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  • The Top 10 Rare Titles in Final Fantasy XIV and How to Get Them
    By Nightmare2022-02-24 00:00:00

    When players play the game Final Fantasy XIV long enough, they usually start to collect Mounts, Minions, Glamours, or Titles. This time, let’s talk about the top 10 hard-to-get titles.


    Do you like to collect titles in FFXIV? Check to see if you have any of them in the list below.




    1. The Legend

    You can get this title through defeat Bahamut Prime in the Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate). It is the hardest regular fight right now. And you can see the players have the legend, perfect legend, or ultimate legend.


    1. The Hand of Creation

    This title is for the crafting gods. It requires 500,000 skyward points on each crafting profession. The skyward score is accumulated by completing expert recipes. You need to understand item conditions and all abilities at your disposal, and it’s like 30 to 40 steps. It’s going to take you at least 100 hours of crafting, but it probably will be more than that.


    Other than time, you should also consider collecting materials. When you run low on FF14 Gil, you can visit MmoGah to buy cheap FFXIV Gil to support your crafting. At maximum collectability, 820 skyward points are awarded when you have done a craft perfectly. So, at least, you need to do 602 manual crafts. Of course, if you are tired of this, you can buy FFXIV Power Leveling. It can help you reach it.


    skyward point


    1. The Azure and Omega

    This title is owned by 2.1% of players, and you can get it from obtaining the achievements of Mightier than the Delta, Sigma, and Alpha in savage difficulty on Blue Mage synced with no echo.


    For those unfamiliar with the blue mage, it’s a limited job that can not be played in regular content. But is played by collecting spells all over the game and defeating specific enemies. Blue Mages are locked to play with other Blue Mages, which means you have to be in a party with only Blue Mages to beat the enemies. Its content is unique, and many players love Blue Mage, which makes the title pretty fun to get.


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    1. The Necromancer/Hoarder

    The Necromancer is considered one of the most prestigious titles in the game. It was obtained by 0.48% of players. To get this title, players need to clear all 200 floors of the Palace of the Dead solo, which is full of enemies and traps and usually designed for groups of four, and you can not die a single time. This requires a lot of practice and playing well on whatever job you choose. The popular jobs for this are usually red mage and machinists because of their survivability and mobility.


    The title Hoarder requires players to find 10,000 pieces of the Accursed Hoard. These pieces are the treasure found inside the Palace. Sometimes, it will produce a mimic trap which makes it more difficult. As a result, this title is only owned by 0.017% of players.


    1. Mahjong Master

    This title is obtained by achieving a mahjong rating of more than 2000. It was obtained by 0.36% of players. The Final Fantasy XIV version of mahjong is really good that some players download this game just for playing mahjong. You’ll have to definitely put in some hours to get this title.


    Mahjong Master


    1. High Roller

    This title is only held by 0.32% of players. To get this title, you are required not only dedication but also luck. You have to win many races in the Gold Saucer, and the required wins are in the picture below.


    High Roller


    The first one and the second one are easy but time-consuming. Tournament matches only happen once every 2 hours. Complete 100 G.A.T.E.S and "ANY WAY THE WIND BLOWS" are pretty easy because these happen frequently and are easy to do in comparison. The Mini Cactpot and the Jumbo Cactpot are mostly based on luck, and dedicated daily farming is also required.


    1. World-class Troller/Master of the sea

    These titles are the fishing titles. World-class Troller requires to accumulate 3,000,000 points while ocean fishing, while master of the sea requires at least 20,000 points during a single ocean fishing voyage. The latter one is held by 2% of players, making it relatively common. And the former one is obtained by just 0.26% and needs lots of ocean finishing trips which are pretty fun to do.


    1. The Ultimate Thrillseeker

    This title is obtained only by 0.19% of players. It requires you to kill 5000 rank S elite marks, which need special map conditions to spawn. They are found and reported on special hunt discords unique to each server and are usually killed within 2 or 3 minutes.


    The Ultimate Thrillseeker


    1. The Alpha Wolf

    This title is earned with PVP fights, which is not very popular. That causes a long waiting time. To get this title, you have to win 5000 matches in the Feast of the Fold. The time limit is 6 minutes, and you have to get a 50 win rate in 10,000 matches. This is truly a title for PVP fans, and it’s only acquired by 0.032% of players.


    The Alpha Wolf


    1.  The Luckiest of Ladies/Lords

    This title is the rarest and is only held by 0.011% of players, and it is received for doing a special treasure map called Timeworn Thief’s Map, which can not be bought on the market board. It can only be acquired by doing the other eight treasure maps, and the drop rate is really low. The most difficult part is you have to reach the last room of the treasure map.


    That’s all the top 10 rare titles. Thanks for reading, and I hope it’s helpful.



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