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  • Lost Ark Thronespire Guide: Rewards and How to Play
    By Penny2022-06-09 00:00:00

    Unlike the Legion Raid Valtan that requires team cooperation, the upcoming content Thronespire in June update is a single-player dungeon. Players will need to go through different floors (harder and harder), defeating various monsters, like the Shadespire and the Fatespire that are available now in the game.


    Lost Ark Thronespire Guide: Rewards and How to Play


    The item level required to participate is 1325. And it’s also suggested that to clear floor 25 of this dungeon, you need to be 1460. If you need lost ark gold to push your item level, MmoGah can be a good option.


    So here in this guide, we will talk about the rewards of different tiers and how Thronespire works. If you are interested, keep reading.


    Thronespire Rewards

    You can only claim rewards just once in the game if you beat the dungeon. Most of the rewards are roster bound, which means you can clear it with one character and send the rewards to another character through the roster storage.


    You can get rewards from the first 25 floors, but the last 25 floors will not reward you, as they are designed for players’ prestige, getting the best completion time on the Thronespire leaderboards.


    Below are what the first 25 floors give after you complete them. And this is based on the Korean version of the game, which means it may change when the Western version comes out.


    Floor 1: 1500 Guardian Stone Crystal

    Floor 2: 200 Honor Leapstones

    Floor 3: 500 Destruction Stone Crystal

    Floor 4: 15 large Honor Shard Pouch

    Floor 5: 20 Heroic Selectional Class Engraving Chests

    Floor 6: 900k Silver

    Floor 7: 1k Destruction Stone Crystal

    Floor 8: 3k Guardian Stone Crystal

    Floor 9: 1 million Silver

    Floor 10: 1k Destruction Stone Crystal

    Floor 11: 3k Guardian Stone Crystal

    Floor 12: 50 Great Honor Leapstones

    Floor 13: 2 Basic Welding

    Floor 14: 10 Basic Mending

    Floor 15: 3k Guardian Stone Crystal

    Floor 16: 1k Destruction Stone Crystal

    Floor 17: 20 large Honor Shard Pouch

    Floor 18: 100 Great Honor Leapstones

    Floor 19: 25 large Honor Shard Pouch

    Floor 20: 2 applied welding

    Floor 21: 10 applied mending

    Floor 22: 2 Legendary Selectional Battle Engraving Chests

    Floor 23: 60 Great Honor Leapstones

    Floor 24: 1.2 million Silver

    Floor 25: 30 level 3 random gem chests


    How Thronespire Works

    Every floor consists of 5 gates, and you have to clear all these gates before the time on the upper left ends.


    From gate 1 to gate 4, there are lots of mobs that you have to kill. Then the challenge mob will come out. The next gate will open after you kill him.


    As you go to the higher gate, the attack and tankiness of the mobs become stronger. Gate 5 is the stage where the true fight begins with the boss.


    If you die, you will revive after a certain amount of seconds. Don’t worry. But try to refrain from dying since this dungeon is a time attacking dungeon.


    Memorizer 92 recommends that to clear floor 25, our item level should be around 1460, also having six full relic gear sets with at least four times level three engraving.