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Lost Ark Class Guide – Which Class Is the Best in 2023

By Jessie2023-03-31

This guide will show you a Lost Ark guide in 2023. In general, this game has many fun classes to play, and we have a unique variety to choose from. But many players don't know which classes can perform the best, do the highest damage, and much more. So here's the best class guide that you've been waiting for. If you are interested, then let's get right into it.


Lost Ark Class Guide In 2023



The Artist is a new class in 2023. As a supporting class, in PvE, she focuses on single-target healing. When your party is progressing content that may sustain more damage from boss mechanics, it's an excellent class. In PvP, she can attack your enemies with lots of AoE skills. She has a great selection of ranged AoE skills that can control the match's flow, and she also uses her heals to support her team. So Artist is worth trying!



As a support class, Bard is very useful in raids and dungeons. You can use Shields attacks Buffs, and heal her allies. The Bard is immobile and not an easy class because you must know the correct timing and placement of your supporting skills. But in general, Bards are healing classes. This is the game's closest thing to a healer for players who have played other MMORPGs. Again, it's an amazing support class focusing on support, not damage.



The Paladin is the support class. It has yellow and blue skills. The yellow skills activate your support abilities, and the blue skills are meant for damage. You are needed in all endgame content as a support class. Paladin is not the easiest to pick up, as you have to be very quick with the supporting skills and be able to place them in the correct area, but it has the best damage-boosting support.



Scrapper has two ways to play. The first build has the low-high-damage skill, called the Shock build, and the other one is more mobile with consistent DPS type but a bit lower damage. And it's called Taijutsu. Both play styles deal the same damage in the long run, so overall, this is an easy class to pick up. The different Mana Bar might make you feel weird at the start, but it won't be too difficult to get used to.



Sorceress focuses on casting spells. She has two builds in PvE, where you can have well-sustained DPS and Mobility. Or you have a huge amount of burst but very little Mobility. This class has very short Dutch skills. The main issue is that you don't have many tools to deal with the enemy if you get focused.


Additionally, making decisions for both PvE and PvP is the most challenging aspect of the Sorceress. You must carefully position yourself because of the lack of Mobility. But if you get used to it, you can do a super high DPS.



Striker is a fast-paced brawler class. He can take quick hits and has a decent DPS. This class is very similar to the Wardancer, but he is a bit slower. Overall this is an excellent class with a nice attack speed buff for the whole team, and he has a very fun play style that will deal consistent damage in PvP and PvE.



In Lost Ark, Gunlancer is the tankiest class. This class makes the PV content far easier, and you can face the boss head-on, making it easy for your teammates to hit the enemy from behind. Besides, this class also has good damage. So overall, if you are a solo PV player or looking for the closest thing to a Tank build in Lost Ark, this is the class for you.



Wardancer is a fast-paced fighter class. She deals with quick hits and does pretty nice DPS in PvE. And you have to charge orbs to deal your highest damage numbers. Most players use no orb Engraving for an easier play style, but it's up to you. The Wardancer is a great class overall, offering the entire team a nice boost to attack speed and much more. Although Wardancer is difficult to master, it is easy to get started.



Artillerist is a slogan in our class. It has insane damage and can even summon a bunch of turrets, which will boost your DPS even more. This class is tanky yet sluggish, so many people won't find him as fun or easy to get into. I don't recommend playing this class for new players, but if you are experienced and don't mind the slow gameplay, this is the class for you.



Shadowhunter is a demon-based class with a good range of skills and damage. She plays more like a fighter rather than Assassin in PvE. This class can be played in two ways. The first build focuses on demonic, where you get a bunch of vulnerabilities to use, but then you get a bit less damage. The second build disables the demon form, and you purely use your human form skill or the highest damage possible. So overall, this is a fairly easy class to pick up. Learning the playstyle of the Shadowhunter is super fun, and you will be able to do a bunch of damage.



For PvP and PvE, Gunslinger is one of the hardest classes to learn. He mainly uses his rifle to do damage. He's easier to play than Deadeye and can quickly rage full damage potential. It has a lot of utility and Mobility, making this class very strong. If you play it right, you will do a perfect amount of damage.



Deathblade is the rogue slash assassin class that performs very well in the game. He has great damage and good debuffs. In general, Deathblade is a very mobile class that is easy to pick up and play. Most importantly, you can deal super high damage with the right build.



This class deals with summons, which uses some skills that do a lot of damage. In raids, she is an excellent class to learn. In PvP, this class is annoying to deal with, and a strong backup for any theme composition. She is a very immobile and easy class to pick up, and she does very well for any beginner or veteran player.



Reaper is a true assassin class, which has a lot of stealth teleports and poison-based attacks. This class is for you if you like classes with a rogue feel.


Reaper has two different playstyles. One is the burst mode with the moon Engraving, and the second is the sustained EPS that uses the thirst Engraving. These builds have little difference, and I recommend the Moon setup. This class has perfect DPS. She also feels perfect and fun to play with in PvP. So she is a super mobile class, probably one of the fastest classes in the game.



Destroyer is a very slow but hard-hitting class. He has a lot of shielding from his skills and can do a crazy amount of damage. Destroyers are generally fun and not hard to pick up and learn. Usually, you won't be playing the either disrupter-engaging role because you have a lot of knock-down super armor skills, which makes you good at sticking to your enemies and much more.



Berserker is a bit slow class, but it can deal massive damage. This class is regarded as one of the top-performing classes for solo and group content. His identity skill is a burst mode that gives him a boost in power and a special skill, so this class is easy to pick up and learn in PvE. If you're using the right builds, you can do a crazy amount of AoE damage.



The Soulfist identity is very unusual. She has three paces that you can put in, and each pace makes her stronger and stronger. If you run out of Mana, you must regenerate fully before you can cast again. Overall, Soulfist has the strongest Awakening skill in the game. Additionally, based solely on the damage figures, this class is extremely strong.  



Sharpshooter is a bow user type of class. If you look at the raw damage numbers, it's only good for pure damage besides anything else. You can offer nothing to your team.



Arcanist is a mage class that uses dark magic cards. In her identity skill, she has RNG mechanics that can make your damage fluctuate in certain fights. The Arcanist's main playstyle is to build stacks and then do big damage with red skills. If you know how to use it to your best Advantage, you can do a crazy amount of damage.



You technically play two characters simultaneously when you play a machinist. You can use Joint skill, white casting Gunner skill, but you can't cast skills that are Joint and Gunner combined. This class also has two ways to play. One is based on transformation Legacy engraving, and the other focuses on Drone skills. Machinist is a cool class, especially his identity skill, which gives him a unique and fun play style. So if you want to become the Iron Man in Lost Ark, there's the class for you.



Glaivier is a fast-paced spear-building class, and he has to swap between two different weapons, but he is easier to manage than the Deadeye. To get a significant boost in damage, the Glavier has to charge 3 bars and then swap to the other weapon. Only this class has a real counter-skill that can be helpful in raids. So overall, I do recommend that every single player at least tries this class out.



The Deadeye is a powerful class in PvE that uses three different weapons, with the shotgun as the primary DPS weapon. This class is strong. If you manage everything perfectly, it can even be the highest DPS. However, the problem with this class is that it's super squishy. Using the shotgun skills makes it very easy to get killed. In the end game, it will require Lopang to perform to its maximum potential. Overall, this class is very hard to pick up and get used to.




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