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Lost Ark: You Can Get Easy&Free Card Packs With Your Entire Roster

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In Lost Ark, there is a collection-based system called cards system. Cards are a type of item that gives you benefits when your character equips them. It can be collected from any activity in the game. Some cards are random drops, and others come from quests, events, dungeons. This guide is here to help you guys figure out where to get easy-to-obtain and free card packs for your account.


Rowan Main Quests

The first set of card packs you can get is in Rowan, which is by far the easiest. At the beginning of the Rowan story, there is access to two rare card packs that are super easy to get. It takes like five minutes per character. You need to go to Rowan and start a main story. You will be sent to an area where everything's on fire and beat up the bad guys. Once you complete it, they will automatically award you some greater honor Leapstones and two rare card packs.


What's interesting is that you can do this on every single one of your characters. And Rowan has an entry level of 1445, and this means you can get this done on a ton of your characters. This is the equivalency of thousands of gold. If you're buying these packs out of Mari's Shop, these packs cost a lot of gold. You might spend about thousands of gold to get seven card packs, but the fact is you could be actually farming a bunch of card packs for free through your roster.


South Vern Side Quests

South Vern gives a ton of card packs from side quests. This is one of those mentally unhinged things on each of your characters, and you are able to get the South Vern side quests done. There is a guide on how to do it, which will tell you the exact order of the prerequisite, how to do it, and what the hidden quests are. However, the thing you need to keep in mind is that it only works if the character has completed South Vern manually or the character has been knowledge transferred through South Vern. If you Power Pass South Vern, they will not be eligible to do the side quests for these cards. The reason is that Power Passes complete all side quests.


South Vern Una Task

Something else to mention is the South Vern Una Task. Setting up one of your Alts to do this is very useful. If you complete the task, which is a 15-day task, you can get awarded three rare card packs. But the big juicy thing is the three epic card packs. Epic card packs will give you a 20% chance of getting a legendary card. If you're lucky enough, you will get three legendary cards!


Lost Ark South Vern Side Quests


Brelshaza Roster Quest

The last thing is how to get a free epic to legendary card pack. You need to start with the NPC, Adjutant Katael. She has a quest line that is pretty much centered on every single legion commander that comes out. Her quest begins with a quest that might be called Bloomy. You need to do her questline until you can unlock a quest called Phantom's Hymn Begins. This quest will begin the quest line for killing Brelshaza. So the first part of the quest will happen before you kill Brelshaza. And after you kill Brelshaza, a quest will pop up on Shandi inside of Tavern over here.


Lost Ark Tavern's Location


And then the next quest will be the Phantom's Hymn Continues. You need to follow this questline, and it will take you over to Roth. And you will be able to earn an epic card pack.


This is a roster quest, so it can only be done by one character. But because epic card packs have a 20% chance of getting to the legendary card, so it's kind of worth mentioning. It's very worth doing.


One thing to mention is that the Brelshaza quest that awards one epic-legendary card pack can be done on all your chars above 1490, so you can get a ton of epic-legendary card packs this way!



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