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Lost Ark Ultimate Damage Guide: How to Do More Damage

JessieMay 07th, 2023

Today, this guide is about gaining as much power as possible without spending much time. We will share the best ways to go about it to get the best bang for your buck. Let's get into it.

Lost Ark Guide: How Gems Work and What Gems Should Keep

JessieFebruary 16th, 2023

The gem system is an important part of Lost Ark, which supplements your skills by granting gems additional bonuses to damage or cooldown. At the current endgame, some players have an issue that pushes gem levels and general confusion about where to stop. Here's some information to help you clear that up and decide how to move forward.

Lost Ark Settings Guide: Best & Recommended Setting

JessieFebruary 10th, 2023

Like other MMO games, Lost Ark settings are plentiful. Some settings can help you play your game easier. While some of these are pretty simple, some obscure options can help you solve problems in the game. This guide will show you the best & recommended setting for your better Lost Ark life. Let's drive in!

Lost Ark 2023 Tier List

Richard KayodeJanuary 30th, 2023

Lost Ark is one of the best Massively Multiplayer Online Action Role-Playing Games. Smilegate and Tripod Studios collaborated to create it in South Korea. For the Western release, Amazon Game Studios took over as publisher. During its Western release, the game shattered Steam records, with very well above 1 million concurrent players.

Lost Ark Gold Guide: For New Players and Returning Players

JessieJanuary 06th, 2023

Lost Ark is a very old-friendly game, and it heavily rewards people who play more Alts or have more characters on higher levels. Also, when you start playing the game, they give you two more free level 50 Alts after you complete your first main studio with your first character. So I'm expecting that you at least play three characters.

Lost Ark Guide: Rewards of the New Continent Rowen

JessieDecember 30th, 2022

According to the official news: a new continent: Rowen, will arrive on Steam in 2023, which requires your items level to 1445. Here, we will bring a guide to this Rowen continent and its rewards, which is the one that most of the players want to look for.

Lost Ark Guide: Why You Need to Focus on Card Books

JessieDecember 02nd, 2022

A collectible card that—once you have the entire set of(the set is called a book)—gives you permanent stat bonuses. Here I will tell you Why you need to Focus on Card Books and Which Ones to Awaken For Extra Damage.

Lost Ark Mokoko Emojis

JessieNovember 08th, 2022

Mokoko Emojis are very cute in Lost Ark, So MmoGah collects some of them.

Lost Ark Endgame Guide: Best Things to Do After Getting Level 50

HakkyNovember 04th, 2022

Getting to the endgame of The Lost Ark is a job that requires a lot of time and may quickly become daunting. You will unlock many features along the way, but the vast majority will become available at the very end. When you reach level 50, your experience will be completely different. Therefore, it is essential to know what you should prioritize.

Lost Ark Beginner's Guide: Why Do You Need Low-Level Alts

JessieOctober 21st, 2022

Alts are the essential factors for your Lost Ark journey. Most players normally park their Alts at 1415 to 1445 when the legion raid starts. But reaching that high level is quite tough for most beginners because they don't have that many materials and Lost Ark gold to make parking Alts!

Lost Ark Guide: Tips for Saving Time

JessieSeptember 16th, 2022

Here I will share with you some tips from Korean users to help you save time and make your gameplay easier and more comfortable in Lost Ark. Let's drive in!

Lost Ark Guide: Upcoming Changes of Skill Trees & What Should You Do

JessieSeptember 09th, 2022

In Lost Ark, skill trees can provide you with some of the largest power increases, and it only requires very little investment. Recently, the Korean server overhauled the system, with many positive effects. It will also arrive NA/EU server soon.

Lost Ark Guide: Where to Find Rohendel Monsters

JessieAugust 12th, 2022

In Lost Ark Rohendel, most of the continent is woodland, inhabited by creatures such as faeries, elementals, and treants, so Rohendel is essentially the land of the elves. But many of these creatures have come under the influence of demons that you need fifteen of them to complete your Adventurer's Tome.

Lost Ark Knowledge Transfer Guide: What Is It and How To Use It

JessieMay 09th, 2022

Alts are super important for players in Lost Ark, which can complete extra runs of Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, and more each day to obtain more rewards. You can then funnel those rewards into your main character to help improve the item level progress grind.

Guide to Lost Ark Currencies

Michel ZApril 08th, 2022

It is well known that Gold is an important currency for trading between players in Lost Ark. But besides Gold, there are still a ton of currencies playing significant roles in their respective fields. To better understand the various currencies you may come across, please don't miss this guide.

Lost Ark Currency Exchange Explained

Michel ZApril 01st, 2022

The Currency Exchange is a system where players can exchange currencies in Lost Ark. It allows you to exchange Lost Ark gold for Crystals or turn your Royal Crystals into gold. But it can be difficult to understand how the system works, so this guide would help you.

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