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  • Top 5 Best Conqueror Influenced Items to Craft for PoE Currency

    By Michel Z2020-02-28

    Conqueror influenced items can be found from doing maps under the influence of the Conquerors of the Atlas. There are four main conquerors, each with an associated influence type. The influence types are the same as the conquerors, crusader, redeemer, hunter, and warlord. Once you’ve reached endgame maps and start finishing them, the conquerors will start appearing naturally and you’ll begin to encounter them regularly. After chasing them through the Atlas, you’ll fight the conquerors directly inside their strongholds. The bosses drop influenced Path of Exile items at a fairly high rate, and after defeating a certain number of conquerors, you’ll encounter the fifth conqueror: Sirus - the new endgame boss. Sirus will drop a large amount of influenced items. So, learning this boss is a great way to increase the amount of influence base items.

    Please watch Behind Eyes Gaming’s video for more details on the top 5 Conqueror influenced items to craft for profit and upgrades, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video. You will find the item levels required for the crafts on this page: 





    There are tons of ways to craft items to be profitable, and I’ve been profitable chaos spamming for some of these mods, but luck is certainly a factor. For some of the most valuable mods, I’ll be talking about the ones that I can elevate an item’s price without any other stats. Alt spamming can be a nice way to get some quick profit. Essences can be great especially on bases that have a good variety of valuable mods to roll, increasing the chance of getting one great stat and a desirable influence mod on the same item. Finally, fossils are probably the best way to go about this. Fossils increase the chances of rolling particular mods and can also remove the possibility of rolling useless mods at the same time. I will list the recommended fossils when I present the items.




    Top 5: Warlord influenced Wand


    Adds (26-35) to (53-61) fire damage attacks with the weapon penetrate (5-7)% fire resistance

    Adds (21-28) to (42-49) fire damage to spells damage penetrates 4% fire resistance

    Attacks with this weapon penetrate (13-15)% fire resistance 

    Damage penetrates 8% fire resistance

    (23-25)% chance to gain unholy might for 3 seconds on kill

    Gain (18-20)% of physical damage as extra fire damage

    (16-20)% chance to inflict fire exposure on hit

    Curse enemies with level 10 flammability on hit

    (90-94)% increased burning damage


    It gives so many options for fire damage based characters that I think it’s worth considering. You can gain fire penetration both directly and through exposure with a good amount of these mods available. You can get unholy might on kill chance which is a huge DPS boost to physical damage based characters such as blade vortex. You can also roll physical damage as extra fire another nice more multiplier for such characters.


    Lastly, there is a huge potential burning damage mod pool that you can get for a fireball or flameblast characters. I ranked this one at the bottom because it requires to have these mods in combination with other good casting stats, which is difficult. However, the value of items with these mods in the right combination can be very profitable, and I would recommend using Deafening Essence of Anguish, Deafening Essence of Woe, Deafening Essence of Rage, or Scorched Fossil to craft these as the former grants powerful mods that combined well with the influence mods, and the later makes rolling the mods you want more likely.




    Top 4: Hunter Influenced Body Armor


    (9-12)% increased maximum life

    (11-15)% of physical damage from hits taken as chaos damage

    You can apply an additional curse

    Regenerate (1.6-2)% of life per second

    Attacks have +(1.1-1.5)% to critical strike chance

    Spells have +(1.1-1.5)% to critical strike chance

    Every 5 seconds, regenerate 15% of life over one second



    The Hunter Body Armor has an insane amount of great rolls for a variety of builds. One that I would like to talk about is chaos inoculation builds. The percentage of physical damage from hits taken as chaos damage mod can roll up to 15%. You can combine this with the delve helmet that provides up to 10 percent physical as chaos, and get good energy shield roll on both of them.



    You’ll have 25% physical damage mitigation which is better than 6 endurance charges. Life builds will want this influence as well since the armor can roll percent increased maximum life up to 12% which is quite nice. It can also roll additional curse and some nice regen mods. Additional curse can be very profitable if it’s rolled with good mods. Furthermore, spells or attacks have increased based critical strike chance, and that’s also powerful mods.



    To get maximum profit, you’ll need a 6-link body armor. You can still get some nice currency just from rolling great mods on this without 6-linking it. But if you want to rake in those exalts, you’ll need a 6-link version. You can simply buy a 6-link body armor with decent stats and use  Hunter’s exalted orbs on it, but that’s very expensive. You’ll want to use pristine fossils and serrated fossils, then try a 2 socket resonator with aberrant and dense. For essences, you can use Deafening Essence of Greed for life-based armor, and Deafening Essence of Woe for energy shield based.




    Top 3: Warlord Influence Helmet


    +1 to Maximum power charges

    +(17-20)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier

    (7-10)% of physical damage from hits taken as fire damage

    Regenerate (1.3-1.5)% of life per second

    (19-22)% increased elemental damage

    Gain Accuracy Rating equal to your strength



    This helmet has a fairly small mod pool for these rolls and has a lot of interesting offensive rolls that normally wouldn’t be available on helmet. You can roll global critical strike multiplier on this helmet which is great in combination with the power charge and some elemental damage as well.



