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OSRS: The Cheapest Buyable Skill Training Methods

By Michel Z2018-10-31

This guide contains all of the buyable skills and calculate the cheapest buyable training methods. It shows you the XP rates, the total cost, and the cheap and efficient ways to train each buyable skill to level 99, and some of these methods would earn you Old School RuneScape gold while training. The content for this article was inspired by Theoatrix OSRS's video.




Farming is not really a Buyable skill, but in order to save money, you can use the cheapest Fruit trees instead of doing Magic or the Yew tree runs. You can’t do two Fruit tree runs a day because the growth time is a lot longer than the normal trees, but it still worth doing if you’d like to train cheaply over a long period of time.




Level 27: Apple Trees

+0.58 GP/XP

Level 33: Banana Trees

+0.18 GP/XP

Level 39: Orange Trees

+0.26 GP/XP

Level 42: Curry Trees

+0.28 GP/XP

Level 39: Pineapple Trees

-0.44 GP/XP

Level 39: Papaya Trees

-1.19 GP/XP

Level 39: Calqualt Trees

-0.05 GP/XP

*Don’t pay the Gardener






The cheapest viable way to get level 99 Herblore is through Prayer potions. To get to level 99, you are going to make 145,000 Prayer potions which would only cost you 85M RS gold when compared to the usual 100M+ RSGP for training Herblore.


You can get up to 200 XP/H making these, and some days, if you are lucky, you’ll profit from Pray potions. But keep your eyes on some of the potions because sometimes they become very cheap.




The cheapest way to train Construction is making mounted Mythical Capes. Using Teak planks and a Mythical cape, you’ll get more XP per Teak plank. To get level 99, it only costs you a total of about 83M RuneScape gold compared to the 100M from Oak planks or the 190M from Mahogany planks.


You can get up to 300K XP/H which is still very fast and cheap for such a useful 99.




By training with low level Ensouled heads, you can get to level 99 for less than 40M RuneScape gold.


Ensouled Heads Cost to Level 99
Unicorn Heads 20M GP
Monkey Heads 25M GP
Scorpion Heads 35M GP
Bear Heads 37M GP
Chaos Druid Heads 37M GP
Giant Heads 39M GP
Imp Heads 39M GP
Dog Heads 42M GP
Goblin Heads 45M GP

*Requires 100% Arceuus favour





The thing is, though, the heads above have a very low supply on GE and it will take you a long time to buy all the heads for level 99, and the XP rates are nowhere near as good as doing Dragon bones or high-level Ensouled heads. 


Below are the Ensouled heads that cost more than 50M RS gold to get to level 99, and there is a big supply of Ensouled Kalphite heads and Ensouled Dagannoth heads, so they are two very good options. 


Ensouled Heads Cost to Level 99
Troll Heads 50M GP
Horror Heads 51M GP
Ogre Heads 54M GP
Elf Heads 54M GP
Kalphite Heads 56M GP
Dagannoth Heads 60M GP

*Requires 100% Arceuus favour



A very fast and cheap method is training at the Chaos altar in the Wilderness. Since there is a 50% chance that you won’t consume the bone while you are training Prayer, it almost halves the price of getting to level 99.


When training in the Chaos altar with Dragon bones or Wyvern bones, it only cost about 70M RS gold to level 99. The benefit of doing Ensouled heads over Bones is that you will get extra Magic XP in the process and the Magic XP really does add up.


The Unpowered orbs(level 46) & Empty light orbs (level 87) are the cheapest viable way to level 99 costing around 30M RS gold. You can get up to 125K XP/H with the Light orbs which is not too fast for Crafting.


Unpowered orbs: 90K XP/H Cost: 11M GP (level 46 - level 87)

Empty light orbs: 125K XP/H Cost: 16M GP (level 87- level 99) 


When there was a big supply of Earth orbs, their price was very cheap, and it only took 46M RS gold to get to level 99 by making Earth battlestaves (level 46 - level 99) which gives 275K XP/H. Make sure you check the GE price and a calculator before you do with this method. 


Making Earth battlestaves is faster than the Light orbs but the Light orbs are more AFK than the Earth battlestaves.




