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FFXIV: What Tank to Play

By Michel Z2020-11-05

Welcome to Ginger Prime's video guide. This guide will break down what you need to know for picking the best job in Final Fantasy XIV. If you enjoy Tanking in MMORPGs or are curious about the differences between the roles in FFXIV, then you're in the right place. Also, MmoGah, the best place to buy FFXIV gil online, provides safe and cheap gil, allowing you to equip your character and become a better Tank easily.



When making a character, you're only given two options. One is Paladin, which evolves from Gladiator. The other is Warrior that evolves from Marauder. This is a remnant of the 1.0 system. Starting at level 30, everything shifts over to the job system. So, it's only going to affect you for a little bit being called a Gladiator or a Marauder.





Paladin is an excellent Tank to start with. Whether you're new to the game or new to Tanking, this can be your first choice. Paladins have a lot of survivability, buffs, and the ability to cure yourself and others. They also have a great AoE rotation early on in the game, so even you're level 15 below, you'll have a lot to work with in terms of mob control, etc.





If you are not new to the game or Tanking, I would suggest choosing the Warrior. The Warrior is beastly, fast, and furious, and it is excellent to play on a controller. However, its Gap Closer isn't the best compared to Paladin. As a Warrior, the Gap Closer is going to cost you some of your Beast Gauge, which acts as an excellent Beast Gauge dump if you need to get some points and spin them. But with the cooldown that's attached to it, I don't find it useful to how I like to play. For this Tank, you will build up a lot of your Beast Gauge then unleash your fury on your target, both AoE and single target. 

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Dark Knight


The Dark Knight is not first accessible by your character creation. You have to unlock and finish ARR to access the Dark Knight in Ishgard. It is an excellent advanced job that you can transition to. I would compare Dark Knight closely to Warrior. However, Dark Knight is very magically based. It also has many abilities based on MP that allow you to weave in on your attacks.


Dark Knights are fast and furious, and they work well on a controller too. They get the earliest Gap Closer when it comes down to Tanks, allowing you to be able get around. If you're playing level sync content, you might have your Gap Closer, which makes for a lot of fun, weaving it into your overall rotation. If you have Heavensward and enjoy Tanking, you should give Dark Knight a try.


If you are experienced, I'm sure you will enjoy Warrior or Dark Knight, depending on how you want to weave in more attacks. If you are going to build them up and unleash them all at the right time, go with Warrior.


If you want to have something you're always doing, having a little bit faster gameplay experience, go with Dark Knight because that will give you many different options to weave in and out. When you master the Blackest Knight, both your party and yourself will benefit from it.





Gunbreaker starts at level 60. It is fast and furious, and it blends what I want and love about the Dark Knight, the Warrior, and the Paladin all in one place. Though its survivability is a little less than Paladin, it still has a ton of survivability. It has a cooldown, and you could be doing a cooldown every pull, every rotation. Depending on how you're managing it, you'll do just fine.


You have the self-heal, and the barrier is also powerful. Plus, when you hit level 70, that's where things start to pick up with all of your rotations. Managing your Cartridges is simple and easy. It doesn't take long to load up your cartridges to do attacks. So, if you are not on a free trial and want to play Tank, I highly recommend Gunbreaker.


Note that as a Gunbreaker, using Superbolide can have you reduce your HP to 1, and you're going to be invulnerable for 8 seconds. But it's always unfortunate if your healer uses their Benediction to heal you, then you fire this off, you could see your life jump all the way down, all the way up, and all the way back down again. So, it requires you to coordinate with your healer if you're going to use this ability.



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