and you’ll want to prioritize the swift fishing spots over the normal ones so that you can have an increased catch rate. Fishing sailfish yields 420 XP when fished from a swift sailfish spot or 400 from a regular spot.

Sailfish heal up to 2,400 life points, depending on your Constitution level. They can also boost your life points by 10% above the maximum. The RSGP you’ll get per hour is much less than things like Blue Jellyfish, so if you need more XP or profit, you’ll want to steer clear of Sailfish.


Random Events

The area has random events and interactions that take place in the center of the area. These will happen every once in a while. When a random event appears, you will get a 30-minute fishing buff if you take part in it.


You can also follow Youtuber Maikeru RS to do the Deep Sea Fishing at the new offshore hub:



Enjoy! Please keep checking back for more information related to RuneScape Gold, including a 1-99 Construction quick guide and how to avoid scams when buying RuneScape Gold.




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