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  • FINAL FANTASY XIV Gil Saving Tips for Beginners
    By Nightmare2022-01-29 00:00:00

    When new players start playing the game FINAL FANTASY XIV, the most thing they need is FFXIV Gil. It is like living in the real world, and you have to spend money on almost everything. So, Earning and saving Gil is very important for sprouts. Let’s see how to spend less Gil to get things you need.





    In the game of FINAL FANTASY XIV, players can not only buy gear with in-game currency Gil, but can also exchange gear with other currencies like Allagan Tomestones, which players can get by completing dungeons, trials, Duty Roulette, and virtually every other endgame duty.


    The Allagan Tomestones of Poetics gear starts at level 50. So, once players reach that level, they can stop buying gear from vendors or the Market Board to save FF14 Gil.


    Players can keep buying vendor gear or Market Board gear if they buy FFXIV Gil to support all the in-game costs.






    One teleport does not cost much, but later in the main stories, you will teleport all over the places and spend much FINAL FANTASY 14 Gil without even noticing.


    To save Gil with teleportation, you want to make sure that you have a Home Point, returning to your Home Point is free, and setting Favored Destination and Free Destination to the places you teleport to frequently.




    Another way of saving on teleportation fees is by using Aetheryte Tickets. These tickets allow you to do teleportations for free.


    How to Collect Aetheryte Tickets

    The easiest way is by doing the Grand Company hunt, but you have to be at level 50 or above and be the second lieutenant with your Grand Company.


    Talk to Hunt Billmaster in your Grand Company and click Allied Seals (Other), and the Aetheryte Ticket is second on the list and costs five seals each.


    Aetheryte Ticket


    How to Get Allied Seals

    1. Players can get Allied Seals by doing Grand Company Hunt, regular mark bills (Posted daily), or elite mark bills (Posted weekly).
    2. Payers can get Allied Seals by participating in the S-Rank hunts. Players can also get Centurio Seals and Allagan Tomestones of poetics.



    Do not Overpay


    One more thing is trying not to get scammed on the Market Board. People in this game are putting items up for way more than they are worth, and new players might not know what they are worth in general.


    There is a way for players to figure out whether they are overpaying for something or not.

    1. Check for the selling history.
    2. Use a price-checking website to check for the prices on different worlds on your data center since we can travel to the other worlds. So, make sure to check the prices first if you want to buy something expensive on the Market Board. In this way, players can spend less FFXIV Gil to get the same item.


    Another way players could overpay is by buying vendor items for a much higher price on the Market Board. To find out an item is a shop item or not, players can move the mouse on the item and see if it has a Shop Selling Price. If it does, this item is available in one shop somewhere.


    shop price


    Players can use Garlantools to search for the item name and click Sources & Uses to find the vendor NPC.




    These are all the tips for not spending too much Gil. If you find the tips too complicated or take too much time to do, you can also buy some easy FFXIV Gil at MmoGah to save more time to play.


    Thank you for reading, and enjoy playing FINAL FANTASY XIV.



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