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    By Michel Z2020-03-10 00:00:00

    How to league start and get to maps on day one? For some Path of Exile players, learning to optimize and execute a good league start and build is where they have fun, and that’s where this guide is going to aim. Today, MmoGah, one of the best PoE currency sites, shares some tips about having a successful league start.

    Knowing what build you want to map with is important, but knowing what build you are going to level with is also very important.
    Tripolar Bear’s video has more details on how to have a successful league start in Path of Exile delirium, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video. Also, make sure you join his discord if you like his video:



    The Most Important Part


    ·  Knowing what build you are leveling as, and mapping with. 

              ·  Don’t decide while downloading the patch on Friday.


    ·   Knowing what build you want to map with is important, but knowing what build you are going to level with is also very important.



    The Second Most Important Part


    The second most important part of the league start is exactly what build you are going to play.

              ·  The new wand stuff looks cool, but wands are very hard to league start as leveling. If you want a successful league start, you need single target damage. 


    What makes ED/Contagion good?

    ·  While you need 2 casts per pack (>1), it will never be more than those 2 casts.

              ·  The contagion can spread your ED to other packs of monsters as well! 

                        ·  It’s going to be great for delirium, and the “fogged” Breaches, Legions, Abyss, and whatever.

    ·  You don’t need a good weapon (wand, axe, sword, staff, etc.)

              ·  You can have a crappy wand with whatever rolls and you’ll be fine

    ·  The single target is good enough with blight/wither totem

              ·  It’s enough for killing early map bosses with 0 gear (no investment)

    ·  It’s a spell so it scales off gem levels and links very well

              ·  Even in a 4l it has very good damage



    How do I have like an insane league start

    ·  Practice 

              ·  Yes you need to actually practice to have a really good league start

              ·  If you want to league start with ED/Contagion, then now is the perfect time to do a practice run

                        ·  Learn:

                                  ·  Spells needed, and where to get them

                                  ·  Links needed (make a filter that highlights them)

                                  ·  Gear

                                  ·  Crafts

              ·  Shake the rust off 

              ·  Loot filter

                        ·  Highlight whatever you need, it saves a lot of time during league start!



    What is a good league start?


    ·  Find your goal and work at it

              ·  I want to make a bunch of PoE goods trading

                        ·  Start working towards that

                                  ·  Figure out which items will be meta

                                  ·  Make your searches

                                  ·  Get all your programs figured out

              ·  I want to hit maps and make PoE currency

                        ·   Start practicing your leveling and mapping

                                  ·   What build, items, and links do you need? 

                        ·   Make your filters



    Ascend Your Economic Play

    ·   Don’t wait until league launch to make your live searches

              ·   Make them now for the metamorph league and save the search link (in a search manager is easiest)

                        ·   This lets you set up woops for:

                                  ·   Uniques

                                  ·   Rares

                                  ·   YOINKS

                                  ·   Anything

                                  ·   Jewels

                                  ·   YOINKS





    Day One Mapping

    ·   If you want to map day one, you need to be very fast leveling.

              ·   Level within 8 hours max

              ·   Have everything you need for leveling and mapping planned out so once you hit maps:

                        ·   Stay in maps (not your hideout)

                        ·   Buy maps you need from zana with chance orbs

                        ·   ABM (always be mapping)

                        ·   Roll your maps in bulk

                                  ·   Throw them in your map tab, figure out which ones need completion, and trans/alch them all at once and keep them in your inventory.

                        ·   DUMP DUMP DUMP

                                  ·   You need to PUMP AND DUMP


    Day Two Mapping

    ·   Aggressively sell your lower tier maps

              ·   Know which ones need to be kept for conquerors 

    ·   ABM (always be mapping)

    ·   Work towards the watchstones, awakener bonus, and sirius kills 

    ·   Check Exilence (or whatever program you are using) for valuable uniques that may have been dumped.

              ·   Price items aggressively as prices will most likely go down as time goes on.

    ·   Make sure you are upgrading your gear as you get currency

              ·   Know what you need and have it linked and ready to buy (before league start)



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