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Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide: How to Complete Valtan Phase 1

By Penny2022-05-20

Valtan comes as the first Legion Raid in the Western release of Lost Ark. As a part of challenging and exciting content in the May update, it will reward you with Legendary gear crafting materials, Relic accessories, Gold, and honing materials after you clear it. Besides, you can also get additional rewards with the bonus chest you can buy for lost ark gold.


Valtan has two phases. Today, we are going to share a guide about phase 1. If you are interested, read on.


Required Item Level

Normal Difficulty: 1415

Hard Difficulty:1445


Sidereal Skills

Legion raids will have a new mechanic – Sidereal skills. In Valtan, there are three Sidereals that come to our aid - Thirain, Wei, and Balthorr, which are available for the party leader once the Sidereal gauge is full.


Thirain: you can use Thirain that deals huge damage by pressing Ctrl Z. He can also be used for his weak point destruction.


Wei: press Ctrl X. He is used for the massive stagger attack to impair bosses.


Balthorr: press Ctrl C. He summons a huge AoE that will give everyone inside of it a buff that helps reduce damage taken.


Battle Items to Prepare


Whirlwind Grenade


Sacred Charm (remove the bleeding debuff)


Panacea (remove the bleeding debuff)


Time Stop Potion


Stages You Go through in Valtan Phase 1

50 Health Bar: Purple Wolf

45 Health Bar: split into two – Red wolf and Blue wolf

30 Health Bar: Orb Phase

Blue Wolf and Red Wolf again

15 Health Bar: Orb Phase again

Purple Wolf at the rest of the fight


Purple Wolf:

In this stage, there are no important mechanics you should be aware of as he seemingly just does random attack patterns.


Red Wolf and Blue Wolf:

Make sure to keep your distance from the transforming wolf. Otherwise, it will do a lot of damage once the animation ends.


Red Wolf

For the red wolf, we have one very important mechanic - the bleed debuff, which can stack up and last for 30 seconds and hurt you constantly. This is why we recommend bringing Sacred Charm and Panacea to remove the debuff.


Blue Wolf

Once the blue wolf invader appears, random party members will get a buff that allows them to attack the invader, so pay attention to your buff bar or your character. Players without the buff attack the red wolf.


Besides, it is also crucial to bring the two wolves far apart from each other. So you can split your team into two parts, with one going to the north of the map and the other going to the south. Otherwise, if they are too close, they will take reduced damage.


Once the blue invader has taken enough damage, he will disappear, and everyone can go back to hitting the red wolf.


Orb Phase:


This is an important one, as if it is not executed properly, it can cause a wipe.


The red wolf will disappear and reposition himself in the middle of the Arena, and then summons eight orbs around himself in alternating colors, red and blue. So take your spot, which should be assigned prior to the fight.  Having high stagger classes at the first three to four positions is essential.



picture from TheSandov


Then players must take these orbs in order, starting from the one o'clock position, clockwise.


Not taking orbs in the right order will wipe the raid. Make sure to keep your eyes on the player whose number is in front of you, whether he grabs it or not.


After taking an orb, impair the boss with everything you have. Use Whirlwind Grenade if you have it. This is also why players with high stagger should be in front numbers, as we mentioned above.


Using Sidereal skills during this mechanic is also helpful. The raid leader will most likely be the first person to take the orb. Using the Sidereal skill to inflict huge stagger damage on the boss will make this phase much easier.


Blue Wolf and Red Wolf Again:

Once you have successfully passed the mechanic, the boss will change into the blue wolf, and shortly after your fight with the blue wolf, the red wolf will come and join the fight this time. You also need to separate the bosses.


However, this time, players with the yellow buff need to attack the red wolf, and no buff means you should attack the blue wolf.


Orb Phase Again:

At 15 health bars, the orb mechanic will happen again. The only difference is that after the boss gets impaired, at the moment of his recovery, he will cast attack waves all around the map.


A Tip: there's one way that does not require setting positions at all at this stage.


When the mechanic is going to happen, every player except the raid leader goes to the six o'clock position, which is at the very bottom of the map. Then the raid leader positions himself below the boss and casts Sidereal skill. The raid leader then walks to the north, grabs one orb while being followed by all of the orbs, and waits for them to despawn. When the party members see that the orbs start to follow the raid leader, go to stagger the boss.


Purple Wolf:

After all of these, you will fight the purple wolf again to burn the boss down to zero HP. It has all the attack moves of all the other wolves combined, except that he would fear a random player. And if you got feared, ping your position to let others know. He will then teleport to you and have an impermanent mechanic. Other players must target the boss within the time limit, or you will be sacrificed.


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