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  • How is The Game FINAL FANTASY XIV in 2022
    By Nightmare2022-01-20 00:00:00

    How can we tell a game is successful or not? We can know it by its popularity. When players get in queues every time they log in, when a game is adding more servers, when a game stops advertising, when players keep buying in-game Gil, well, all these things are happening with FINAL FANTASY XIV.


    When some people finally get convinced by their friends and are willing to play the Free Trial, but the game has been experiencing congestion issues, they have no choice but to temporarily suspend the registration and download of the Free Trial until they fix this.


    The picture is from r/ffxiv reddit



    To resolve the population problem, the company will add new servers on Tuesday, January 25, 2022 around 2:00 a.m. (PST), two weeks earlier than originally planned. We can know that they have been working hard to improve our gameplay.


    Buy FFXIV Gil



    New Data Center / New Worlds


    Since there will be new worlds (servers) soon, and to encourage players to create or transfer characters into new servers to reduce the population of old servers, the company is offering many tempting bonuses.


    New Worlds

    FFXIV New Worlds



    Bonuses for Creating New Characters on New Worlds


    1. Double EXP bonus till level 80.
    2. Gift of 10 silver chocobo feathers, exchangeable for low-mid level gear to improve the leveling experience
    3. Gift of 1,000,000 FFXIV Gil. (When players attain level 30 in any class.)
    4. Gift of 15 days of free playtime. (When players attain level 30 in any class.)



    *1 Limited to once per service account.

    *2 Limited to once per service account when creating a new character on either a New or Preferred World.


    The double EXP bonus till level 80 can help new players catch up faster, and the silver chocobo feathers can help new players with gear problems. After players attain level 30, the 1 million FF14 Gil can be a big help too. Players can buy gear, food, glamours, mounts, minions, or anything within 1 million Gil.


    If the gift of 1 million Gil is not enough, you can buy some cheap and safe FFXIV Gil from MmoGah. They have been providing safe Final Fantasy XIV Gil for more than ten years, and they have enough stocks for all servers so you can get your Gil in no time.


    When you get tired of leveling, MmoGah also provides safe handwork job/character boost in FFXIV (also known as FFXIV Power Leveling).



    Bonuses for Transferring to New Worlds


    1. Home World Transfer Service is free of charge.
    2. Double EXP bonus until level 80 is reached. (Valid for 90 days following transfer.)
    3. Gift of 10 gold chocobo feathers, exchangeable for special rewards such as rare mounts
    4. Owners of private estates/apartments are entitled to a certain amount of compensation in Gil.



    For private estates, DO NOT relinquish the land but remove all furnishings and your estate hall and then apply for a Home World Transfer.

    For apartments, DO NOT vacate the apartment but remove all your furnishings and then apply for a Home World Transfer.

    Please note that if you have relinquished the deed to your plot or the rights to your property, you will not be eligible to receive gil compensation.



    If you are playing on a server that always gets in the queue every time you log in, or your character’s level is under 80, in that case, this is your opportunity to transfer your character for free to a new world. There will be no more queues, and you can also get bonuses, so why not?


    I think the Free Trail will be back on after the increase of the new worlds, be sure to tell your friends who want to try out the game when it is back up.



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