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  • FFXIV Gathering Leveling Guide – Levels 1-80
    By Michel Z2020-12-02 00:00:00

    In Final Fantasy XIV, the best way to get a lot of gil in FFXIV is with Crafting and Gathering. In JegelXIV’s 1-80 Gathering leveling guide, he’ll show you how to get every single Disciple of Land job to level 80 within a week.



    Prerequisites and Levels 1-10


    There are a couple of things you need to have done to use these methods. The first one is the completion of the Heavensward expansion, and the second is the access to Kugane and Crystarium.


    For starters, you are going to take your gatherers and head to starting leveling areas in La Noscea, the Shroud, and the Thanalan to mine nodes until you hit level 10.



    Levels 10-60


    Once you reach level 10, you are going to teleport to the Foundation in Coerthas, which allows you to access the Firmament. If you do not have access to the Firmament, worry not, because right next to the Aetheryte will be a quest that will allow you to travel into it. If you have the Firmament unlocked already, go ahead and interact with the Aetheryte and travel to Firmament, and this is the place where you’ll get a large chunk of level grinding done.


    Once you arrive in Firmament, turn left and talk to Aurvael, who allows you to travel into the Diadem. Keep in mind that the Diadem is instanced, so if you're using any FC Buff or manuals to increase your experience yield, be sure to apply them before you go in.


    Upon entering the Diadem, you’ll want to head straight into mining or gathering nodes. Make sure you gather the highest level materials you can for the gear and the level you are because that will increase the amount of experience you gain per node.


    If you're having trouble gathering anything, you can always back out and upgrade your gear. You can buy some cheap gear from a vendor. I bought all my gear from vendors up to Kugane all the way to level 80. I use the cheapest stuff I could find, which allows me to get through this easily.


    Leveling from 10 to 60 in the Diadem will be the most monotonous part of your grind, but I would recommend staying in Diadem until you hit level 60. If it's too slow and tedious for you, you can leave at level 50 and start leves, but you will burn more allowances and be time-gated on these. So I recommend staying until level 60.


    There is a meter that says “Compressed Aether” on the top-left corner of the screen. As you gather from nodes in the Diadem, this meter is going to fill. Every time you fill one chunk of that bar, you can click the action icon on the screen and shoot a ball of Compressed Aether to eliminate the enemy, and this is going to generate Crafting Materials. Once you get your Gathering to level 60, go ahead and hit return to go back to the beginning of the area. From there, you can exit out of the duty.


    Upon leaving the Diadem, you need to talk to the Resource Inspector to get your materials approved. This will generate Skybuilders’ scripts, which you can use to buy cool things like material, glamours, mounts, etc.


    Levels 60-80



    Levequest Locations


    For levels 50-60, Levequests are located in Foundation, and they are marked on the map with the card-looking icon and exclamation point.


    For levels 60-70, Levequests are located in Kugane. To find the Levemete, you are going to turn around at the Aetheryte, head down the stairs, and turn right.


    For levels 70-80, the Levequests are located in Crystarium. You are going to the top of the staircase, which is on the right side of the Aetheryte. Once you come up the top, go ahead and make a left to get your levels 70-80 leves.



    Levequests and Leve Allowences


    You can pick up three Levequests at one time from a vendor at a certain level. You’ll want to grab all three of the highest level ones you can. These are all going to be very close together in the same areas. So, from an efficiency standpoint, it makes sense to grab as many at once as you can.


    If you haven't done leves in a while, you’ll have a large amount of Leve Allowances stored (100 is the cap). You can get it three times a day, and you can press Ctrl+U to open the Timers menu, then you’ll see when your next Leve Allowance is coming. That way, you can keep an eye on if you're going to be time-gated or not while leveling Gatherers. So, make sure you have plenty of leves.


    Now, you are going to the destination where your leves are going to take place. The leves are marked on the map with green circles, and you need to go to your quest journal to initiate these because they will not be mine-able upon approach.


    When you initiate the leve, turn the difficulty slider up because that allows you to get more FFXIV gil and XP bonus on completion. On the top-right corner of the screen, you will see your objectives for this leve, which show you the amount of materials you need to mine. You should have no issue gathering the lower-level materials. But for some of the higher-level materials, you may have to use some GP skills such as King's Yield or Bountiful Harvest to increase your production. Also, over gathering is okay on some of these leves, which will grant you a larger experience bonus.


    Once you complete your leves, teleport back to the Levemete and turn in these quests. You’ll get a massive amount of experience bonus from completing the quests.



    That is how to level Gathering to 80 fast in the Final Fantasy XIV. If you're interested in watching JegelXIV’s other videos, be sure to subscribe to his channel. For more news and guides, please bookmark the FFXIV news page on MmoGah, which is also a top-ranked website to buy FFXIV gil safely.


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