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Lost Ark Battle Pass: Release Date and Everything We Know About It

Michel ZApril 15th, 2022

One of the biggest trends in gaming is the addition of Battle Passes and seasons. As a popular free-to-play MMORPG, Lost Ark also has a Battle Pass in its Korean version – Ark Pass. Is Ark Pass coming to the Western version of Lost Ark? When will it come? You can find the answers on MmoGah.

Lost Ark Abyss Raid Guide: How to Complete Argos Phase 3 Quickly

JessieApril 14th, 2022

Argos is a very powerful Guardian in Lost Ark. Players have to finish three phases to defeat it. In this guide, MmoGah will share some of the most vital information to help players defeat it fast in phase 3.

The Most Efficient Way to Get 4x3 Engravings on Lost Ark with Auto-Chart

AnnaApril 14th, 2022

Using Auto-Chart efficiently can help us find 4x3 engravings (also 3x3, or 5x3). Today, we will explain how and let's jump right into it.

How to Get Honing Materials in Lost Ark

Michel ZApril 14th, 2022

Honing materials are essential for upgrading item level in Lost Ark. If you are grinding upgrade materials, especially the Harmony Shards, or if you want to get Gold in Lost Ark by trading materials, you are in the right place.

Lost Ark Gems Guide: Basic Information About Gems and How to Get Them

JessieApril 08th, 2022

Gem System is a vital part of Smilegate's Lost Ark. You can add gems to your active skills to improve your damage and cooldown skills. In this guide, MmoGah will explain all the information about Lost Ark gems.

Guide to Lost Ark Currencies

Michel ZApril 08th, 2022

It is well known that Gold is an important currency for trading between players in Lost Ark. But besides Gold, there are still a ton of currencies playing significant roles in their respective fields. To better understand the various currencies you may come across, please don't miss this guide.

How to Level Up Your Tripods in Lost Ark

AnnaApril 07th, 2022

Once you start getting tripods on your gear in tier 3, the tripod system to level them up and transfer tripods can get a bit confusing. So I decided to share this article to help break it down for you since doing tripods well can avoid some wrong operations and losing some Gold Lost Ark.

A Complete Guide to Getting All the Omnium Stars in Lost Ark

PennyApril 01st, 2022

Omnium Stars are important collectible items in Lost Ark. Collecting them all can earn you up to 12 Skill Points, which can strengthen your character to a great extent. As of the current patch, there are six Omnium Stars we can obtain.

Lost Ark Currency Exchange Explained

Michel ZApril 01st, 2022

The Currency Exchange is a system where players can exchange currencies in Lost Ark. It allows you to exchange Lost Ark gold for Crystals or turn your Royal Crystals into gold. But it can be difficult to understand how the system works, so this guide would help you.

How to Gear and Use Your Alts Efficiently in Lost Ark

AnnaMarch 31st, 2022

Do you want more Gold Lost Ark, Silver, Honing Materials, and owner Reputations? Then playing Alt well can give us these. Lost Ark is a game where there are diminishing returns on the efficiency of your time spent on one character, so making Alt well can speed up the grind and smooth out progression to get more rewards.

Lost Ark Collectibles Guides: Mokoko Seeds

JessieMarch 30th, 2022

Since Lost Ark’s launch, it has become the second most played game on Steam. This game has many contents, including quests, dungeons, crafts, and collectibles. MmoGah will introduce one of the collectibles, Mokoko seeds, in this guide.

Lost Ark Pheon – What It Does, How to Get and What to Do with It Now

PennyMarch 25th, 2022

Lost Ark is a game bloated with lots of currencies. Some can be obtained by completing in-game activities, like gold Lost Ark or Crystals. Some are used to purchase items from the Auction House, like Pheons, which many players may find confusing. So in this guide, we will explain to you what Pheon is and how to get it and what to do with it.

Lost Ark Skill Runes - How to Farm Wealth Rune Fastest

JessieMarch 24th, 2022

Lost Ark has many vital systems. Skill Runes system is one of them, which players can use to customize characters. Except for Awakening, all skills can be augmented with Skill Runes in the game. Skills runes include many different Runes. Among them, Wealth Runes are very vital.

Free Mounts You Can Get in Lost Ark

Michel ZMarch 24th, 2022

Like in many other MMO games, mounts are used to travel faster in Lost Ark. But most of the fastest mounts are not free. If you want to get a mount without spending your precious Lost Ark gold, you are in the right place.

Lost Ark: Important Settings and Features You Need to Know About!

AnnaMarch 24th, 2022

Lost Ark has some pretty cool features tucked away into its settings menu, but the issue is, lots of them are hard to find! This article explains where to find key things that players are looking for. Let's get straight to the topic.

Lost Ark Pirate Coins: How to Farm Them Quickly

JessieMarch 18th, 2022

Currencies in Lost Ark are very valuable types of Items that can be used to purchase, upgrade gear, etc. There are many kinds of currencies in the game. Except for the most commonly used ones, Lost Ark gold and silver, Pirate coins is also an important currency.

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