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Convenient Tricks for FINAL FANTASY XIV - Quality of Life Tips

By Nightmare2022-01-16

I have some convenient tricks to share with FINAL FANTASY XIV players. If there are tricks that you do not know and it has their value to you, you can use them to increase your gameplay quality.


Take some time to have a look, and you may find some life-saving tips and a way to be rich in FINAL FANTASY XIV by possessing more FFXIV Gil.


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Equipped Gear

When a gear’s Spiritbond reaches 100%, players can Extract Materia from it.


The gear’s Spiritbond is complete and ready for players to get Materia from it when the dots in the picture below turn white.


Players don’t have to move the mouse onto every gear to check for its Spiritbond condition.




Spiritbond Sort Macro

Players can also use a macro to sort gears in inventory by Spiritbond condition. It is convenient for players to do Extract Materia. The macro is listed below, and you can copy it into your User Macros.


The macro:

/isort condition armoury spiritbond des

/isort execute armoury



Adjustment of Boss’s Cast Bar Size


The boss’s cast bar can seem small when players fight bosses due to the complex mechanics. There is an easy way to fix that, and this is better for everyone to use because seeing boss mechanics is super important.


Go to HUD Layout > click the Target Bar > click UI Element Settings > select Display Target Info Independently > increase the Target Info (Progress Bar) to 180% or any size that you like.


Element Settings


After the change, whenever the boss is casting something, it is hard to miss, and it is going to make your reaction time a lot faster for interrupting.



Disable Mount Music


A lot of Mounts have unique music. When you get tired of its music, you can go into System Configuration > Sound Settings to disable Play music when mounted, and you can also disable Enable normal battle music. These settings will allow you to keep listening to the zone’s music.


Sound Settings



A Fast Way for Handing Over Requested Items


When handing over requested items, people usually drag them from their inventory into the Item Request window or right-click them to Hand Over. Well, the easiest way to do this is to right-click the items inside the Item Request window to hand them over.


Item Request


This way of handing over requested items is very helpful when there are more items, so you don’t have to find them in your inventory.





Since farming more FFXIV in-game Gil is slow and boring. I suggest a fast way for you, and it can use little effort to get more Final Fantasy 14 Gil, which is by using a reasonable amount of money to buy a decent amount of FF14 Gil.


The website is MmoGah, and they have been providing FFXIV Gil since the start of this game, which is before A Realm Reborn.


They provide multiple ways for delivery, and you can choose a way that you feel comfortable. Well, they suggest face-to-face trade because trading is unavoidable in all games, by giving the deliverer some items when trading is more secure like you are selling items face-to-face.


Thank you for reading, and enjoy playing FINAL FANTASY XIV.



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