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Here's Why You Should Buy FFXIV Gil

By Michel Z2019-09-10

At some point every person questions themselves on whether or not they should buy FFXIV gil. When Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers launched with its new crafting books and levels this only made more questions pop up that go hand in hand with this - Should I get my crafters to 80 to help my raid group with food and other crafted essentials? That new fireglass hoodie looks nice, but where can I get one? There's a bed that can fly!?


Now most people will surely tell themselves that if they save gil from daily roulettes or hunts or doing treasure maps they can achieve these goals. However while they are slogging away at doing this, the game then becomes a chore or second job. A few clicks away you can have instant gratification. That item you were previewing on your character? Now its in your inventory. Those crafters that you don't have leveled? They all sit at 80 on your menu. That magic bed mount? Now on your mount list.

Delaying yourself from buying gil is just delaying more fun you could be having in game. In addition in 5.1 crafting changes are supposed to occur. Who is to say this will make crafting easier? In fact if these changes do indeed make it harder, what do you think will occur? I'll tell you. The market will evolve and inflate because of this increased difficulty. Those previously inconvenient goals to achieve will become that much more difficult to complete. The one click macros the automatically completed everything will be a thing of the past. You too will then be stuck slaving away at that second job for you all to get the items and rewards you desire.

What it boils down to is how much you value your free time. Now wouldn't you rather be ahead of the curve and enjoying these items. Instead you run the risk of resenting them for all the time sunk into acquiring them. Are you going to enjoy an endless grind only to find out that when you finally get them a new patch is around the corner with more crafting books? Of course not. Be king of the marketboard today and spoil your character with everything your mind and eyes can muster through one simple way.

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