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Where to Get Materia in FFXIV: Shadowbringers

By Michel Z2021-01-07

Materia are used for enhancing your gear. You can meld a lot of Materia onto your equipment to push your stats as high as you can. Legacy Gaming’s video will break down fast and efficient ways to farm Materia for the Disciplines of War and Magic in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.



Hunts for Materia VIs


Materia VIs are still holding their value because they provide higher stats than Materia VIIs. With the gear that we have available during Patch 5.0, it's up to you if you want to invest and maximize your stats to the best of your ability.


Hunts have been around since forever, and Centurio Seals still have some value in the Materia department. You could complete the daily and weekly Hunts in Ishgard, Rhalgr's Reach, and Kugane to receive Centurio Seals and hand them in to the respected vendor for Materia VIs. This is fast and easy, but it could be tedious.



Poetics for Materia VI


Poetics don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, and if you're wondering what to spend them on, Hismena in Idyllshire will trade them for 800 Poetics per Materia.



Market Board for Materia VI


Of course, if you have a lot of Final Fantasy XIV gil, there's always the Market Board. As time goes by, Materia will vary, depending on supply and demand. Certain Materia like Savage Aim VIII will sometimes go for up to 60K, but Savage Aim VI is much cheaper at 6K. The best use for Materia VIs is melding your Goetia gear if you're gearing up a new job or just hit 80 on your first job.


With Materia VIs out of the way, let's take a look at the best possible Materia in the game, VIIs and VIIIs. Materia VIIIs are used for the guaranteed melding slots in your gear and can be over melded in Crafter gear once at a 17% success rate. After that, you can no longer overmeld VIIIs, and this is where the VIIs come into the picture.

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Roulettes for Clusters


Roulettes have always given great daily rewards besides experience. The Adventure in Need bonus for Leveling and Alliance Raids will display which role is in demand and will reward you if you fulfill that role with one Cracked Stellaclusters and two Cracked Planiclusters.


To receive these bonuses, you must be level 70 or higher. Most of the time, they were requiring a Tank or Healer. If you don't fill that role, don't worry. Because there are other ways to farm Cracked Clusters.



Nuts for Materia VII/VIII


Sack of Nuts are the new hunt currency in Shadowbringers, and they provide you with the ability to purchase Materia VIIs for 150 nuts and VIIIs for 400 nuts. To obtain these nuts on your own, visit the Hunt Board in Crystarium and fulfill the daily and weekly Hunts.



Wondrous Tails


The Wondrous Tails book has been updated to reward Shadowbringers currencies such as Tomestones and Clusters. To receive these rewards, you must complete the reward list and select one of the rewards you have completed. For example, if you get one row completed, you'll receive a stack of Cracked Clusters.

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Hunt Trains


Hunt Trains are community-created events that reward a plethora of Nuts, Cracked Clusters, and Poetics. These Hunt Trains are advertised in major cities, in the current zone the train’s passing in, or to be more efficient, you can join the official hunt discord or a data center hunt discord to find out when you could hop on the train. This is by far the best way to obtain Materia VIIs and VIIIs.


The more people participate, the more effective the Hunt Trains are. But there are a few things to keep in mind:


1. First and foremost, join a full party. There are a few advertising to fill their groups in the zone, or you could start your own.


2. Make sure you're in the correct instance zone. The hunt conductor will display the proper coordinates and display the instanced zone with an i1, i2, or i3. More often than not, the train always start in instance 1 and clear all the Rank A mobs in Shadowbringers. After all the mobs are finished, they will continue to the next instance.


A Hunt Train will consist of 36 Rank A mobs and will reward you with a total of 1,440 Nuts, 1,080 Poetics, 720 Goetias, 36 Cracked Planiclusters, and 36 Cracked Stellaclusters. These clusters are currency to purchase any Materia you want for Disciplines of Magic/War in the Crystarium or Eulmore. If you farm these Hunt Trains often, you'll be loaded with a bunch of Materia that you could either sell or meld your own gear.



If this video helped you better understand how to obtain Materia in FFXIV: Shadowbringers, be sure to subscribe to Legacy Gaming’s channel and join his discord. It will be a good idea to bookmark the FFXIV news page on MmoGah for more FFXIV content. For players who want to get some non-combat Materia, there are also some good ways to get Crafting and Gathering Materia in the game. Should you need FFXIV gold, make sure to check out – the best place to buy FFXIV gil safely.




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