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Lost Ark Guide: Rewards of the New Continent Rowen

By Jessie2022-12-30

According to the official news: a new continent: Rowen, will arrive on Steam in 2023, which requires your items level to 1445. Here, we will bring a guide to this Rowen continent and its rewards, which is the one that most of the players want to look for.


About Rowen

First of all, Rowen is located east of Shushire. And it's a PvP continent. You will have to ship all the way to the Rowen harbor.


Lost Ark: Rowen Harbor


On the map, if you click it, there will be three maps. One thing that is particular about this is that you will see some green and non-green parts. In green parts, no one can hit each other. But in the other parts, players can randomly hit each other. And it will only happen after cleaning all stories of Rowen. Because after cleaning the Rowen, you will have a chance to pick a team. There are two teams: the red team and the blue team. You have to pick one.


About Rewards


Part 1

For the rewards, you have to exchange from the NPC. The NPC's location is here on the map.


Lost Ark: The NPC‘s Location


He will require Sylmael crystal, the new thing that comes out with Rowen.


Lost Ark: Sylmael Crystal


There are three ways to get it.


Number 1: every week, there will be a repetitive quest. You will receive four quests of them, and each gives you Sylmael crystals. You can get about 1500 in total from the weekly repetitive quests. And you will also get some card packs: Rowen card packs are not general card packs, and only Rowen characters come out here. These quests are very easy to complete by killing some Mobs Around the map, like this:


Lost Ark Mobs' Location.


Number 2: there's also a weekly event that goes on in the Rowen. By participating in these events, which happen almost every day, you can get about 1k Sylmael crystal as well.


Number 3: the last place to get Sylmael is Tulubik, which will come out in March. It's a big event. Regardless of losing or winning this war, you will receive the Sylmael crystal. If you lose, you will get less Sylmael crystal compared to the winners, but the difference is not big. Every time you participate in this, you will get around 3k to 4k crystals. It's weekly content and takes place three times a week. But you can only participate one time and get the reward only once.


Part 2

If you go to the NPC with those Crystals, you can exchange them for many rewards.


On the first Tab: you can get two legendary selection combat engravings, but they are not tradable after you unbox them. You can also get one Legendary selection card pack that most players are looking for, and Emote, adventure tomb, and another three combat legendary selection of Engravings, etc.


On the second tab: this is related to reputational stuff. You will see some of the red bark with some figures, which means grade. You will get a grade here. If you click ALT+R right here, you will see the information about it, like your current grade, the ranking, and stuff, and so on. You can increase your grade by participating in events that were mentioned previously. If you reach a certain grade, then you will be available to exchange these stuff:


Lost Ark Rowen Rewards


Most of them are to do with like trophy in the stronghold and titles. But there are also some rewards, like transmog, skin. The blue team's skin is blue, and the red team's skin is red. If you don't have the skin, you will be unable to walk around with it on any other continent except for Rowen.


On the third tab: some tradable stuff is not limited, but these have low efficiency. So you don't need to exchange it. Rowen card pack is worth exchanging, which you can exchange eight times a week. It has something to do with PvP stuff. For example, it reduces 21 damage you get from other PvP players, and it also reduces your dash spacebar and your quick sense time by 10, and so on.


Lost Ark: Rowen Card Packs


In the adventure tomb, you will receive many rewards. The 15th continent reward for the Ignea Token is Legendary purify Rune, which gives you an 80% chance to remove the debuff.


One thing you need to be careful about is that there is a field boss. If you beat it, you will have a chance to get the 8thOmnium star. The reward of the 8thOmnium star is the star of Orpheus.






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