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Lost Ark Artist - The Class Everyone's Waiting For

By Jessie2023-02-24

According to the newest news, the Artist will be released for us in the West in March. To help the players interested in the class know it, this article will introduce what the class is all about!


Lost Ark Artist - The Class Everyone's Waiting For


Reason for the Hype

First, many players will create an artist to give their roster a bit of height and depth. There's a variety of skins on the Korean server because she's been out for over a year. There will be also a variety of other skins available in the west for the Artist.


Second, the Artist is a support class. Players in lost ark need the support class very much. As most of the time, you will play the support role, especially for your serious content such as guardian race, Legion race infernos, etc.


Third, many players are excited because she's fun to play. The whole specialist profession brings a different atmosphere when you control her as your character.


If you guys want to see a preview of all of the skins that are available for Artists here in Korea, you can check here.


Better than Bard or Pala?

Is she a better support than Bard or Pala? She plays in a very different way, and the timings of her buffs fit some classes better. For example, as a gravity training Destroyer, I like an artist in my group. As a summoner, I might want a Bard more.


Artist Identity, Skills & Unique Features

The identity of the class makes it even more interesting, and it's also unique compared to the western version of Lost Ark.


You have three bubbles that you fill up as you use skills. There are tripods that increase the gauge that one of these skills might give you. And you can consume these bubbles either with the buff on the left or the one on the right-hand side. The one on the left is a party buff that increases party members' damage by 10% for 10 seconds. And it consumes two bubbles.


The interesting and unique part of the class is you can place the spheres that you have access to at the location of your mouse. If you want one for that far-away sharpshooter that never stacks with the rest of the team, you can throw him on there. You can place one on your feet if you want one for yourself.


Every sphere consumes one of the Bubbles, and they are healing spheres. (To get the healing effect, you need to interact with the sphere by pressing G). When you cast a sphere, there is a flash around it, which can heal the players in a flash. It's a nice healing tool. Something new, something unique, something that not only you but also your teammates are going to have to get used to. 


Artist also has access to a portal mechanic. You place a portal at the mouse's location and then become tethered to it with a beam. Whoever enters the portal there gets ported here at my location. A group member can immediately be sent to my location if he interacts with the portal. This is another way that you and your group members have to get used to using. It will take some time to get used to correctly using this right and at the right time. Beyond that, the Artist can access several Shields and some skills. Artist also has the attack speed buff.


Stats & Engravings

The artist build is based on maxing out your swiftness and then having some specialization on the side, which makes accessories pretty cheap.


Going to engravings, the four core engraving for an artist are "Bloom," Awakening, Expert, and Heavy Armor. As for the fifth engraving, you can go for ether boy or a vital hit point. 

Bloom in Korean is 만개.



Gems are another aspect of the Artist which makes it cheap, simply because you don't need any damaged gems because your gameplay is going to be as a support. So cooldown gems across the board for all of your eight skills. If you are going to prioritize your gems, you can prioritize the following: 


Lost Ark Gems



A perfect set for our upcoming content is the lost with the cliff with 30 awakening.



As an ideal artist, you want to get weakness exposure or daggers. However, MP recovery works well.


Swiftness will be your main stat if you get a high Roll of MAX hp. It's nice to have swiftness and spec bracelet. And 1800 of swiftness puts you in a very comfy place.


As an artist, the 130% movement in attack speed plus cooldown reduction is priceless. But with the help of yearning sets, even at level 2, it caps you with attack and movement speed. In case you find a bracelet, that's a low roll of swiftness plus a high roll of spec, and you get like a dagger or an exposed weakness on it. So don't discard it just because your main stat is not hitting that milestone, it can also be achieved with better quality accessories.



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