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Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons - Important Things You Need to Know

AnnaMarch 03rd, 2022

With Lost Ark now gaining popularity, everything in the game seems to be in focus, and chaos dungeons are no exception. Today I would like to introduce the chaos dungeons and how you can make a huge amount of progress for a lot less work than the people grinding chaos dungeons normally. So let's get started.

Lost Ark Engravings Guide

JessieMarch 01st, 2022

Engravings is one of the most confusing systems in Lost Ark. Many players don’t know how it works. So to help you learn more about this system, MmoGah will cover some vital information about it in this guide.

Lost Ark Class Guide - Which Class Should You Play

AnnaFebruary 25th, 2022

What class should I choose? This may be our biggest concern once we start as a beginner, followed by the question of how to get some fast Lost Ark Gold afterwards. Since there are 15 great classes to choose from, choosing a right one isn't an easy thing. Today, I'll give you a rundown of all 15 classes so you can confidently choose the perfect class for yourself.

MmoGah's Promotion for Lost Ark Gold Starts February 25

JessieFebruary 25th, 2022

Since Lost Ark launched globally, it has been loved by a large number of gamers. And so far, the number of online players has peaked at 1.3 Million!

How to Increase Item Level in Lost Ark

DeanFebruary 24th, 2022

Lost Ark has been launched for many days, and many players been reached level 50. There is a lot of game content waiting for you to explore after level 50. Such as Chaos Dungeon, Guardians Raids, Abyssal Dungeons, Island, and so on, and many of the end game content require item level to access. In this article, MmoGah will explain how to increase the item level in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Card System Explained: How does it work? How to Obtain Cards and How to Enhance Cards

NickFebruary 24th, 2022

The Card system in the Lost Ark can be somehow confusing. So we put some information about how this system works to help new player get up to speed.

Lost Ark: How to Complete Abyssal Dungeons

JessieFebruary 24th, 2022

The latest popular game, Lost Ark, has various dungeons. Abyssal Dungeons is one of them, which are level-specific. Players can get a lot of Lost Ark Gold by completing it.

Lost Ark Rapport System Guide

DeanFebruary 21st, 2022

Rapport is a reputation system in Lost Ark, which means building a relationship with NPCs. Players can get plenty of rewards such as Lost Ark Gold and Skill Point Potions. Here MmoGah will explain the Rapport System in Lost Ark.

Is Lost Ark Worth Playing

AnnaFebruary 18th, 2022

Lost Ark was released in Europe and the Americas not long ago. But what is lost ark, is it attractive? Today, MmoGah would like to help everyone figure out if this game is worth the time and we will discuss it from these aspects – character progression, classes, PvP, cash shop, and more. So let's get started.

How to Use Auction House in Lost Ark

JessieFebruary 17th, 2022

Smilegate's Lost Ark has launched many days in NA and some western regions. Like other MMO games, Lost Ark also has an auction house.

What to Do After Reaching Level 50 in Lost Ark

DeanFebruary 17th, 2022

If you play Lost Ark, then you may know that level 50 is a very important turning point in the game. Today, MmoGah would like to show you what you can do after reaching level 50.

Lost Ark New Player Guide: Basic Information Regarding the Stats System

NickFebruary 16th, 2022

Lost Ark is an MMORPG co-developed by Korean developer Tripod Studios and Smilegate RPG. Stats is an important system in lost ark. Today, we will introduce some basic information for new players.

How to Get Gold in Lost Ark

DeanFebruary 16th, 2022

Lost Ark, a free-to-play MMO ARPG game developed by Smilegate, has been launched globally via Steam and Amazon Games. Like other MMO games, making money is also vital in this game,

How Does the Lost Ark Mailing System Work

JessieFebruary 11th, 2022

Lost Ark, which many gamers love, is developed by Smilegate and launched globally for several days. Like other MMO games, Lost Ark has mail system that players can use to mail Lost Ark gold and items, which is important.

Lost Ark: Class Selection Tips

JessieFebruary 11th, 2022

Lost Ark—the highly-anticipated action MMO ARPG game will be released global today. It can be tricky picking among the whole classes when you start the game up for the first time. To help you choose the right ones, MmoGah will share the top five things you should consider when selecting your classes. Let's get started.

Lost Ark: Release Date, New Features, Founder's Packs, and Servers

JessieJanuary 28th, 2022

The much-anticipated free-play PC game Lost Ark is upon coming, and Smilegates shared some details of its launch, including launch time, new features, Founder's packs and servers.

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