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RuneScape 3: Terrorbird Racing Guide 2018

This is a Terrorbird Racing guide for 2018. This is a part of the Summer Beach Party event of RuneScape 3 which will last until Aug. 28. Terrorbird racing gives a decent amount of Agility XP especially for Ironman characters.

Please follow Youtuber puretppc’s video to participate in this race, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:



There is no requirement for this but the XP is halved below level 50 Agility.



Equipment Setup:

  • Full Nimble Outfit(This gives you 6% Agility XP)
  • Amulet of glory
  • Ring of dueling
  • Mobile perk


Inventory setup:

  • Bladed Dive Switch
  • Traveler’s Necklace
  • Combat Bracelet
  • Explorer’s Ring 3+
  • Hoardstalker Ring/Dungeoneering cape
  • Lumbridge Teleport Runes (3 Air runes, 1 Earth runes, 1 Law runes) 


There are 7 checkpoints, you can use teleport so that you don’t have to walk and run.



To start off, you have to take a Terrorbird costume from the crate at the start/finish line which is located north of the beach in the Lumbridge Crater.




Checkpoint 2: It is next to the mine, south-west of Varrock. In order to get there faster, you can use a Combat bracelet to teleport to the Champions' Guild and run west to the 2nd checkpoint. You can also use a Varrock lodestone and run south, but it is slower than the Combat bracelet. 


Checkpoint 3: It is located between the Falador wall and Draynor Manor. The fastest way to get there is by using an Explorer’s ring 3 or above to cabbageport and run north to the 3rd checkpoint.


Checkpoint 4: It is located south of Draynor by the Wizard's tower bridge. In order to get there fast, you are going to use an Amulet of Glory to Draynor market and run south to the 4th checkpoint. You can also use a Draynor lodestone, but it is slower.


Checkpoint 5: It is located in the south Lumbridge swamp which is south-east to the 4th checkpoint. Using a Traveler’s necklace to Nexus can get you there directly.



Checkpoint 6: It is in the north of Al Kharid, between Lumbridge and the Kharidian Desert. You are going to use a Ring of Dueling to Duel Arena and run west and go south-west. The other way is using the Al Kharid Lodestone which is a little slower. 


Checkpoint 7: It is located south of the Varrock south-east mine. To get there faster, you are going to use a Hoardstalker Ring/Dungeoneering cape and select Al Kharid mining site resource dungeon(use keybinds 0 then 5), and climb up the shortcut (requires 38 Agility) and run north for the 7th checkpoint. If you don’t have the two items, you can just keep going north from the 6th checkpoint.


Finish line: For the finish line, you are going to run back to the Beach Party in Lumbridge. You can use Lumbridge teleport spell then go east to enter the beach and finally cross the finish line. Before you cross the finish line, don’t forget to switch over to your Nimble Outfit for the full XP.


Players may participate in Terrorbird racing once an hour, during the first 30 minutes past the hour. A new race starts on the full hour. 



Time Experience
0–119 8,000
120–139 7,400
140–159 7,200
160-179 6,800
180-199 6,400
200-219 6,000
220-239 5,400
240-259 5,000
260+ 4,000

*The XP is halved below level 50 Agility.


The amount of XP you can get is based on how fast you completed it. The XP stacks with all XP multipliers, so be sure to use them if you have them. puretppc can complete this within 126 seconds, and his Ironman can complete this for 146 seconds (without Bladed Dive, Dungeoneering cape, and Mobile).



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