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Lost Ark 20 Easiest Island Souls Guide

By Hakky2022-12-09

Island souls are rare relic spheres you must go out and acquire and then bring back to the island over the lonely island. They are one of the many treasures that are strewn over the globe of Arkasia. You will get a prize in the form of an XP list as well as progress toward the souls of the island if you do so.


You will get things like aquamarine masterpieces for your compass and secret maps. Still, most importantly, a lot of people will want to get it since vertical character progression is the biggest portion of skill on 20 island souls, and that is exactly what we'll be explaining in this article. Every five you get will give you a new reward, and you will get things like secret maps and aquamarine masterpieces for your compass.


Lost Ark Island Souls Guide


On the island known as Opher, also known as the Lonely Island, you will be able to trade in a total of 20 Island Tokens for a Greater Skill Point Potion if you have collected them all. Be certain that you have finished all of the quests in the global quest line for North Vern before continuing with the list.


1. Opher The Lonely Island

You will arrive on this island from Arthetine at some point throughout your world missions. Grandpa Opher will offer you the task Island Tokens; if you accept it and finish it, you will be rewarded with an Island Token Opher Token.


2. Fortuna Island

Destroy both the golden and regular jars found on the island to increase your chances of getting the Island of Fortuna Token as a reward. When the jars are broken, various monsters will appear. It is important not to ignore these early on in the game because they can deal moderate damage.


3. Golden Wave Island

There are trunks strewn throughout the island in various locations. You have a possibility of obtaining the Island Token if you open them. Golden Wave Island Token.

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4. Starlight Isle

To get the Island Token In order to get a Starlight Isle Token, you must first finish A Starlit Melody. You must accomplish a certain number of purple missions before unlocking the task. Some of them will transport you to other locations. Make sure you check the following:


You will need to purchase Wonder Drug from the Pirate Merchant to complete the Starkeeper's Records quest. This item may be purchased from Pirate Merchant Bad Hand on Runaways Island for two hundred and zero pirate coins. As part of the task The Soul Left in X-301, you must go to Facility X-301 and dispatch three foes.


5. Turtle Island

To get an Island Token, You can't finish the quest chain without the Harmony Island Token. Start by talking to Tatan about accepting the mission of The Turtle and the Boy.


As a reward for completing the last chain quest, "To the Sea," you will get the Island Token and a Jewel Coral, both of which may be traded into a Luxury Goods Merchant in any major city for your choice of the Mount: Green Moss Turtle, Mount: Yellow Moss Turtle, or Mount: Azure Moss Turtle.


6. Giant Mushroom Island

When you first arrive on the island, the local merchant Pushpush will sell Red Cashew Juice. After leaving the vendor, head to the right to find a spot where you can put the potion to use and enter a hidden area. Inside the hidden location, you can harvest mushrooms by cutting them down, and you might get the Giant Mushroom Island Token as a reward.


7. Astella Island

As soon as you set foot on the island, you will observe that stars rain down on the ground in every location. Gather as many of them as you can for a chance to win the Island Token. Astella Island Token.

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8. Serentiy Isle

Serenity Isle Token may be obtained by completing the mission Revenge Is Mine. This requires taking down the island's leader, Metomus. You must finish three purple missions before you may access this one. You can't go on to the next mission until the current one is finished.


Starting on Your First Quest The question, "Who's there?" Acceptance may be made at a location close to the island's entrance. The objective of the mission is immediately apparent. A Sad History is the second task you accept from Legendary Blacksmith. Also, this one needs no explanation.


The Stone of Power is the third quest available on the island, and it may be accepted from the Legendary Blacksmith. Pieces of stone from Giant Locarok and Pebbling are required. To do this, go to Tortoyk and venture inside the Tortoyk's Heart dungeon in the Forest of Giants. Now that you've reached this point, you may finally escape the dungeon.


9. Island of Time

Make use of your Fishing Trade Skill to create a Magick Jar by chance. After you have obtained the magick jar, travel to where the boss Savnak is located. View the location on the map that is provided below. A circle in orange also points in the right direction for this place. To defeat the boss, use the item located within the circle. He may leave behind an Island Token or an Island of Time Token.


10. Reminiscence Isle

Finishing the quest, My Truest Friend will net you the Island Token — a remembrance of an island past. It must be activated by touching the artefact at the island's entrance. The next step is to either engage with ghostly items or wait in orange circles. In the image below, you'll see the precise route. The next step is to descend inside the dungeon and use four things. You may see them in the images along the trail.


11. Fomona Island

It is possible to acquire the Island Heart by completing the purple quest that is located on the island. It's not hard to complete the quest.


12. Distorted Island

An NPC that spawns on the island residence may be spoken to begin the task. You must access the island by either the left or right tunnels. The photos for mokoko seeds provide specifics on this. Inside the mansion, there are four rooms.


Any of the following areas might be where the NPC randomly spawns. The NPC must be found again in a different place after you have spoken with him once before he vanishes.


Following completing that mission, another one will appear, requiring you to collect 3 Cube Visions. Three completed Cubes and the opening of three silver cube chests will provide these Cube Visions.


13. Aiwana Island

To earn the Island Heart, you must first complete the island's purple mission. In Stern (Arthetine), there is a purple mission that, once completed, will send you to Bikini Island and open the quest.


14. Gravis

It is possible to get the Island Heart by finishing the purple quest on the island. Before you can access it, you will need to finish the purple quest on Bikini Island.


15. Slime Island

Island is slimy. Slime shards can be sold for jelly coins after they're killed. You can trade at Yulia. Island Token slime A random Island Token may be received for killing a Golden Bell Slime. Silver Queen Slime also exists. This one drops no Island Token. Golden Bell Slimes killed by your squad may give an Island Token.


16. Facility X-301

Complete the island's yellow tasks to unlock Serviceable Condition. This task requires 1000 batteries. Each island enemy offers 10-20 batteries.


Secret Hideout Access Card is the task reward. This ticket lets you into island dungeon X-301 Area 7. Dungeon requires 350 item level. Kill Experimental Tarmakum to earn a Facility X-301 Island Token. Not difficult.


17. Kalthertz

On the island, there are nine slaves that may be purchased with pirate coins. There are six such slaves with various costs. A maximum of five slaves may be purchased per day. If you purchase a slave, you will either get mail with a Chest of Reward or a Released Prisoner's Pouch. The Island Token Kalthertz Island Token might be found in either item. The slaves' whereabouts and costs are listed below.


18. Alaker Island

The cooperative mission Be Gone, Chickings, which requires you to slay three bosses, begins three minutes after you arrive on the island.


The quest item Splendid Gold Feather may be found as a random drop from the last monster, Golden Chicking. Use the Splendid Gold Feather you get after finishing Terrifying Chickings to open the door to the quest The Best, Golden Chicken, which awards you with the Island Token Alakkir Island Token.


19. Crescent Isle

Using your Hunting Trade Skill to kill rabbits, you may get a crystallized rabbit scale. Make a deal with the merchant Aldridge for the Island Token Crescent Isle Token in exchange for sixty Crystallized Scales.


20. Naruni Island

It is possible to get the Island Heart by finishing the purple quest on the island. The quest requires you to speak with various narunies that are located on the island.



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