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Valuable Tips for FINAL FANTASY XIV Players

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There are many things players can build or set to their habit in FINAL FANTASY XIV. Here I have collected some settings that might be useful for you, and many players might not notice them while playing. I hope these tips can make your game more enjoyable.



Automatic Aetheryte Ticket Usage in FFXIV


Aetherytes are the big crystals players use to teleport to places, but they are not free, and some Aetherytes even cost more than a thousand FFXIV Gil. New players or players who don’t like to make, save, or buy FF14 Gil can sometimes be very awkward that don’t have enough Gil to teleport.


Luckily, we have Aetheryte Tickets to use for expensive teleports. A convenient setting can automatically use Aetheryte Tickets for expensive teleports or all teleports if you have enough tickets.




Players can go to the teleportation screen, click the icon on the top right to open teleport settings, choose Always Use for Costs Above Gil Allowance, and set an amount.


Gil Allowance


If you don’t know how to get Aetheryte Tickets, you can check out an article called FINAL FANTASY XIV Gil Saving Tips for Beginners to learn how to collect Aetheryte Tickets.






FFXIV Emotes List


Emotes are fun and have many expressions. It can lighten moods, use for greetings, get someone’s attention, express yourself, or just for fun. Anyways, emotes are very useful, but there are over a hundred emotes in FFXIV, and it is hard to remember them all.


When you go to the Emotes list, the default order is kind of no order at all, but there is a button you can use to change the order to alphabetical, which is an arrow icon on the top right. Click it, and you can sort it by name, which makes the finding easier.


Emotes List


There are plenty of ways to obtain Emotes, such as doing quests, exchanging with MGP, buying with in-game FFXIV Gil on the Market Board, buying with real money on the Mog Station, and more other ways.


If you are interested in Emotes collecting, you can find all of them on ffxivcollect.



FFXIV Crafter Tips


Recipe Tree

Whenever you right-click an item in your crafting log, you can look at the Recipe Tree, and it can help you figure out how to craft an item, which is especially useful when you try to craft high-level stuff.


Recipe Tree


Raw Materials List

When you open the Raw Materials List, it will show how many raw materials you need to craft the final item. It can also help you calculate how many raw materials you need to craft a certain amount of the items by putting the desired amount in the top right. It will automatically calculate that for you, and it will also be easier for you to count the amount of FINAL FANTASY XIV Gil you need.


Raw Materials List


This menu will hide when you change zones, but you can lock it by clicking the lock.



FFXIV Grand Company Turn-ins


If you want to do Grand Company (GC) turn-ins for crafters or gatherers, you have to know what items to craft, and many players run to the GC to do that, which is a waste of time by running there.


Players can go to the Timers page and click Next Mission Allowance, which will show what items they want and save you one trip to the GC.


Grand Company Turn-ins


You can also use this page to figure out how much time remains on your retainers’ ventures.


Players can turn in items by spamming the confirm button, which is lightning fast. The hotkey is Numpad zero by default, but you can change it to any button you like in the keybind system.


If you know more helpful tips, feel free to leave a comment for other players to learn. Thank you for reading, and enjoy playing FINAL FANTASY XIV.



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