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FFXIV Gil Making Tips

By Michel Z2020-11-25

Do you want to make a decent amount of Final Fantasy XIV gil but hate Crafting and Gathering? Rhigitar is giving you some tips for making money without leveling any Crafters or Gatherers.



First, I need to emphasize it as much as possible: the best way to make gil is and will always be with Crafting and Gathering. The methods in this guide are just a few ways you can make a decent amount of money without having to do any crafting.



7. Farm the Latest Trial


Farm the trial, get rare crafting gear, sell the rare crafting gear, get gil! This is a stable way to make money without using Crafters. Even the outdated Trial materials sell for an OK amount of gil.



6. Hop Servers and Live on the Market Board


This is a very tedious and slow way to get money. You are going to switch between worlds, buy low, then sell high. The servers are mostly the same on all prices, so this is going to be quite something to find a niche. But it is a great way for you to save a lot of cash if you plan on buying anything expensive. Consider hopping to a few other servers to check their prices first, and you may get quite a good deal.



5. Sell Vendor Items


Sell easy-to-purchase Vendor items on the Market Board. You can buy some items from both the Market Board and NPC. So, if you want to buy something, check the item description before you do because NPCs may sell it cheaper.

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4. Buy Crafting Materials with Your Tomestones


Use your tomes on crafting materials and sell them. Ever find yourself capped with the old Tomestones and not sure what to do with them? Buy crafting materials and sell them. This is the best use for the Tomestones. Don't bother using this to gear up jobs that you hardly play, as you'll probably never use them. This gear becomes outdated very quickly, with the normal raids having superior gear, and the dungeons very quickly having superior gear than the Tomestones.



3. Maps


You can't gather them unless you do Gathing, so each attempt will cost you 20-30K FF14 gold on the Market Board. But you'll be running with at least four other people. So you should be able to make the money back in all those attempts, and you could also get lucky and obtain some very expensive crafting materials or minions. And, each person you run with will bring a map, so you can count each of those as an additional attempt on top of yours. If you all bring an equal amount of maps, you should not only break even but have quite a good chance of getting either rare crafting materials or to the final room, both of which will net you quite a good bit of gil. Even older maps still have expensive crafting materials, and some are even more expensive now since fewer people are running those maps.



2. Join the Hunts


Each server is broken down into worlds, and each world has separate hunt mobs spawn. All servers have dedicated discords, where they run cross-world hunts. Running these hunts will net you tomes, Cracked Stellaclusters, and Cracked Planiclusters. Each of these clusters can be converted into Materia, and they sell for quite a nice chunk of cash. You'll also get seals and nuts, which can be converted into FFXIV money too.



1. Desynthesis (Special Mention)


Yes, you have to do some Crafting to unlock Desynthesis, but you only need to get your Crafting to level 30 to unlock it. Then all you have to do is go to Ul'dah, grab the quest 'Gone to Pieces', complete the quest, then you can use desynthesis on any gear that allows desynthesis to get crafting loot.


The reason I bring this up is that you can go into the latest dungeon, roll Greed on all the gear and desynthesise them, and all of that gear you get could drop some expensive crafting materials. In outdated trials, you can even desynthesise the weapons or accessories that nobody takes to obtain the rare crafting material drops from that boss.



Those are the tips to make a decent amount of FFXIV gil in Final Fantasy XIV without having to level Crafter. If you find this video helpful, make sure to like and subscribe Rhigitars channel. For more news and guides related to FFXIV, please stay tuned to MmoGah – the best place to buy FFXIV gil online.


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