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  • A Good Method to Double or Even Triple Your Great Honor Leapstones (or Other Mats) in Lost Ark
    By Penny2022-05-05 00:00:00

    In Lost Ark, the Honor Leapstone is used to upgrade players' gear. And once you get to 1370, your Honor Leapstone can be changed to Great Honor Leapstone. Vwhy shared us a method on Youtube that would help us double its amount. And not just Great Honor Leapstone, this method also applies to other mats selling at high prices in your region. If you are interested, please read on.


    First, go to the open market and check the price of this Great Honor Leapstone. As you can see, on Vwhy’s server at the time, it was 120 gold.


    check the price


    The next step is to figure out how much it is in the Mari’s Secret Shop.


    Note: Mari’s Shop is where you can buy various materials to upgrade your gears using Crystals, which can be bought by in-game gold in Lost Ark.


    Go to the shop by pressing “F4”and click “Currency Exchange” at the bottom right of the window. Then you need to check the price of 95 crystals. And it was 560 gold around.


    the price of 95 crystals


    Next, go to this website, which is called


    input the number


    Input the number you previously saw, and in this case, it was 560. Go all the way down to T3. It showed the price of one Great Honor Leapstone was about 59 gold in the Mari’s Secret Shop with the valuation of Crystals at that time.


    59 gold


    So, one Great Honor Leapstone in the open market sold for 120 gold, while it cost 59 gold in the Mari’s Secret Shop. So basically, in Vwhy’s case, he can double his Great Honor Leapstone amount by selling in the open market and buying back in the Mari’s Secret Shop with Crystals. Of course, this number can be different on your server.


    Remember to check the price of Great Honor Leapstones (or other mats) in Mari’s shop before selling. If it is cheaper, then go for it.


    A thing to note here is that the Great Honor Leapstone is not always on sale in the Mari’s Secret Shop, and also, you will not get the “double” amount right away; it can take a few days or even a week, so be patient. Hope this method helps. You can also use it to sell high and buy low for other mats.