Smithing is quite cheap to level 99 for a decent amount of XP rates. At level 88, you’ll unlock Adamant platebodies and getting to level 99 from level 88 only costs you 22M RS gold making them and you’ll get 250K XP/H which is almost comparable to making Gold bars at the Blast furnace


Creating Darts is also a good money maker, and it’s very AFK as well. Solely creating Dart tips to level 99 (Bronze through to Rune), you’ll profit about 16M RuneScape gold. Making Rune darts is 70K XP/H which is quite slow compared to Adamant platebodies, and the lower end ones like Mithril give only 45K XP/H, so that will be a good method for Alt accounts.




You can do Wines to level 99 for about 1 GP/XP, but there are some money makers with Cooking which gives very fast XP rates as well:

Fish Level Stop Profit to 99 XP/H
Karams 30 93 9,000,000 250K
Lobs 40 61 -500,000 150K
Monk 62 82 7,000,000 190K
Shark 80 89 5,500,000 275K

*“Stop” is the level you stop burning the fish with Cooking gauntlets and Hosidius kitchen.



Fletching is one of those 99s that you can blow a lot of money on and get really fast, or you can make some gold while getting a decent amount of XP.

Fletching Longbows

Bow Type GP/XP XP/H Total Profit
Maple longbows +1.04 90K+ 1M GP (level 55 - level 70)
Yew longbows +1.2 120K+ 3M GP (level 70 - level 85)
Magic longbows +0.66 150K+ 6M GP (level 85 - level 99)




You can make 8M-25M RuneScape 2007 gold depending on your stats if you train at the Wintertodt. All of the herbs, ore, fish, uncut gems, and seed drops are all based on your skills – in particular, your Herblore, Mining, Fishing, Crafting, Farming, and your Woodcutting


When you open the crate, that’s when your reward is determined, so you can keep the crates in your bank and store them there until you have higher stats to make sure you get a decent money out of the Wintertodt. It is recommended to do that after you have the full Pyromancer outfit on the way to level 99 Firemaking, and in the long run, that will really increase your GP per hour.


At level 50 when you unlock Wintertodt, you’ll get 165K XP/H, but nearing level 99, you’ll get over 300K XP/H.

At the Wintertodt

Level XP/H
50 165K
60 200K
70 230K
80 260K
90 290K
95+ 310K


You can spend money on the Redwood logs for faster XP, but it is only recommended for the most efficient players out there.



Cheapest to 99

Farming: You can train Farming for a lot less money if you do Fruit trees.

Herblore: Pray potions will always be a good and cheap Herblore training method.

Construction: Mounted Mythical capes are the cheapest and a fast way to level 99 Construction.

Prayer: The Chaos Altar is great for Prayer XP if you would like to save some money. Earth battlestaves are good but always make sure you check the GE prices and the calculator. 

Smithing: Adamant platebodies are a great method for Smithing and it’s very cheap compared to Gold bars. 

Cooking: Cooking can be done for a decent profit to level 99 if you have the Cooking gauntlets and the Hosidius kitchen, and Sharks give really fast XP rates.

Fletching: You can profit on the way to level 99 and get XP rates of above 150K, and Fletching is one of the most common 99s in the game due to that reason.

Firmaking: You can hold the crates in your Bank until you have higher skills in order to get better rewards from the Wintertodt.


Cost Summary

 (85M RSGP): Prayer potions

Construction (83M RSGP): mounted Mythical Capes

Prayer (70M RSGP): Cheap Ensouled head or Chaos altar

Crafting (30M RSGP): Glassblowing

Smithing (22M RSGP): Adamant platebodies/Darts

Farming (10M RSGP): Fruit trees

Cooking (+8M RSGP): Cooking without burn

Fletch (+16M RSGP): Longbows

Firemaking (+25M RSGP): Wintertodt


These are all great and efficient methods for training the buyable skills if you don’t have a lot of RuneScape 2007 gold. Should you need more information related to RuneScape gold, be sure to head over to the RS news page on MmoGah. There are top 5 skills that you should train during the DXP weekend to save a lot of RuneScape 3 gold. For Old School RuneScape players, we have 10 skilling money makers for you to earn OSRS gold in the game.





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