    For defense, you can get the percent of physical damage from hits taken as fire damage up to 10 which is basically 7.5% physical mitigation for almost any build as well as some percent health regen.



    The power charge along with a good life roll is enough to skyrocket this item to at least 100 Chaos orb at the moment, and with other good mods, it can go up even more. The power charge and critical multiplier in combination will turn this helmet into a multi-exalt item, and of course, becomes even more valuable with other good stats.



    As for the crafting method, I recommend you to use spam Deafening Essence of Greed or Deafening Essence of Woe. You can also chaos spam this one but this is a kind of a gamble. I don’t think fossil crafting is particularly useful for this particular item. So I won’t be recommending any of those.




    Top 2: Warlord influence Amulet


    This is just the chieftain ascendancy that you can wear around your neck. We have great stats for strength-stacking builds below:


    (9-12)% increased strength

    Gain (11-15)% of physical damage as extra fire damage

    1% increased damage per 15 strength

    Damage penetrates (8-10)% fire resistance

    +1 to level of all physical skill gems

    +1 to level of all fire skill gems

    (13-15)% increased Area of Effect

    (5-6)% increased damage per endurance charge

    (3-5)% additional physical damage reduction

    (0.3-0.5)% of fire damage leeched as life

    (0.2-0.4)% of fire damage leeched as energy shield



    These are extremely powerful on a lot of builds as well. Crafting is interesting with this one, and there are a ton of great options. Since we have so many fire mods, Scorched Fossils are very nice. Jagged Fossil is also nice as they increase chance of phys extra fire and the +1 physical gems chance along with the physical damage reduction mod.



    For essence, you can do use anger for fire damage, rage for the strength stacking potential, scorn for some crit multi. You can also use spite or sorrow because people might need other attributes. You also need woe for some nice flat ES.




    Honorable Mentions

    Before we get into the No.1 items, I want to give several honorable mentions


    Redeemer influence Ring

    (7-10)% chance to freeze

    Adds (13-16) to (33-36) cold damage against chilled or frozen enemies

    (3-4) to (6-7) cold damage per frenzy charge

    Curse enemies with level 8 frostbite on hit

    (22-25)% increased projectile attack damage

    Minions deal (22-25)% increased damage



    It has a fairly small mod pool and a particularly interesting prefix and suffix. The prefix is the cold damage per frenzy charge which can be quite powerful on many builds that use a large amount of frenzies, generating a decent chunk of flat damage, particularly on a cold damage raider using something like Ice Shot or Frost Blades.



    The suffix I am interested in is the curse enemies with frostbite on hit. Curse on hit items are always very nice, and a level 8 frostbite on hit with good life is also nice even without other beneficial stats.



    Warlord influence Gloves

    +1 to Maximum frenzy changes

    Culling strike

    (27-30)% increased spell damage

    (27-30)% increased spell damage

    (27-30)% increased melee damage

    +2 to melee weapon and unarmed attack range

    (4-5)% chance to block attack damage


    +7 frenzy charges are very powerful on a large variety of characters. It also offers potential for several types of damage along with culling strike which is pretty valuable for bossing.




    Top 1: Hunter influence Boots


    You have Tailwind if you have dealt a critical strike recently

    (9-10)% increased strength

    Ignites you inflict deal damage (8-10)% faster

    Bleeding you inflict deal damage (8-10)% faster

    Poisons you inflict deal damage (8-10)% faster

    Projectiles pierce 2 additional targets


    This is a hot item with a mod so many high end builds are looking for that you’d be crazy don’t try and craft it. The great thing about the boots is the most desirable mods or suffixes. Generally, on boots, you’ll want life and movement speed.


    Tailwind gives 10% increased action speed which applies to movement, attacking, casting, placing totems, throwing traps, and placing mines. That means this can apply to any build that can crit. Currently, this mod alone is worth at least 100 chaos orb even if you don’t have any other beneficial stats, add some life and even a small roll or crafted movement speed on there, you’ve got yourself a multi-exalt item easily. Really great two-toned boots with this craft on it can be worth a good amount of PoE currency, but that’s not all this item can offer. We have percent increased strength for those strength stacking builds. Forget using Alberon's Warpath! Although this can only offer up to 10% strength, you can get other good mods on these as well. You also have the very powerful deal damage faster mods for ignites, bleeding, and poison. These are going to drastically improve the DPS for these damage over time ailments.



    For crafting, you can use Shuddering Fossils. For essences, you’ll want to use Zeal, Dread, or woe. You can also alt spam and regal or chaos spam these pretty nicely. If you get either movement speed or life with one of the desirable mods, you potentially craft the other on and still have a very nice item. But don’t forget to check the price first and make sure it’s worth the crafting cost.



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