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FINAL FANTASY XIV Useful Websites in 2022

By Nightmare2022-03-02

When playing a game that has been out for many years, like Final Fantasy XIV, there will be so many different things in the game, things you may or may not know, and things hard to keep track of. Here I have collected some useful websites for all players.



A Website for FFXIV Gil Saving

On Universalis, you can compare item prices across worlds inside your data center and see the historical prices. You can use this website when you are about to make big purchases. It is always better to spend as less in-game FFXIV Gil as possible to get the same item.





A Website for FFXIV Data

Item Search

The Garland Data is used to find items or quests in Final Fantasy XIV. If you see an item in the game and want to know how to get it, you can type the name in the search bar. It will show you the vendor’s name, location, how much FFXIV Gil it costs, and where it drops.


Quest Search

For quest search, let’s say you want to unlock a certain feature and know it is tied to a specific quest. However, that quest isn’t available to you, and then you can type the quest name in the search bar to check the prerequisite required quests before that and track them back to the first one.



The website is also useful for crafters because it shows what items are required to craft certain things and the skill requirements. It also helps you figure out how to acquire items you need for crafting.


The website layout is a bit confusing at first with the little boxes, but it makes sense once you have used it for a while.





A Website for FFXIV Crafters

Another website that is especially useful for crafters is FFXIV Teamcraft. It has various features that are very useful for crafters, such as crafting simulations, posting craft rotations, generating macros, and more.


It is also useful for people who don’t craft because it has a currency spending guild tool. All you have to do is select the currency, enter the amount, select your server, and then you can find out what items are good for selling so that you can get FF14 Gil with other currencies.



A Website for Tracking Things in FFXIV

On XIV ToDo, you can find many useful tracks for your character. First, you have to add your character’s profile URL, which you can find on Lodestone, then you can check for your character’s Encounters, Questlines, Challenges, and Checklist.




What I use frequently is the Checklist. It’s for your character’s weekly and daily things that you can do. The great thing about this is that you can customize the daily and weekly activities, which is very useful for tracking them.



A Website for FFXIV Gatherers

FFXIV Gathering is a must-have website for gatherers. It can help you keep track of notes and make the gathering a lot easier.


If you only want to farm particular notes, you can click on them to add to the Watching category, easy for you to track them all.


Suppose you want to make FFXIV Gil through gathering. In that case, you can add the items to the Favorites list inside the market board, so when you want to gather, you can quickly check for the prices to see if any of them are worth farming, and then tick the items on FFXIV Gathering website. When you are not in duty, and one of them comes up, you can travel over there and gather it so that you can make some easy FFXIV Gil on the side.





A Website for FFXIV Hunts

If you regularly do hunts, I recommend you use It is useful for all hunt targets: S-Rank, A-Rank, B-Rank, and Daily Targets. You can find or search for the target name and click on Spawn Points to find that target.




A Website for FFXIV Collecters

For players who like to collect stuff, there is a website called FFXIV Collect. You have to enter your character here, and afterward, you can track basically everything about your character.


For example, the Mount list will show what you already have and what you don’t have. It also shows a percentage of players who already own that mount, which gives you a good indication of how hard it is to get. If there is a Mount you wish to get, you can click on it to see the source.


It works the same way for Achievements, Minions, Emotes, and many other things. It is handy to track your collections.



A Website for House/Apartment Owners

If you own a house or an apartment in the game, then the website FFXIV Housing is beneficial for you, and it gives you a general list of things you can get and an image of how that item looks.


It also gives you the source of how to acquire the item, whether you can craft it or not, and what materials you need.





A Website for Fashion Report

A weekly event happens in the Gold Saucer called the Fashion Report, and here you can earn a lot of MGP for just coming and dressing in the right items. This Twitter account is pretty popular in the Final Fantasy XIV community because it posts the weekly Fashion Report.


The poster will let you know what you need to get 80 or 100 points easily. So, buy whatever gear on the list, and you will get 60,000 MGP once a week.



Those are all the useful websites I have for now. Thank you for reading, and enjoy playing Final Fantasy XIV.



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