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Lost Ark Class Guide – Quick Preview of Artist

By Jessie2023-02-06

According to the newest official news, a new class, Artist, will arrive on Arkesia's Western shores soon. Although it is intended to be a support class, you can play it as DPS if you choose! We made this article to help players to know how it works! Let's drive in!


Lost Ark Class Guide – Quick Preview of Artist



Wanning Moon (Z)

2 Harmony Orbs

Increase damage by 10% for 10 seconds

What's different? Artist identity works in the way that you can save up to three robots to select both, and if you use (Z), it's a 10% damage increase for 10 seconds. It's the same as two bumpers from birth, costing us two harmony orbs. However, you can do one orb or three orbs or like parts.


Rising Sun (X)

1 Harmony Orb

Heals everyone nearby the orb (Class engraving effect) + heals upon pickup

As for (X), you make a Harmony orb that causes one bumper, and it heals everyone nearby up on the pickup. The prayer consumes the orb and gets here, additionally, based on the Artist's Max HP.


The fact that she does not have her identity altered and is extremely simple to appear meter makes artists unique. Suppose you can reach your peak with buffs. She, therefore, thrives in all consistent DPS classes. Furthermore, if you use a stimulant, her identity can be concealed for up to one minute.


Combat Stats

Heavy Swiftness (Don't Build Heavry Spec)

Extremely difficult to play (fr)

Doesn't generate fast

But just another piece of the spec is okay

Our main combats tests assume this: you can have a spec bear, but it's extremely hard to play. Additionally, it does not produce a mirror that moves faster than she does. However, just like with other supports, you can mix and match some specifications.



As for engravings, it's recommended to go Awakening, Expert, Full Blossom (Class), and Heavy Armor. Since she has the Lewis Bright LED just like part considering or reaper, technically, you don't need Heavy Armor if you prefer that play style. Then as for tweet engraving, it's your choice of drops a bitter or better point hit, then that will be the classic 5*3, but as for the trending period, players didn't care super found that attack speed is extremely believable on Artist. And since she has a lot of animation locks, and her core skirts don't have paralysis immunity, they began to use speed absorption more effectively, resulting in speed absorption, one heavy armor or speed absorption and two happy armor in ancient settings. You will have 2300 swiftness to reach the 140 attack speed cap, which is impossible. And you don't get benefit from the earning buff from your serve. So this is something that you can consider. Also, she's a first fitness class. She doesn't need Max MP or that kind of engravings because you can have up to three skills that don't need to be leveled up to rubber 10, so her manicures are larger than other zippers.


You can run out of Mana if you have high CDR, but it can be cardboard with mana food.



Her other unique specialty is Portal. It can be activated by your teammates, who are then sent to your location with a decent number of shirts. It also produces a fixed amount of either regardless of your configuration or dark tune. Therefore, you might have observed artists randomly spamming borders on the ground. Without a tripod, it also works as a credit score.


Runes and Others

Not Rewarding

Bothersome to sort cooldowns

A lot of Wealth and Galewind

With Focus and Overwhelm

She doesn't need conviction judgment because it doesn't feel as rewarding, and it's really hard to align those scares. She uses the virgin and caravan runes and maybe one focus to support the conditional judgment. As I mentioned, you will not need as many skill points, which is a tripod-dependent class. But it's not terrible, and you don't need that many of them either.



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