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How to Clear Valtan Phase 2 – Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide

By Penny2022-05-25

Valtan is a tier 3 Legion raid in Lost Ark May update. It has two phases which drop tier 3 Accessories, Ability Stones, and so on. As with phase 1, after clearing the phase 2 dungeon, you can pay in-game gold in lost ark to get additional rewards. Today, Fox will bring us a guide to clearing phase 2. Now let's get into it.


Required Item Level

Normal Difficulty:1415

Hard Difficulty:1445


Battle Items to Prepare



Potion for Healing

Destruction Bomb for Armour

Flame Grenade

Timestop potion



Potion for Healing

Corrosive Bomb

Destruction Bomb

Dark Grenade

Timestop potion


Stages You Go Through at Valtan Phase 2


160 Health Bars: Fight Start

130 Health Bars: Use Balthorr

110 Health Bars: Red Zone

85 Health Bars: Arena Destruction

65 Health Bars: Counter Mechanic

35 Health Bars: Arena Destruction

Ghost Phase


Note: the HP bars can vary a little bit depending on how much damage you actually do.


160 Health Bars

Valtan will appear in the middle of the Arena and will always do a circle movement followed by a dash targeting a random player.


In order to make Valtan knocked down, players gather at nine o'clock, right in front of a pillar to make him dash right into the pillar. Whenever Valtan gets knocked after a dash, he becomes vulnerable, and you can try to remove the first layer of his armor by using Destruction grenades and Weak Point Skills.


Since in this phase, Valtan has two layers of armor, which reduces his damage taken by a decent amount. Our goal is to destroy them.


Support throws a Corrosive bomb right before Valtan starts his dash to speed up the destruction process.


After two dashes, Valtan lifts up to the sky, and a green AoE appears below every player. Avoid them by running in a circular pattern and try not to overlap with other players. If you have shields, this is a good time to use them.


After a few seconds, a big AoE will start to charge up from the middle, hitting all of the ground besides a few safe spots, edges of broken walls area.


If your team manages to destroy Valtan’s full armor, which undoubtedly will be helpful for the next stage, then congratulations, let’s move on.


130 Health Bars

At 130 health bars, Valtan will then charge a massive 2 hit attack that will wipe you if you don't take precautions.


An easy way is to use one of the Sidereal Skills - Balthorr to make you immune to any damage taken.


Also, the pillars that we saw around the Arena hold blue orbs that grant you immunity to the big AoE attack from Valtan. So if you are not planning on using Balthorr, this is an alternative.


blue balls


When you destroy the pillar, these orbs will drop to the ground. Make everyone pick up an orb so that everyone can easily survive the big AoE attack from Valtan.


This strat is only suggested if you have high damage, so you don't need to hold DPS and just want to get it done ASAP.


110 Health Bars

Valtan will fly into the sky and jump back in with one red AoE that appears on one random person. At the same time, four pillars appear out of the ground.


For the ones that don’t have the red AoE, you simply have to stand behind a pillar to avoid the massive damage Valtan does when he comes back to the ground.


If you are targeted with the red AoE, dodge out of it at the last second once it has snapshotted. An easy way to dodge is to be closer to the middle.


close to the middle


Once you have made it safely out of the red zone, hide behind a pillar. If you are not fast, use your time stop potion.


After that, Valtan will do this mechanic again. The player targeted before is likely to be targeted again, and the pillars will explode.


85 Health Bars

He again will jump up in the air, and then half of the Arena will become red. So please run into the middle, so you have an easier time to go to either side afterward.


destroy the area


After you find yourself surviving the destruction, four pillars will appear around Valtan, and again, here comes the red zone. Basically, we will have the same mechanic as before. A player targeted should dodge that.


This time the pillars are guaranteed to be hit and will explode, so everyone else, please go to a safe spot.


65 Health Bars

Valtan will jump upwards and come back down to summon the green AoE. It is optimal to stack up and dodge after they appear.


He will light up blue very quickly and opens up to be countered. Everyone in the party should attempt to counter here. If you do fail to counter him, he will grab everyone in front of him and repeat this until no one is left running around. You can, of course, continue to attempt to counter him afterward. Once he has grabbed everyone, he will then wipe the raid.


35 Health Bars

Valtan will do the same as before by destroying the remaining other side of the Arena and repeating the red zone mechanic.


17 Health Bars

The transition to the ghost phase will start. He will open a portal and run into it and please mind you can be knocked off if you're in the way of this.


He then jumps back down and hits every quarter of the Arena once. Just dodge this.


Summon Balthorr again to get the buff and to make this phase easier.


He then starts slapping the ground and summons AoE below every player. You can simply tank this and take some damage or run clockwise from the original spot as a group so you can dodge these together.


After that, Valton will again summon 3 pillars, which will explode afterward, and thus they are not safe spots.


If you have not used Balthorr, you first have to go behind the pillar and then move to the safe spot. But if you used the buff, you can move to the safe spot immediately.


Ghost Phase

Valtan will turn into a ghost and refill his HP bar from 15 to 40.


There will be buffs under his health bar that make him take reduced damage. In normal mode, he has 4 stacks, while in hard mode, he has 6. In order to remove these, you need to counter the ghosts that spawn on the outside of the Arena. Every successful counter removes one of these buffs.


Grab Mechanic: a red AoE will appear in front of Valtan, and anyone who stands in it will be grabbed. This will happen every 10 bars of HP.


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