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Lost Ark Guide: Making Gold From Argos

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In Lost Ark, gold is the main currency. Farming gold is very important in the game. For either experienced players with a big account or even new and returning players, running Argos is a good gold-making method.


Lost Ark Gold Farming Guide


Argos Gear

Argos Gear can be sold for a thousand gold. And one Argos blood is worth two to three leapstones, so that you could count it as 2.5 greater honor leapstones and 60 honor shards.


Is It Worth It

Here I want to discuss how to figure out if it is worth it, and also which situations should probably generally be worth it or not.


Each Argo's blood is worth two and a half greater honor leapers and 60 honor shards, which means each armor piece comes out to 30 leapstones on average and then 720 honor shards. So you multiply the cost of a leapstone by 30, and then you could take the cost of a small honor shard bag and a half to get a rough estimate of how much it would cost. In honor shards, you put those two together, and you'll get your value of how much it would be, how much you could make, or how much it costs to craft this piece of gear to sell.


How to Calculate

It's different for every region. Using greater on your leap stones from all the classes generally does not look worth selling. If you need the gold for some other stuff, or if you're building your five by threes, or you need gold from other sources, sell it right to get the gold. But in general, if your characters still use greater honor leap stones, it's not worth selling it from most classes.


Is It Worth Selling

However, if your account has many characters in Brawl gear, you only use marvelous leap stones because your characters are now in Brelshaza. It's very worth selling these. You make a small markup because you still use honor shards on a shirt to still have a lot of value to us. But in general, instead of getting armor costing 30 leaps to craft, the West version would only cost six marvelous leaps. So on the West version, it's worth crafting and selling at a market board.


But there's another layer on top of that: these costs are different per class. The consensus is that classes that are much more popular, like Death Blade, Berserker, and Scrapper, have much more postings and are much cheaper. And to the point where you might not even be worth selling them, you better get the materials. But in less popular classes, things like Soulfist and even things like Glazier are more middle of the road. But we'll focus on something like Soulfist, which sells for more than double or triple.


But there is a little bit of a caveat. For more popular classes, they sell very often. On things like Soulfist, they don't sell as often. The sales date on Soulfist will sell once every couple of days. But even on top of that, other unsoulfist classes are empty on the auction house. You will not have any posted for certain armor pieces, which also affects players' ability to purchase them. Because there just aren't any being made, crafted, or posted.


So if you are the only person posting Argos gear for a class like Soulfist, you might make a lot of money because you can post whatever you want. You can sell it for 20k. Nobody will buy it for 20k. But you can also still put it for 1150 gold. And there's none else crafting them and putting them in the auction house. Chances are you can profit from that if you're willing to post it every time it comes back. This is important for players to pay attention to and track because many players are running Argos. Argos is a fast and easy way card run. Everybody's trying to grind for Los 30 right now. Everyone is finding for Los cards. So doing Argos is an easy way to farm it, and you can also make a little bit of extra gold.


About more details of farming gold By Argos Gear, you can check the video from Cauttyh.



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